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Prix De La Photographie Paris 2020 Awards



Jun 18, 2021, 10:38

These winners of PX3 bring us joy through their lenses and immense talent for capturing breathtaking photos.

Bronze in Nature/Trees

"Coming to Dresden, I noticed trees against the background of oilseed called rape—they looked like leaves from afar."

By Dominika Koszowska

7 323

Gold in Press/Travel/Tourism

People In Wahiba Desert used to travel by camels to move from one place to another in the middle of the deserts of the Sultanate of Oman and the people are proud of it so far as a kind of beautiful heritage.

By Samir Albusaidi


Gold in Advertising/Food

A personal exploration into macro photography and focus stacking.

By Gareth Morgans


Gold in Portraiture/Wedding

In preparation for the wedding, the bride sits and ponders.

By Yaz Media Production


Silver in Nature/Earth

Yellowstone National Park - Grand Prismatic Spring's colors match most of those seen in the rainbow. It gives people a feeling that it's the eye and the origin of the earth.

By Qidong Lin


Bronze in Nature/Seasons

The shepherd and sheep under populus euphratica trees have a mysterious atmosphere. The naturally grown populus euphratica has freestyle and sturdy branches.

By Gerry Chiang


Silver in Special/Night Photography

These images are still time-lapses and day-to-night projects that started before sunset and finally ended about dawn due to the camera's batteries being exhausted.

By Craig Bill


Silver in Press/Travel/Tourism

Xiapu China, located in the northeastern part of Fujian Province, is the oldest county in eastern Fujian. By Xiapu's long coastline, shallow sea, sandy beaches, and beautiful mudflats, in a small fishing village, a fisherman is weaving a fishnet.

By Sarah Wouters