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Biden’s way of slamming Beijing-Moscow relations is humiliating Russia



Jun 19, 2021, 13:29

(Global Times) US President Joe Biden tried his best to drive a wedge between China and Russia during a press conference after his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden said, "Russia is in a very, very difficult spot right now" and Russia "is being squeezed by China." He also said that Russia has "a multi-thousand-mile border with China. China is moving ahead… seeking to be the most powerful economy in the world and the largest and the most powerful military in the world. You [Russia] are in a situation where your economy is struggling."

Biden may feel embarrassed to talk nonsense like this during the face-to-face meeting with Putin because if he did, Putin would very likely refute him immediately. Such kind of baseless provocation is a humiliation of the Russian people, treating one of the most powerful countries in the world as an idiot.

Which country is squeezing Russia strategically? What is the source of Russia's economic difficulties in recent years? A large number of facts are much too obvious. The US has caused waves of harms to Russia and Biden just wants to pass the blame to China. This is an illusion that is possible only under serious political autism and narcissism.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the US carried out an incredibly brutal squeeze on Russia's strategic space. NATO expanded eastward to include all the former Warsaw Pact countries and advanced its position to the three Baltic states which were under the Soviet Union's influence. Russia's strategic space was almost dug up by NATO, and the US' policy to squeeze Russia was extreme. There has rarely been such a vicious unilateral pressure between major powers in history.

In the view of many outsiders, Russia has been restrained long enough. But when the US and the West wanted to cut off Ukraine, the "umbilical cord to Russia," Moscow chose to strike back.

Russia's economic difficulties are directly resulted from the joint sanctions imposed by the US and other Western countries. According to Russian statistics, the US alone has imposed more than 90 sanctions on Russia. Together with European sanctions, there are currently more than 400 Russian individuals and more than 500 entities on the Western blacklist. The trade volume between Russia and Europe in 2013 was about $410 billion but it dropped to $219 billion in 2020. The US and European sanctions have impacted Russia's energy and military industries and cut off Russia's previous financing channels. Besides, the US and Europe also weakened the ruble, leading to its sharp depreciation.

Due to the relatively big uncertainty in the Russian business environment, some Russia's capital continues to flow out while Western investors are hesitant to enter the Russian market.

The China-Russia land border is indeed long but it is an undisputed border that is highly peaceful. People from two sides of the border share active economic exchanges. China and Russia are strategic cooperative partners and their mutual trust has a solid political foundation. When facing provocative questions by US journalists, Putin responded clearly that Beijing is not a threat to Moscow and China is a friendly nation. He also said that more importantly, because of the nature and level of China-Russia relations, Russia is not "alarmed" by China's development.

Annual trade between the US and Russia is only more than $20 billion, while China-Russia trade is more than $100 billion. While the US imposed a high-tech blockade on Russia, China-Russia high-tech cooperation has become increasingly active. The two countries recently released a road map for an international lunar research station. Last month, leaders from the two countries launched the China-Russia nuclear energy cooperation project via video link. China imported 83.57 million tons of crude oil from Russia in 2020 and the two countries mutually supported each other in energy security.

There are too many facts that reveal the US' threats and pressure against Russia. Biden's accusation of China "squeezing" Russia is nothing but false. Face-to-face communication between Russian and US leaders helps the two sides manage their differences, and China welcomes this. But hopefully, Biden and his administration will not expect too much from it and the stupid idea of blasting China-Russia relations. The China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership has gone through tests and became an irreplaceable common strategic resource of the two countries. On the one hand, Putin recognized the constructiveness of the meeting with Biden but on the other, he also said he had no illusions about relations with the US: "There are no illusions and there cannot be any."

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gork post time: 2021-06-19 18:10

Who is this "they"? Didn't all of the Allied powers seek reparations from Germany after both world wars? 

markwu post time: 2021-06-21 09:51

"Lost on the US remains the fact that Russia and China had been bled the most by outside forces in their histories." You would also be aware of the conflict caused by civil wars in both of these countries.


Putin would have realized that the man walking in to see him bearing gifts of aviator specs and crystal bison remains just a political animal. Like some trojan horse.

After all, isn't the central US clarion call still "democracy above autocracy"?

So why did Biden meet Putin of Russia, one of the nations which the US has insinuated as autocratic?

Doesn't doing so immediately negate his own US narrative, a question by now on the lips of Europe?

It only goes to show that US foreign policies whether by Bush, Obama, Trump or Biden are not founded on consistent principles in which case the US line of 'democracy above autocracy' is just a US propagandistic tool sprinkled with some dixie dust of hubristic ideology to prevent the further breakup of its own political network in a world including its allies already finding greater and more comprehensive relevance in economic recovery devoid from US political hegemony.

After all, any American geopolitical word, itself packed with catacombs of lies and innuendos, cannot translate into jobs and growth for the rest of the world, all the more so when the US is just thinking of itself behind the veneer of its affected rah-rah's.

Putin would also have noted that Biden had made some puerile and public remark on him personally the last time which the same Biden could only fluff away later before a press conference by saying it's 'not important for the future'.

But alas, saying so in turn again exposes Biden as just a political animal whose words are laced with arsenic although appearing in form right out of a cathedral.

After all, if someone doesn't mean what he says, can one trust what he says as what he means? For salesmen, that may be acceptable. For presidents and heads of states? Nyet.

