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what is love? have you ever been in love? [Copy link] 中文

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Some people  think love is a game of  rich people.
some people think love is sex
some people think there is no love in the world.
some people love is very short..
some people think that you will like to spend your life with him/her if you love a person.  
what is love? what do you think of love?have you ever been love? Do you believe love? How do you know if you love a person?

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Love is love

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9. You schedule a check-up at the doctor, including that mammogram or PSA test you've been putting off. Now that you've got someone special in your life, you want to take good care of yourself so you can enjoy a happy, healthy relationship for a long time.

8. You catch yourself humming during your commute, while doing the laundry or reading a newspaper. Normally you're not a musical person, but you're no longer solo. As a duo, the two of you are making beautiful music together.

7. You bust your budget to buy your sweetheart something special because it's your three-month anniversary. Though you're normally a bargain hunter, you pay full price without batting an eye. That snazzy, new LCD computer monitor you've been coveting for your desktop will just have to wait.

6. You can't fall asleep alone anymore. You toss and turn in frustration, finally getting up to pace. TV, a book, nothing seems to help. You wonder if your heartthrob is suffering insomnia, too. You think about calling, but no, that would be inconsiderate. Then the phone rings.

5. People are starting to hit on you everywhere you go. Men in the elevator, women at the gym. Whistles follow you down the street, notes appear in your in-box and invitations to coffee on your answering machine. You're radiating happiness without even knowing it.

4. You haven't checked your search results in weeks. Instead, you're composing a "success stories" letter to tell them how you found your one true love online. Maybe you'll include a picture of the two of you.

3. You walk into the local florist shop and the clerk greets you by name. You've been sending or receiving so many tokens of affection that you've become a favored customer.

2. You're making plans to introduce your darling to your parents or your kids. And you're ready to meet the most important people in you lover's life.

And the number one sign that your love is real...

1. The ring on your finger.


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love is in your heart

love is in your heart,When you see people  with full of the love in the heart,you will be rewarded with love.
love is in your eyes ,love is in your heart,

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got hurt ... no idea ....

I thought I found love,
With whom I shared so many memories in the past 5 years,
And we decided to be together forever ''finally'';

I never thought love is so fragile,
We just could not be together for some reason, or for no reason,Finally.
Sth you believe that will never happen, it will, maybe.

Now I am out of love,
And really have no idea with love.

My friend once said 'I believe that there are ture love in this world, but I don't believe it will happen to me'.

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Love is when you think of him, your heart is feeling very differently

I believe true love. my boyriend and I have just got engaged and planned to get married this year. When he was in Beijing, it seemed that I saw Beijing in another way. I suddenly found out that I could see things by using his eyes! We have to be apart for a little while but when we think about each other, our hearts are feeling very differently. It is a lovely feeling. You can feel your heart is touched by love when you get true love. I love my fiance a lot.

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Love is magic.

All things grow with LOVE.

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