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Provoking World War III - Antagonizing the Dragon and Bear [Copy link] 中文

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The last I read and heard was that either Russia or China can reduce the United states
to radioactive ashes!

And for Russia and China to respond jointly to US military adventures, the United States
would become the biggest crater on planet earth!

My disappointment is with many other sovereign nations not doing quick enough to
to reach Russian/China nuclear weapons and missile delivery capability to wipe the
United States from the face of the earth ....!

What are you waiting for - India?, Pakistan?, Iran?, N Korea? Israel? Brazil? Argentina? ....


Provoking World War III - Antagonizing the Dragon and Bear

[size=0.9em]published by Tom Sullivan on Sat, 2014-06-07 23:39


It is not prudent and it is not safe to stick an iron rod into a dragon’s mouth. Whatever they say in the West about dragons… but here in Asia, the dragon is revered as the greatest fabled creature on Earth and in the sky. The dragon is wise and patient, and it hardly ever uses force first. But if treated with disrespect and aggression, it is capable of retaliating in a deadly, determined and powerful way.

It is also thoroughly idiotic to go and start terrorizing a sleeping bear. It is obvious what would follow if one descended into a bear’s hole and then started poking a hibernating creature in the head. Nothing good would follow, nothing good at all.

But it appears that those who are ruling the Empire are not obsessed with prudence. They seem to be tired of tiny conflicts, which they are continuously stirring all over the globe. Libya is not enough and Congo is not enough. They need something big, really big; even much bigger than what they had already ‘achieved’ a few decades ago – like the destruction of the entire Indochina or Indonesia.

The Empire needs a mortal fight with mighty opponents.

Instead of helping to build a decent and peaceful world, it needs to cover our planet with innumerable corpses.
This time, if it will be allowed to do it, like it was some 70 years ago, tens of millions, and maybe many more, will vanish.

Once again, it would have to be a dragon and a bear, this time in unison, facing fascism and fighting for the survival of the world.


The anti-Chinese and anti-Russian propaganda howl is reaching a deafening crescendo, especially in Asia. Western media outlets are in the highest gear, spreading propaganda through both their own outlets and through their local media affiliates in the client states, mostly owned by big business.

China and Russia are now vilified, openly insulted, and blamed for the escalation of tensions in the Asia-Pacific region, and for the military build up. The entire mighty Western propaganda machine is now at work, demonizing China, Russia and other independent countries.

It is because the West is obviously pushing this planet towards the war. Not to see it would require truly great discipline.

Politicians are parading, one after another, in front of television cameras, pledging allegiance to capitalism, the Western-style regime or simply put, to the Empire. All those derogatory and inflammatory speeches against their ‘enemies’ are embarrassing, see-through, but nobody in North America and Europe is laughing, as they are becoming the norm.

Many are warning that this can lead to a world war, that the West has lost all restraint and is ready to bathe the planet in blood, once again. A quarter of century ago it appeared that with the destruction of the Eastern block and with China then increasingly on a capitalist course, the West had finally got what it had fought for centuries for – the total and absolute control of the planet.

But recently, something went ‘wrong’ for the West. Latin America rose and most of it gained freedom, then spat on the Monroe Doctrine. China began pushing for socialist reforms in medical care, education, culture and many other spheres. And Russia refused to get bullied and humiliated, reminding both Europe and North America that it is as always powerful and will not be stepped on as happened in the era of Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

North Korea and Iran (countries that have never attacked anyone in modern history) realized that the only way to survive and not to be reduced to dust is by having their own nuclear capacity.

And all these nations: several in Latin America, China, Russia, Iran, joined forces and decided: “Never again!” Never again will they allow the world to descend to the horrors of Western colonialism.

The wet Western dream of unopposed rule over the world is beginning to disappear into thin air. Is the West going to risk the destruction of our planet simply because it cannot own it?


“Stephen Harper attacks Vladimir Putin and ‘evil’ communism”, reported the Canadian news outlet,CBC News on 31 May 2014, in reference to the “lengthy keynote speech” at a fundraising event that the right-wing Canadian PM gave in Toronto. The speech was spiced with “language reminiscent of the height of the Cold War”.
Grotesquely, the President of the most aggressive country on Earth, the United States, Barrack Obama, was promising to ‘curb the aggression’ of Russia and China, two countries that have not invaded anywhere in the last few decades.

In a speech clearly aimed at provoking China, the US Defense secretary Chuck Hagel, spoke more like a thug than a politician: “The United States will not look the other way when fundamental principles of the international order are being challenged.”

‘Which order?’ Some would ask. Was he talking about the order that is being imposed on the world from Washington and European capitals and has been for centuries, at the cost of hundreds of millions of human lives? Quite an order!

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Great Satan Continues on Path to WW4

In an interview with China Central Television (CCTV), broadcaster Teng drew attention to the fact that despite Washington and Seoul pledging that the system is aimed against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, in fact the THAAD installation in the Korean Peninsula is part of the US global missile defense system.
. . .
If we look at the map we can find out that the US has already deployed the THAAD system in Alaska and Japan and there might be another deployment in the Philippines. So I think this is actually a global plan by the United States," Teng stressed.
. . .
Tian Dongdong of Xinhua specifies that deploying THAAD in South Korea is a crucial step to fill the gap in Washington's anti-missile missile system in the Asia Pacific, "which has long been nagged by its inadequate recognition ability."
. . .
But this is half the story, according to Tian: "If deployed, THAAD could help the US Army to collect radar data of warheads and decoys of China and Russia's strategic missiles by monitoring their experiments, thus enabling the United States to neutralize their nuclear deterrence."
. . .
Citing Cheong Wooksik, director of Peace Network, a South Korean civic group, Xinhua noted Friday that THAAD is designed to intercept missiles at a "relatively high altitude of 40 to 150 kilometers" (25 to 93 miles). But the DPRK's rockets fly at an altitude of about 20 kilometers (12 miles). That means the THAAD system would simply not be able to shoot them down.

- THAAD in S Korea Not Actually Aimed at Preventing Threat From Pyongyang
Compounding is the magic ingredient.

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No price is too high to stop evil nations like Russia and China.

That being said, Russian and Chinese nuke delivery missiles are junk: Western THAAD will take them all down.

We are coming for you, Russia and China.  You are going down.

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gork Post time: 2016-8-6 15:21
Great Satan Continues on Path to WW4

In an interview with China Central Television (CCTV), broadcas ...

according to Tian
so what
Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Mark Twain

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seneca Post time: 2016-8-9 11:07
These are neither "evil nations" nor are they "nations" per se: they are empires held by imperia ...

You should know

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