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Who is Javier Milei? Argentina’s new far-right president


A very hungry caterpillar

Nov 20, 2023, 17:05

Likened to Wolverine and Trump and nicknamed ‘the madman’, the former TV pundit is known for his prolific swearing and pledge to take a chainsaw to the machinery of state

Friends and foes of Argentina’s next president compare him to his fellow right-wing populists Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro. Others have called the wild-haired economist a mix of Boris Johnson and the killer doll Chucky.

But when Javier Milei’s image consultant conceived his unorthodox hairdo, she had two different men in mind: Elvis Presley and Wolverine.

 “He looks like Wolverine. He acts like Wolverine. He’s like an anti-hero,” Lilia Lemoine, a professional cosplayer turned congresswoman-elect, said of her anti-establishment ally during a recent interview in Buenos Aires.

 “[Wolverine] is very loyal and brave … He can get really mad and be aggressive with his enemies – but only when he’s attacked. He will never ever kill someone or attack someone for no reason,” the 43-year-old said, insisting Milei also had a softer side.

“He’s adorable,” Lemoine claimed in a pre-election interview, calling the far-right libertarian “the most wanted man in Argentina right now”.

That has not always been the case. An unauthorised biography of Milei – who on Sunday trounced his Peronist rival in Argentina’s most important election in decades – paints him as a mercurial loner who suffered a childhood of parental abuse and schoolyard bullying during the 1980s and was given the nickname El Loco (The Madman). “More than Milei’s ideas, what worries me is his state of mind and emotional stability,” said the book’s author, Juan Luis González.

A music-lover, Milei was the lead singer of a Rolling Stones cover band called Everest and, according to Lemoine, also enjoys Bob Marley and Verdi. “He loves opera. He sings opera. He’s not very good – but don’t say I said that,” she confided.

Milei was more successful as a media personality, finding fame as an economic pundit on Argentinian TV shows where he would pontificate about both the misery of inflation and the joy of tantric sex. “Each man has his own dynamic. In my particular case, I ejaculate every three months,” Milei once boasted on air.

Such titillating declarations – and Milei’s propensity for attention-grabbing foul-mouthed outbursts – made him a household name and helped him kickstart a career in politics around five years ago. The libertarian economist was elected to congress in 2021 for his party Libertad Avanza (Freedom Advances) party and was swept into the presidency this week by an tsunami of voter fury at the corruption and mismanagement that millions of voters blame for Argentina’s worst economic crisis in two decades.

Milei’s biography suggests some of those ideas may have come from his five cloned mastiff dogs who are named after economists including Murray Rothbard and Robert Lucas. “They are like two metres tall, they weigh like 100kg … He calls them his four-legged children,” said Lemoine, laughing off claims that Argentina’s future leader takes political advice from those animals.

Many experts believe Milei will be forced to moderate after taking power next month and will struggle to implement his more controversial proposals. Milei’s party controls just 38 of 257 seats in Argentina’s lower house and eight of 72 in the senate.

But on Sunday night Milei showed little sign of diluting his vision for South America’s second largest economy. “The changes this country needs are drastic,” he declared, announcing Trumpian plans to make Argentina great again.

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On Wall Street, the country’s stocks soared the most in at least a decade and bonds climbed on optimism that he might be able to fix the beleaguered economy and tame inflation.
- Milei’s Dollarization Gets First Test as Argentine Banks Reopen

So this is the Great Satan rewarding Milei. Argentina's bourse will open today, Tuesday, reflecting that bid by Wall St., but the Anglo/Jew propaganda will claim it reflects approval for Milei.

Argentina will join BRICS in January. Milei, however, has little policital weight in parliament.

Argentinians should hope that he's just stringing the Great Satan along and has no intention of carrying out his daft ideas. He's been offensive toward Brazil and China, Argentina's two biggest trading partners and without China, Argentina would currently have no FX reserves. In fact, it would be $10bn in the red, meaning Argentina would be unable to even trade. Milei appeared from nowhere just two years ago and looks like yet another instance of the Great Satan illegally interferring in elections. However, with the seizing of Russia's FX reserves, it's difficult to see how the Great Satan isn't on-board with de-dollarisation.

Argentina does not have enough "worthless paper" USD to replace all the pesos. A dump of pesos would also lead to an increase in poverty already running at 40%. So Milei's "shock therapy" could be more than the patient can take. Perhaps that's why you can read: "The currency will be the one that the Argentinean people choose," Javier Milei pointed out
- Argentina's president-elect backtracks from comments about transition to dollar

The imf lends to the world’s unstable economies as a “preferred creditor”. If a country only has a little cash, it is the first to be repaid. It never takes a loss during debt restructuring. This lets it and other multilateral institutions, including the World Bank, hand out cheaper rescue packages. 
- Argentina is pushing international lending to its breaking point

That's BS! Anglo/Jew propaganda even admits that China's loans come with no strings attached. But the IMF loan-shark often demands that victim nations open up their economy to western competitors. The Great Satan, for example, dumped cotton on India at half the cost of production. It dumped rice on Haiti at two-thirds the cost and when Haiti's farmers went bankrupt, ramped up prices such that kids were eating mud-pies; just mud with some vegetable oil. War criminal, Bobby Zoellick at the World Bank loan-shark, then sent "worthless paper" USD, not to relieve the poverty but to maintain those high prices. The late, great Hugo Chavez sent grain.

Imagine a struggling business took out a loan but the bank demanded a portion of future profits for an indefinite period. In fact, it's similar to the scene in the gangster movie, Goodfellas, where a bar-owner asks mob boss, Paulie, to help him with one of the gangsters who wasn't payig his tab. Paulie does but then plunders the bar's profits himself, leaving him worse off than if he'd not asked for help.

Diana Mondino, Milei’s principal adviser on foreign affairs, said Argentina would not proceed with plans to join the association of leading emerging markets comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
- Argentina is no longer joining Brics, says top aide to Javier Milei, right-wing presidential winner

That's obviously absurd especially as Milei is an economist. Presumably, this is a denial that the "worthless paper" USD is about to collapse.

At the same time, Mondino said the political coalition behind Milei would be eager to scrutinise ‘secret agreements’ signed between the ruling government and Beijing.

The Anglo/Jew propaganda has long complained that China's loans to other nations lacked "transparency". In other words, they fear that China may have a gun pointed at the head of the "worthless paper" USD. Milei could violate any secrecy in the agreement if he's a puppet of the Great Satan.


I dare say;  Not so.

 The wolf man will be rather happy  joining the  Middle Kingdome and being looked upon as seeing the future by hot-blooded Argentinians.

  The West isn't even capable to imagine a brotherhood amongst Brazil and Argentina...