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Krappy News Network Peddles "War is Peace" [Copy link] 中文

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- brace yourself for the biggest crock o' **** you will ever read

Well let's face it, the thieved state of Amerika doesn't have any crocks of gold and even the crock was thieved artifacts acquired during the anglo empire of thievery.

Now you REALLY HAVE heard it all. In, "Opinion: 'War! What is it good for?' More than you thought", the Krappy News Network makes the asinine claim that war has brought about peace. Even Orwell meant it as a sarcastic joke. These are the same clowns who tried to peddle creationism under the war criminal Shrub and Blair administrations.

Ian Morris is Willard Professor of Classics, Professor of History and a fellow of the Archaeology Centre at Stanford University.

That tells you he is part of the gangster-supplied edukashun establishment and therefore a congenital liar.

Here's where the trail of twisted-logic BS starts: By many estimates, 10 to 20% of Stone Age humans died at other people's hands.

Well let's face it, medicine back then was far better than the snake oil from anglo/amerikan Big Pharma today. The estimates for the victims of the illegal invasion of Iraq varied by far more than 20%. Yet this shyster claims to be able to look back to the freakin' stone age and make this BS claim.

But between 1900 and 2000, roughly 10 billion lives were lived -- meaning that just 1-2% of the world's population died violently.

This is the same BS that Bloomberg often uses, where it states that gold has fallen as the war in Ukraine fomented by the Great Satan has subsided. There is no proof of causality. In other words, the low percentage (if you believe the statistic) of deaths in the "bloodiest century in history" was IN SPITE OF the war mongering of the UK and US. It was only because the population was so large that these gangsters were unable to kill any more than a small percentage of us.

Here's the next tenuous chain of twisted logic based on yet more dubious causality: What happened, it seems, is that starting about 10,000 years ago, the winners of wars began incorporating the losers into larger societies.

"So what?", you might ask (assuming that's even true). Here's the even more tenuous, BS answer: and one of the first things these governments had to do, if they wanted to stay in power, was suppress violence among their subjects.

That too is BS. Divide and rule is the antithesis of this. But assuming it isn't BS, societies large or small achieved via war or peace would still need this suppression of violence anyway.

Here's some more twisted (il) logic: If Rome could have been built without killing millions of Gauls and Greeks, or the USA without killing millions of Native Americans -- in these and countless other cases, if conflicts could have been resolved by reason instead of force, the world would have reaped the benefits without paying such costs.

So if war avoided murder (not "killing"), in other words no war, then war would be good! By now your BS alarm should have exploded.

Here's the aim of this BS: the United States -- capable of acting as a globocop, deterring other governments from using force.

Q freakin' ED! We need the Great Satan gangsters acting as self-appointed "police" to start more than one war a year (to peddle its arms and defraud its taxsuckers) in order to achieve peace, because without all these wars "something" might have happened such as everyone dumping the krappy dollar.
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good dog.
I've made my living, Mr. Thompson, in large part as a gambler. Some days I make twenty bets, some days I make none. There are weeks, sometimes months, in fact, when I don't make any bet at all because ...

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Yet More Pathetic Crocks O' **** To Justify World Wars

"Should Britain have joined World War One?", asks the Independent

This implies the UK wasn't one of the main instigators; merely responding to events. Yet at this time it brayed that they ruled the seas and that the Sun never set on lands they'd thieved, with the chutzpah of calling the poodle queen, "Empress of India".

Here's the pathetic crock o' ****: Bungling statesmen got us into it, and bungling generals made sure it would be a four-year nightmare of futile slaughter.
. . .
So, was the First World War all a mistake? Partly, yes, but the next thing to remember is that most of the major participants had perfectly clear war aims.
. . .
The United States entered the war with more ambitious and idealistic aims (they being Americans) about establishing a new world order of justice and peace.
. . .
That leaves Russia, Germany and Britain, who largely went to war for no better reason than fear of each other.

So you're supposed to believe that through inexplicable carelessness they killed tens of millions in a four year war and that Warshington which starts more than one war a year on average wanted peace. Details of this supposed bungling are conspicuous by their absence. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was just the trigger. But Woodrow Wilson admitted after leaving office that it was started on behalf of Wall St.; COLD HARD CASH! The UK's Michael Gove has called, not for the truth, but for patriotism in the history telling.

Four years later, the victors (for as Sun Tzu says, you don't enter a war until you know you can win it) convened at Genoa where John Maynard Keynes proposed a gold-exchange standard, defrauding the World with paper dollars and paper pounds.
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The other lies are that Nazi Germany was fascist. Obviously, the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany is the exact opposite of fascism.

The UK and US, however, have always been fascist. In the UK they weren't peasants, but serfs, toiling the land for the land barons.

Whilst UK and US yooniversities have their undergraduats (suddenly) protesting that they're being taught quackonomics that favours the rich, Thomas Picketty confirms with empircal evidence that the UK and US "capitalism" is really fascism designed to keep the rich in the style to which they've become accustomed. In other words, capital returns are higher than labour returns.

David Camoron, descended from banksters and slavers, knows only how to exploit the masses. Zero hours contracts reduce the rate of employment whilst they get no income. The bedroom tax hammers the most vulnerable.  Benefits are slashed evans as Camoron et al. award themselves a 10% pay rise. Funding to local councils are cut who, in turn, then cut funding for food banks. House prices are ramped up with and debt increased with the Help To Buy scam which is explicitly irresponsible lending. The Help To Work scam has charities rejecting it because it is so vicious and designed to offer free labour. This is on top of earlier scams where supermarkets have been getting free labour too. Labour too, keep silent, whilst peddling legislation on rented accommodation which will only reduce the availability, pushing the poor into having to buy or become homeless, whilst repeating ad nauseum, the lie that the Tories are imposing too much fiscal austerity even though squandering has increased.
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Welcome back.
9/11 was an inside job.
No second plane.It was a bomb.Bomb in the other building.
You KNOW without a doubt the videos are fake,right ?!
Planes don't meld into steel and concrete buildings.They crash into them !!!!!!!
It's amazing how the building ate the plane !!!
Imagine those fragile wings cutting slots in massive steel columns !!!!!
How STUPID can they think the people are to believe that crap ??!!

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