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Chinese college graduates' job seeking choices more diversified



Apr 20, 2021, 06:37

BEIJING -- China's fresh college graduates have shown interest in a wider range of occupations during the ongoing spring recruitment season, according to a survey recently conducted by China Youth Daily.

The survey of 1,690 new graduates showed that jobs with more stability or more flexibility as well as ones in emerging industries are all favored by the students.

Specifically, 61 percent of those surveyed would like to have a relatively stable job such as a teacher or civil servant, 49 percent may also pursue a career with more flexibility such as the internet or real estate industry, and 41 percent would work in new emerging industries such as livestreaming.

In the survey, 65.3 percent of those interviewed said a majority of the graduates-to-be they know have received job offers.

It also found that 37.8 percent of students have no plans to work in crowded major cities, and 30.9 percent of those surveyed are inclined to start their career from the grassroots level.

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