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Stunning Photos Give A Glimpse Of Everyday Life In Asia



Jun 22, 2021, 14:13

(Bored Panda) Beauty is bountiful, beauty is a-plenty. It's everywhere, in fact. You can find it in any continent, city, and person. Today we're focusing on the beautiful parts of Asia. The Japanese photographer Ryosuke Kosuge loves to travel around Asia and pick up these little gems as he goes, and today we're sharing his fascinating treasury of photos with you.

As a photographer, he's very versatile, and has a very good eye at picking up fascinating buildings, cityscapes, views, all the parts in between, and last but not least — the beautiful people that live there. His photos are full of splendid details where nature is meshed in with culture, there are all kinds of people bustling, or oppositely, living in calm harmony.

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