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What Your Sitting Position Says About Your Personality


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Oct 12, 2021, 10:06

Humans spend the majority of their days sitting. Many people may not realize that the way they’re sitting gives a glimpse into their personality. The way you cross your legs or put your hands in your lap while sitting can say a lot about a person. Keep reading to see what your sitting position truly means.

Why Some People Spread Out While Sitting

It can sometimes be annoying sitting next to someone who spreads their legs out wide while sitting. When this position is analyzed, it usually comes off as chaotic.   

These people tend to have trouble sitting still or concentrating on one thing at a time. They will likely speak before thinking about what they’re going to say, are easily bored, and love fast-paced environments.

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pnp post time: 2021-10-15 11:33

Westerners would undoubtedly prefer to have a more comfortable seating position in which to eat their food. Squatting down to consume your noodles wouldn't be a very healthy posture, especially for one's digestion.

Newtown post time: 2021-10-14 18:04

"Probably more commonplace is the Chinese behavior of squatting on sidewalks because there is  no / insufficient public seating available."

That says a lot for the personality of the Chinese; they are practical people, if they can't find a seat for a meal, they will squat by the roadside and finish off their bowl of "pull" noodles with their chopsticks!  Westerners would go elsewhere to look for a restaurant with vacant seats, never squat by the roadside.  It's only a meal, why bother to go look for a seat, that's the Chinese thinking!

Newtown post time: 2021-10-14 18:04

While you seem to notice Chinese sitting/squatting behavior, you have missed some interesting ones.

The common one, which has caused a lot of problems for commuters on public transport, like High Speed trains, is the practice of taking over other passengers' seats and refusing to budge when told to vacate by the train staff, often resulting in abusive language and even violence, and police has to be called in.  What does that sitting behavior say of Chinese personality?  Hopefully, some social researchers can throw some light on that because that has always been a nuisance for commuters!

pnp post time: 2021-10-14 11:39

Probably more commonplace is the Chinese behavior of squatting on sidewalks because there is  no / insufficient public seating available. Then there are the possibly apocryphal stories such as the man who sat in the driver's seat of the bus and refused to give it up since it was the only one free - although this didn't much help the bus to begin its journey. However, young people kindly giving up their seats for elderly passengers can be observed on bus trips elsewhere.


More interesting if you could share with us Chinese sitting behavior and their personality!

The following is a common sitting behavior of the Chinese, observed on pubic buses and subways.  When there is only one seat left, everyone would rush for it; when a few commuters get off, leaving a few vacant seats, the Chinese, already seated would start to change seats.  Strange behvavior, even for a short bus/subway trip they must choose the 'best' seat!  So comical too!  Like playing musical chairs!  Or, has that got to do with their belief in 'fengshui', some seats have better fengshui than others?

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Caregivers Are Usually Kneeling
It’s not exactly easy to sit in a kneeling position and it usually goes with the qualities of being assertive and helpful.

Caregivers such as parents and grandparents perform the kneeling position frequently, so they can get eye level with their little ones. Also, people who regularly kneel are usually natural-born leaders, witty, and great problem solvers.

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You Might Be Defensive If You Cross Your Arms
Someone who usually crosses their arms while they sit may seem unapproachable, but that’s not completely the case. These people are most likely strong, a little defensive, and confident.


They may also feel they need some protection or security and are essentially shielding their body from the rest of the world. Some other personality traits attributed to this sitting position include being thoughtful, serious, and analytical.

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The Reason You Rest Your Hands In Your Lap
Those who sit with their hands resting (not clasped together) in their lap most likely keep to themselves and love to put others first.

They rarely get upset and are able to stay in control of their emotions. Keeping your hands still in your lap could mean you’re humble, unassuming, compassionate, gentle, and easy to be around.

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People Who Sit Like This May Be Considered Type A
If you’ve ever seen someone sitting with their legs crossed with non-stop shaking or bouncing, it could give off the vibe that they have a Type A personality.


This position can be interpreted as being organized, prompt, and reliable. These people tend to stay calm under pressure, always pay attention to detail, and are great at understanding others.

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Do You Clutch The Armrests? Here’s Why
Armrests are there for support, which is why people who clutch them want both physical and emotional support. People who prefer to use the armrests are likely sensitive and want to keep an eye on their surroundings.

They may need some extra comfort and security in their life and the armrests are a symbol of that. Clutching armrests could also mean they are stable, grounded, and reliable.