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FM denounces US moves on Taiwan



Aug 02, 2022, 21:46

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday the move by the United States to renounce its commitments on the Taiwan question is despicable, and would only lead to the further bankruptcy of US national credibility.

He expounded China's stern position on the Taiwan question when meeting the press after attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organization foreign ministers' meeting and wrapping up his Central Asia visit.

Wang noted the one-China principle is a widely recognized consensus of the international community as well as the political foundation for China to engage with other countries.

It is also the core of China's core interests and is a red line and bottom line that should not be crossed, he added. 

Saying certain US individuals continuously challenge China's sovereignty, hollow out the one-China principle and deliberately create troubles across the Taiwan Straits, Wang said the Chinese people would never accept such acts.

The international community would also scoff at such provocations, he added.

Wang told reporters during his Central Asia visit, leaders of the countries clearly stated they firmly abide by the one-China principle, believe Taiwan is an inalienable part of China's territory and oppose external forces interfering in China's internal affairs.

It once again shows the one-China principle is a shared international commitment and an overriding trend of the international community, Wang said.

Wang lashed out at some US politicians who only care about their own self-interests and blatantly play with fire on the Taiwan question, saying being the enemies of the 1.4 billion Chinese people would never have a good end.

Exposing the US' bullying and hegemony will make people of all countries clearly see the fact the US is the biggest destroyer of peace, he added.

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And the policeman of the world turns out to be its biggest thief.



In essence the US does not recognize the CCP as the government of China. And since the CCP is the only government of China, the US implicitly does not recognize China. Only by this conclusion can one understand why it can state it abides by its One-China Policy and yet enables its congressional leader to bypass its own administration and make a visit that it knows would destabilize the status quo it says it wants maintained.

This is the same US which waxes about its form of democracy even when its Bolton has already admitted the US conducted regime change of any government it does not like.

It is also the same US which in its unilateral invasion of Iraq on a lie can kill half a million Iraqi children as well using its sanctions, so reported by Unicef.

It is also the same US which can exonerate its special forces in acts of war crimes against innocent civilians which was later emulated by the special forces of its allies the UK and Australia.

It is also the same US which has caused more mayhem and death through its military-industrial-political complex, rained on thousands across a globe otherwise struggling to live in peace.

it is also the same US any of whose agreement couched in its own legalese of international 'rules-based' "order" is not worth the paper it signs on.

In short, the US can lie blankly and tear up any agreement whenever it likes.

Exactly the same bipolar character of a serial political sociopath.

The redline has been crossed. Should responses increase proportionately, it will deviously try to fend by next saying 'what about my redlines?'

The US as global arsonist blames nations like China for being firefighters.

Anything else?

GhostBuster post time: 2022-08-03 11:30

''...once considered to be the pillar of freedom and bravery''- great to hear that China has assumed that mantle from USA so very recently.


Pelosi smears the image of US as a guardian of authority and power with her visit to Taiwan. Shamelessly, she preaches evil and harm to those who hold belief in US. Pelosi has inflicted INTENTIONAL IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE to US once considered to be the pillar of freedom and bravery!