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how you deal with the bad mood [Copy link] 中文

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these days  I   was always in  bad   mood  .  Because  of  so  many  trouble  things  and  i  cnnot   find  a  good  way  to  solve .   Everyday    i  feel  very  tired  for  so  much  work  and  so  hard  study  . i  want  to know  wether  you  also  happen  to  the same  situation  like  me  .If  it  is  ,please  give  me  some  suggestions  . THANK  YOU !

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you need

to get some rest.  When the mind and body are both stressed out, bad moods come easily. For them to go away, you need to get some rest. After resting (like a long undisturbed sleep in a quiet room), get up, drink 3 glasses of clean water, then go out for a walk (but not late at night). When walking, control your breathing.  It should be regular.  Stop for a while and look far to adjust your eyes. Once you've done that, regulate your breathing.  Imagine in your mind the fresh air going in and out of your nostrils. Breath at a regular pace.

Then go back, have a nice cup of coffee, dip your feet in a basin of warm water. Lie back, massage the back of your neck, wipe your face with a cold towel.  And finally, smile.

Oh, one more thing, empty your bowels and bladder regularly;  sometimes bad moods come from toxins in the body/bowels.  That's why vigorous exercise helps to expunge the toxins from the muscles, but to clear them from your system, you need to empty your bowels and bladder.

If this doesn't work, then you're really as moody as me.

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Do everything in moderation.

Don't worry about things you can't control.

Some problems are unsolvable.

Have a beer.. or two.

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there are two sides to every coin, but it's the middle you want

For every bad thing that happens, a good one comes along too.. but sometimes it is hard to see the good things as the bad appears to weigh more.

Each day, before you go to sleep, think about all the things that happened that day. And then thank the heavens for at least 5 things you are grateful for and happy about.

At first this may take some time, but soon it becomes a habit and your perspective of things will change.

Also, try the below:
-laugh out loud
-sing & dance along to music (probably best when no-one is around; unless ur really good and then u can count that as a blessing 'cos not many people are! ;-) )
-think of positive things
-do what markwu said, that was very usefull advise
-daydream (so what if it will never come true.. it passes time and relaxes you)
-yoga, horsebackriding and/or any other form of excercise
-be silly and don't take life 2 seriously ..  After all life is 2 short to spend in tears!!

Good Luck!!
Hope you feel better soon!!

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Generate your own 'feel-good endorphins'....

You're feeling burnt out, girl - you're not alone as many people go through what you go through!

Juggling between a full time job and studies will not only tire, but fry your mind if you are not careful. Reset your pace by giving yourself space to breathe.

I understand that it's hard to set a pace in this rat-race of being ahead of others. Living in a mad-rush world to meet deadlines, and expectations from others plus those that we set on ourselves just ain't worth it anymore or make sense at all. Especially when you feel the way you do at the moment. So, relax... don't push yourself to the edge. Allow your mind to go blank for a few minutes, it doesn't have to be occupied all the time.

MarkWu's advise on a good work-out (exercising) is great (I also appreciate his toilet humour!!) --> all these help generate 'feel-good endorphins'. Just let them kick in and feel it's effects.

I've always set time aside for this (at least dedicate an hour's worth of exercise at least 3-4 days a week). I go by eating light during my 'exercise days' too, as I believe that 'you are what you eat and think'.

Apart from all that I've said, you'll need to most of all, 'think positive'. So, let go of your worries, look for traces of humour in what you do (enjoy a smile or two, and maybe a good laugh would do you some good), or just 'think of nothing' at times and enjoy your quiet times. It's fine to think of nothing for a few minutes, it makes your mind more productive after that... and in fact it'll sharpen your problem-solving and other skills. That'll put you in a better mood :).

So, take control of your mood instead of letting it control you - positive-thinking does wonders to the body, mind and soul!

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thank you

thank    you   for   your  advice  ,  i  am  sure  these  advice  will   affect  on  me  .
yes  ,you   are  right  ! Every  moring  give  yourself  a  smile  !
smile  is  a  good  medicine  for  bad  mood  !

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The Blahs

Anxiety might have something to do with it.  Maybe you are studying too hard.  There's a  point of diminishing returns  beyond which further effort does more harm than good.

       It's possible that the quality of sleep is involved.  If   you live in a noisy place you might try plugging your ears.  There might also be problems with the pillow or mattress.  And anxiety makes it hard to sleep, and  hard to sleep well.  A little warm milk with sugar might help too.

      Good luck.

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