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When a brutal storm hit the US



Feb 22, 2021, 11:10

Chaotic scenes were playing out all over Texas as a brutal storm hit the U.S.

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People ought to be aware that uncle Sam is using so much electricity to mine bitcoin  (which Country created bitcoin)  while folks freezing to death.

  Bitcoin is very anti-efficient; Tesla received $1.5bn in environmental subsidies in 2020, funded by the taxpayer...
Then the company spent $1.5bn on Bitcoin, which is mined with electricity from coal etc. 

 In my opinion, the carbon tax on cryptocurrencies must be introduced.

  Urgently and based on annual capital gains.  Australia and Japs Diapers usage would join Bitcion's rise which is  un recyclable...  


In US, politicians are people who live on the blood, sweat and tears of the people who voted them to be governed and ruled without mercy to ensure that those in public office grow fat and rich.

This TRUTH is now exhibited before the eyes of the world but the West, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Far East nations are still willing to submit without demand.