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TikTok CEO: A sale won’t solve security concerns


A very hungry caterpillar

Mar 17, 2023, 10:11

TikTok’s boss has a message for the Biden administration and Congress: A sale won’t resolve America’s national-security concerns over the popular video app.

Chief Executive Shou Zi Chew said in an interview that divesting the company from its Chinese owners—a move the US is now demanding—doesn’t offer any more protection than a multibillion-dollar plan TikTok has already proposed. The plan involves hiring an American partner, Oracle Corp., to store American users’ data and safeguard against any Chinese influence over what videos Americans view on the app.

 “I do welcome feedback on what other risk we are talking about that is not addressed by this,” he said from TikTok’s WeWork offices in Washington. “So far I haven’t heard anything that cannot actually be solved by this.”

Increasingly, though, U.S. policy makers are hardening, not softening, their demands. That has turned TikTok into one of the biggest flashpoints in a much wider U.S.-China conflict that has extended beyond geopolitics to issues such as trade and technology.

TikTok has tried several strategies to win over Washington, including more than a year of negotiations with U.S. officials over ways to build technical safeguards to ringfence the app’s U.S. operations from its Chinese ownership. 

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emanreus post time: 2023-03-17 14:30

'' It'll be a waste of time and resources to win on Uncle Sam's stolen soil.'' Not wanted by the Kiwis either.

gork post time: 2023-03-17 14:15

''legions or morons with nothing to do, so spend all their time resorting to crime.'' Therefore, they don't spend any of their time on TikTok so it's not ''popular'' at all, and thus the government can happily get rid of it.


re:  "TikTok has tried several strategies..."

  Uncle Sam will never ...ever permit to reside alongside America's Greatest.

 It's simply Impossible for @ Middle Kingdom's Tiktok to survive in Uncle Sam's Neighbourhood.

   It'll be a waste of time and resources to win on Uncle Sam's stolen soil.




ALL Great Satan media corporations are affiliated with the CIA. If they don't own it they can't control it.

The NSA demanded Huawei install a backdoor and were refused ("That Time The NSA Admitted To Placing Backdoors Into Huawei Equipment"). Their "Tailored Access Operations" have already been exposed intercepting Juniper and Cisco routers, installing bugs and then re-applying the factory seals. They have a HUGE data warehouse in Bluffdale to store the data of everyone on the planet. Ed Snowden said the NSA has a "mandate for industrial espionage".

Integrity Initiative is a propaganda cell which  is funded by Poodleville's Foreign & Commonwealth Office as is the Global Disinformation Index. The Integrity Inititiative has admitted illegally interferring in Norway's elections.

RT.com informs us: "Meta is subverting the Bolivian government while enabling the far right"

Zuckerberg previously offered "Free Basics" to India but with limited access to the internet.

The National Endowment for Democracy is also an illegal jewish terrorist cell who's founders admit they commit the crimes that the CIA finds politically untenable ("NED, the Legal Window of the CIA"). It is funded by USAID as well as war criminal, GIorgy Schwartz. War criminal, Schwartz is banned in Russia, China and his home country, Hungary.

Basically, this nation of useless, genocidal parasites and illegal immigrants have legions or morons with nothing to do, so spend all their time resorting to crime.