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Tsinghua graduate looking for marriage scolded online


A very hungry caterpillar

Apr 06, 2021, 09:58

Zhang Kunwei, a graduate of the top class from Tsinghua University China, went viral recently online as he was looking for a girlfriend.

Zhang once worked for JP Morgan Chase, Google and other internationally renowned companies. Later, he returned to his hometown to teach and write programs part-time. His monthly income exceeded RMB 50,000.

When Zhang recently decided to post a marriage proposal on the Internet, unexpectedly, after seeing Zhang ’s appearance, some girl netizens taunted him for “not deserving looking for a girlfriend,” which became a hot topic.

 “Netease News” reported that this incident has attracted much attention recently. In his “marriage post”, , Zhang Kunwei said he graduated from the Yao class (very top) of Tsinghua University, and had spent time at JPMorgan Chase and Google. After that, he returned to his hometown in Shanxi Province to be a teacher with a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan. He was not handsome, nor rich, and a little overweight. But now, with part-time job of writing programs and teaching competitions, his monthly income has reached 50,000 yuan.

When the  marriage message was exposed, many  netizens reacted with mean remaks

“Advise some men not to look too high and not too picky.

Don’t think that you can read so many books and make a few money to be arrogant and picky.”

Don’t dislike the blind date introduced to you by Seventh Aunt and Eighth Aunt. That’s the standard you deserve and can match.

"Don’t fantasize about finding a better one. It’s too down-to-earth”, “Just look at this image, you know. So ordinary, how can you be so confident.

In this regard, Zhang Kunwei said helplessly, “In fact, like me, only students who can get good grades are not welcome in school. I understand this. Everyone will treat people around them based on their own preferences. To treat them differently does not necessarily have to rise to the height of discrimination.” 

There are other netizens felt sorry for Zhang, thinking that he was scolded to much just because of posting a message for looking for someone to marry, who was accidentally caught too much attention. 

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Why not? 

He's not too bad, and he certainly deserves a break.

His photographer just doesn't know how to take a nice picture with a good backlight.  The angle from which the picture is taken is also extremely unflattering. 

In a completely dark bedroom though, there is absolutely no difference.  The lady just has to think constantly about the Y50,000.

With a little improvement like wearing high-heel shoes, he might even begin to look like a president.