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Why no international effort for 200 kidnapped girls?   [Copy link] 中文

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seneca Post time: 2014-5-6 12:29
There. What is a "terrorist group"? To me and to the Nigerians (to many) the Boko Haram are thug ...

the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.


Do the Boko Harem fit this description?  Yes and in spades.

Their stated goal is to remove the nigerian government and replace it with a more taliban-style of sharia interpretation.

Here are some of their activities:


18 Jan 2012: A key suspect in the 2011 Christmas Day bombing in Abuja, which killed more than 40 people, escapes police custody.

17 Jan 2012: Two soldiers and four BH gunmen are killed in an attack on a military checkpoint in Maiduguri, Borno State. Soldiers arrest six high-profile BH members in a raid on a sect hideout in the city.

13 Jan 2012: BH kills four and injures two others, including a policeman, in two separate attacks on pubs in Yola (Adawama State) and Gombe city in neighbouring Gombe State.

11 Jan 2012: Four Christians killed by BH gunmen in Potiskum, Yobe State, when gunmen open fire on their car as they stop for fuel. The victims had been fleeing Maiduguri to their home town in eastern Nigeria.

10 Jan 2012: A BH attack on a beer garden kills eight, including five policemen and a teenage girl, in Damaturu, capital of Yobe State.

9 Jan 2012: BH gunmen shoot dead a secret police operative along with his civilian friend as they leave a mosque in Biu, Borno State, 200km south of the state capital, Maiduguri. The president says BH has infiltrated the executive, parliamentary and judicial wings of government.

7 Jan 2012: Three Christian poker players are killed and seven others wounded by BH gunmen in the town of Biu.

6 Jan 2012: Eight worshippers are killed in a shooting attack on a church in Yola. BH gunmen shoot dead 17 Christian mourners in the town of Mubi in the northeastern state of Adamawa. The victims are friends and relations of one of five people killed in a BH attack on a hotel the previous day.

5 Jan 2012: Six worshippers are killed and 10 others wounded when BH gunmen attack a church in Gombe city.

3 Jan 2012: BH gunmen attack a police station in the town of Birniwa in Jigawa State killing a teenage girl and wounding a police officer.

1 Jan 2012: President Goodluck Jonathan imposes a state of emergency on 15 local government areas hardest-hit by BH attacks, in Borno, Yobe and Plateau states. He orders the closure of Nigerian borders in the north.

30 Dec 2011: Four Muslim worshippers are killed in a BH bomb and shooting attack targeting a military checkpoint in Maiduguri as worshippers leave a mosque after attending Friday prayers.

28 Dec 2011: A bombing and shooting attack by BH on a beer parlour in the town of Mubi, Adamawa State, wounds 15.

25 Dec 2011: A Christmas Day BH bomb attack on Saint Theresa Catholic Church in Madalla town near Abuja kills 42 worshippers. Three secret police (SSS) operatives and a BH bomber are killed in a suicide attack when the bomber rams his bomb-laden car into a military convoy at the gates of SSS headquarters in Damaturu. A policeman is killed in a botched BH bomb attack on a church in the Ray Field area of Jos, capital of Plateau State.

22 Dec 2011: BH bombs in parts of Maiduguri kill 20. Four policemen and a civilian are killed in gun and bomb attacks on a police building in Potiskum, Yobe State. Around 100 are killed following multiple bomb and shooting attacks by BH gunmen and ensuing gun battles with troops in the Pompomari outskirts of Damaturu.

19 Dec 2011: One suspected BH member dies and two others wounded in an accidental explosion while assembling a home-made bomb in a hideout in Damaturu.

17 Dec 2011: A shootout between sect members and policemen following a raid on the hideout of a BH sect leader in the Darmanawa area of Kano State kills seven, including three police officers. Police arrest 14 BH suspects and seize large amount of arms and bombs. Three BH members die in an accidental explosion while assembling home-made bombs in a hideout on the outskirts of Maiduguri.

13 Dec 2011: A bomb attack on a military checkpoint by BH and resulting shooting by soldiers in Maiduguri leaves 10 dead and 30 injured.

7 Dec 2011: An explosion linked to BH kills eight in the Oriyapata district of Kaduna city.

4 Dec 2011: A soldier, a policeman and a civilian are killed in bomb and gun attacks on police buildings and two banks in Azare, Bauchi State. BH open fire at a wedding in Maiduguri, killing the groom and a guest.

27 Nov 2011: A Borno State protocol officer in the office of the governor is shot dead by motorcycle-riding sect members while driving home.

26 Nov 2011: Three policemen and a civilian are wounded in BH bomb and shooting attacks in Geidam, Yobe State. Six churches, a police station, a beer parlour, a shopping complex, a high court, a local council building and 11 cars are burnt in the attacks.

