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The traditional folk costumes of the Miao



Apr 20, 2021, 20:45

The costumes of the Miao ethnic group are sometimes described as a kind of history book worn by people, which reflects the fact that Miao people create patterns on their clothes to record historical events and pass on their clothing from generation to generation.

The Miao ethnic minority comprises over 100 branches, with each branch having its own unique costumes. In southern China, the Miao ethnic minority boasts the most diversified styles in terms of their traditional attire.

Of particular note, southwest China's Guizhou province is home to the most exquisite Miao costumes, featuring delicate embroidery and batik patterns on their clothes, as well as the addition of silver jewelry, an important part of Miao dress. Costumes of the Miao people in Guizhou are very representative of the clothes within their entire ethnic group.

The Miao people have a long history of wearing silver ornaments, believing that they symbolize a type of blessing that can ward off evil spirits. 

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