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Bridesmaids for rent


A very hungry caterpillar

May 14, 2022, 17:56

"I rented my bridesmaids for 300 yuan ($44) each," said a pleased 25-year-old bride surnamed Meng. Like many other brides, she had invited two friends to be her bridesmaids quite a while in advance. But close to the date, both of them could not attend the wedding for their own reasons. Fortunately, a bridal store provided a service of "renting out bridesmaids." Surprisingly, Meng was very satisfied with the performance of the two professional bridesmaids, and most importantly, they were willing to keep their identities secret. In recent years, the service of "renting out a bridesmaid or groomsman" has gradually emerged. Not only some wedding companies provide such service, individuals also begin to "rent themselves out" as a bridesmaid/groomsman, with a commission ranging from 200 to 800 yuan. But meanwhile, there are also problems in this new emerging industry. For example, some may provide low-quality performance during the wedding ceremony, and some could even break the deal on the big day. Are you willing to rent your bridesmaids or groomsmen on your big day? 

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