9 Nov 2011: BH members bomb a police station and the office of Nigeria’s road safety agency in Maina village, Borno State. No one is hurt.

4 Nov 2011: The motorcade of Borno State governor Kashim Shettima comes under BH bomb attack in Maiduguri on its way from the airport to the governor’s residence as he returns from a trip to Abuja. Around 150 are killed in coordinated BH bombing and shooting attacks on police facilities in Damaturu and Potiskum in Yobe State. Two BH suicide-bombers blow themselves up outside the military Joint Task Force headquarters in Maiduguri in a botched suicide attack.

2 Nov 2011: A soldier on duty is shot dead by sect members outside Maiduguri’s main market.

November 2011: BH says it will not dialogue with the government until all of its members who have been arrested are released.

29 Oct 2011: BH gunmen shoot dead Muslim cleric Sheikh Ali Jana’a outside his home in the Bulabulin Ngarnam neighbourhood of Maiduguri. Jana’a is known to have provided information to security forces regarding the sect.

25 Oct 2011: A policeman is shot dead in his house in a targeted attack by BH gunmen in Damaturu.

23 Oct 2011: Sect members open fire on a market in the town of Katari in Kaduna State, killing two.

23 Oct 2011: BH members kill a policeman and a bank security guard in bombing and shooting attacks on a police station and two banks in Saminaka, Kaduna State.

3 October 2011: Three killed in BH attacks on Baga market in Maiduguri, Borno State. The victims included a tea-seller, a drug store owner and a passer-by.

1 October 2011: A butcher and his assistant are killed by BH gunmen at Baga market in Maiduguri in a targeted killing. In a separate incident, three people are killed in a shoot-out following BH bomb and shooting attacks on a military patrol vehicle delivering food to soldiers at a checkpoint in Maiduguri. All three victims are civilians.

17 September 2011: Babakura Fugu, brother-in-law to slain BH leader Mohammed Yusuf, is shot dead outside his house in Maiduguri two days after attending a peace meeting with Nigeria’s ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo in the city. BH denies any involvement in the incident.

13 September 2011: Four soldiers shot and wounded in an ambush by BH members in Maiduguri shortly after the arrest of 15 sect members in military raids on BH hideouts in the city.

12 September 2011: Seven men, including four policemen, are killed by BH gunmen in bomb and shooting attacks on a police station and a bank in Misau, Bauchi State. The attackers rob the bank.

4 September 2011: Muslim cleric Malam Dala shot dead by two BH members outside his home in the Zinnari area of Maiduguri.

1 September 2011: A shootout between BH gunmen and soldiers in Song, Adamawa State, kills one sect members while another is injured and captured.

26 August 2011: BH claims responsibility for a suicide bomb blast on the UN compound in Abuja, killing 23 people.

25 August 2011: Gun and bomb attacks by BH on two police stations and two banks in Gombi, Adamawa State, kill at least 16 people, including seven policemen.

3 August 2011: The government rejects negotiations with BH.

July 2011: Government says it will open a negotiation panel to initiate negotiations with BH.

27 June 2011: BH’s gun and bomb attack on a beer garden in Maiduguri leaves at least 25 dead and dozens injured.

20 June 2011: Seven people including five policemen killed in gun and bomb attacks on a police station and a bank in Kankara, Katsina State.

16 June 2011: BH targets national police headquarters in Abuja, killing two.

7 June 2011: Attacks on a church and two police posts in Maiduguri, blamed on the sect, leave at least 14 dead.

6 June 2011: Muslim cleric Ibrahim Birkuti, critical of BH, shot dead by two motorcycle-riding BH gunmen outside his house in Biu, 200km from Maiduguri.

29 May 2011: Three bombs rip through a beer garden in a military barracks in the northern city of Bauchi, killing 13 and wounding 33. BH claims responsibility.

27 May 2011: A group of around 70 suspected BH gunmen kill eight people including four policemen in simultaneous gun and bomb attacks on a police station, a police barracks and a bank in Damboa, Borno State, near the border with Chad.

29 December 2010: Suspected BH gunmen shoot dead eight people in Maiduguri, including the governorship candidate of the ruling All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) in Borno State.

24 and 27 December 2010: A series of attacks claimed by BH in the central city of Jos and Maiduguri kill at least 86.

7 September 2010: A group of BH gunmen free over 700 inmates including around 100 sect members from a prison in Bauchi. Four people including a soldier, one policeman and two residents were killed in the raid.

26 July 2009: BH launches a short-lived uprising in parts of the north, which is quelled by a military crackdown that leaves more than 800 dead - mostly sect members, including BH leader Mohammed Yusuf. A mosque in the capital of Borno State (Maiduguri) that served as a sect headquarters is burnt down.