One only needs to recall what US hawk Rumsfeld himself had admitted of Biden after exposures from the Pentagon Papers - that Biden was the only US senator who blocked President Ford's attempt to provide relief to US troops, and friends, as they tried to evacuate from Saigon.  Piquantly, although it had to take such a long time, another one of those karmic history loops which exposes true natures, even for one with such a 'grandfatherly look' as Biden.

Lost on the US remains the fact that Russia and China had been bled the most by outside forces in their histories. Their recovery and re-emergence are thus mandated by a global destiny which says time has arrived for new sources beyond the anglo-saxons to pave the way for global progress inasmuch sustainable peace as a recompense for all the suffering of the past.

Not having suffered to such extent, the US has no such long-horizon inkling.

Whether of its presidents or congressmen, it only treats others with "what's in it for me for my next election?"

Unless that is made acutely aware to all, that can take a turn for the worst. The US has the biggest arsenal of nuclear weapons and the most number of military bases.

And, having discounted India, Biden is coaxing the Europeans of Nato to go beyond its remit to keep within the trans-atlantic domain by jumping into the Indo-Pacific.

Japan's Suga stood only in the second-row photo-shoot of the G7 summit in keeping with its white-but-not-lily-white agenda.  Returning to Tokyo, he must be wondering what he got Japan into with its Quad. If Indo-Pacific burns, how is Japan going to get its oil and move its european trades? Something Morrison should ask himself as well.

Meanwhile all diplomats have noted that Trump cancelled one disarmament agreement with Russia in order to deploy them to Asia where it is now militarily hyperactive whilst egged on by many in the US military-industrial complex, including one academician M. Beckley and semi-educated australians such Dutton.

As a record, that same complex nuked Japan twice, and was on the verge of nuking China twice as well, once on her Fujian Province over Kinmen, then over the Yalu.

The geriartic guy holding the nuclear codes today is Biden who in a press conference mistakenly said Libya when he had meant to say Syria. Perhaps it was a freudian slip reflecting the devastating inanities of US foreign policy applied to the Middle East.  And thus noted by Iraq and Iran, what more Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. All the way to Pakistan and Afghanistan as well.

That said, it thus follows Biden in his diminishing condition will increasingly be coaxed and influenced hither thither by his underlings. Despite her youth, his Harris is no better. Something not lost on Trump and his Republican diehards. Who may return in 2024. The Europeans of the G7 cohort would have surmised as much. Except for Johnson who still harbors hope the US will save the UK post-Brexit.

The list of puppet string pullers is long. 

Blinken made Asean heads wait 45 minutes for a video call that was cancelled on 'technical difficulties'.  Maybe it was because the US CIA has been hacking the submarine telecom cables, the same US which hacks the phones of its 'allies' heads' cellphones.

Also, Campbell who talked about gloves-off and direct confrontation and competition against China which however was the only nation that immediately helped Indonesia recover its submarine, even when Campbell's US has more naval resources in the Indo-Pacific.

The danger to the world is that all of them surrounding Biden can influence him without personal responsibility for their influence and actions. Because they see the sign still stands on the Resolute desk inside the Oval Room of the US White House. It says 'the buck stops here'.  That's also where the nuclear codes can be punched.

With only 4% of the world's population, the US is not qualified to tell off and demand the world do what it wants even if on pains of its sanctions and competition.  After all, it doesn't itself have a clean record of values and virtues, domestic and international. The Europeans east of the English Channel may even ruefully admit that the West is more known for pillage and plunder, incidentally historical facts that Trudeau of Canada seems not to learned in his high school days.

The cooperation between Russia and China must therefore continue and escalate. It is necessary for all right-thinking nations to establish a strong foundation for a new equilibrium in this century to thwart any actions by a US only hellbent on diminishing others to salvage itself from self-emolation. Such selfishness being sold as ideological benevolence must be exposed.

........ there's a small mall somewhere in central Shanghai. Near a university which is within walking distance to two malls specializing in IT goods, as well as a bus terminal with route to a quaint village river town that is a popular tourist destination.  Seen coming out of that first, small, mall, were Russian citizens happy with their purchases of large tv screens to bring back home. Russia and China have been trading since long ago. That scene? So many years ago.... time flies, but remains still. Because the memories were good, like the gurgling laughter of flowing stream water.


US citizens prove themselves to be real jokers. In 2015, they elected Trump, who damaged US image world wide. So, in 2020, they replaced him with Biden, who exhibits great performance no higher than that of a primitive from the wild.


Talk is cheap. They can't compete and war criminal, Biden, can't admit that, so all he does is lie to your face.

Instead of paying erparations and returning native American lands to the blacks that they thieved off after the Elaine and Tulsa massacres, he's named a new holiday to commemorate the atrocities instead. As max. Kiester says, you give the suckers a cheap kewpie doll so that they don't go away feeling as if they've been ripped off.

This sham apology with no material reparations comes as Biden re-asserts the policy of imposing a quota on asian access to yooniversity. The first time the mail-boat was a day late they LITERALLY started eating one another. They thieved America in violation of written land treaties. They enslaved blacks for 350 years and then only compensated the slavers. They started both World Wars to parasite off the rest of the planet and they have no intention of ever changing, even as they admit their IQs continue to plummet meaning they will only become more and more of a burden on humanity. They also extorted reparations out of Germany at Versailles.


Biden has claimed China is "squeezing" Russia.

Very obviously, this is a description of the Great Satan and not China.

So it looks like they're no longer trying to convince and no longer trying to confuse; just simply trying to distract from the inevitable quackonomic collapse, hyperinflationary depression or "crack-up boom".