11-12 June 2009: BH leader Mohammed Yusuf threatens reprisals in a video recording to the president following the killing of 17 BH members in a joint military and police operation in Borno State. This was after a disagreement over BH members’ alleged refusal to use crash helmets while in a funeral procession to bury members who had died in a car accident.

2005-2008: BH concentrated on recruiting new members and shoring up its resources. As evidence of their growing popularity, Borno State governor Ali Modu Sheriff appoints an influential BH member, Buju Foi, as his commissioner of religious affairs in 2007.

10 October 2004: Gunmen from a BH splinter group attack a convoy of 60 policemen in an ambush near the town of Kala-Balge on the border with Chad. The militants took 12 policemen hostage and police authorities presumed they were killed by the gunmen because all attempts to trace them failed.

23 September 2004: A BH splinter group launches a militia attack on police stations in the towns of Gwoza and Bama in Borno State, killing four policemen and two civilians. They took to the Mandara mountains along the Nigeria-Cameroon border. Soldiers and two gunships were deployed in the mountains and after two days of battle 27 sect members were killed while the rest slipped away. Five BH members who crossed into Cameroon were arrested by Cameroonian gendarmes who had been alerted by Nigerian authorities. The five were deported and handed over to Nigerian authorities.

7 January 2004: Seven members of BH killed and three others arrested by a team of local vigilantes outside the town of Damboa, Borno State, near border with Chad. Bags containing AK-47 rifles were recovered from sect members.

June 2004: Four members of BH were killed by prison guards in a foiled jail break in Yobe State capital Damaturu.

23-31 December 2003: A group of about 200 members of a BH splinter group launched attacks on police stations in the towns of Kanamma and Geidam in Yobe State from their enclave outside Kanamma on the Nigerian border with Niger. The militants killed several policemen and requisitioned police weapons and vehicles. Following the deployment of military troops to contain the insurrection, 18 militants were killed, and a number arrested.

2002: Mohammed Yusuf founded Boko Haram in 2002, establishing a mosque called Markaz as the headquarters of his movement, following his expulsion from two mosques in Maiduguri by Muslim clerics for propagating his radical views.
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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seneca Post time: 2014-5-6 14:07
So what would be Boko Haram's "end goal"?

I think we should stem the unnecessary inflation of  ...

Their end goal is to make nigeria and 'islamic' state.  Except not really 'islamic' as their version of islam is radical.  How many muslim clerics have they killed now for not agreeing with them?  A dozen or so?  

They want to turn nigeria into afghanistan and be the ones in charge.

They want the oil money and all the power it will bring them.
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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seneca Post time: 2014-5-6 13:50
Right. It should NEVER BE COUNTRIES IN OTHER CONTINENTS - such as the U.S. of A. or Europe or Ch ...
But weren't you advocating the use of foreign military forces brought in from the WEST to stop Boko Haram?

When did I ever say that?

I hope the nigerian government can squash these thugs.  I think they should take action for sure.

The international community should only get involved if this group tries to over-throw the government.

You can't have people like this in true positions of leadership.  We have seen what has happened in afghanistan.  Nigeria would just get turned into training grounds for more terrorism to be spread throughout africa.

Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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seneca Post time: 2014-5-6 13:31
Who says these gangsters act in the name of ALL Muslims?

Nobody - except Islamophobes.

Did I say this?  No.  I said that muslims should be angry that these creeps have hijacked their religion and have used it for their own goals.

It is you that have trouble separating the lslamic fundamentalists with ordinary muslims.  

Every time you defend and whitewash islamic terrorism, your motive is to protect other muslims.  So you see the all in the same light.  

In the cases in China, you seem to think that all the muslims agree and support terrorism.  That it is 'their' fight collectively, and not the actions of a radical group.

Even in this thread, you are careful not to condemn these guys too wouldn't want to offend muslims by doing so....

I don't see them as one and the same.  Its like saying the Jim Jones of the world represent christianity.  

Calling Jim Jones a nutjob who was responsible for the deaths of his members would not be an insult to christianity.  Not in the least.

But calling OBL a nutjob....that somehow should be seen as offensive to muslims.

Makes no sense unless you believe that these fundamentalists actually represent all muslims.
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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seneca Post time: 2014-5-6 18:54
It is interesting that as soon as some violent acts are attributable to people who say they are  ...
It is interesting that as soon as some violent acts are attributable to people who say they are Muslims you and your crooked ilk refer to them as "Islamicists", "Jihadists" or "Islamic terrorists". I actually doubt these Boko Haram guys are real Muslims; they are token Muslims who probably also do voodoo.

Its because they are using islam.  In their words, they use islam to justify their actions.  Just as with these kidnapped girls.  They make statements telling us that what they are doing is with Allah's blessing.

If they stopped doing that...maybe we wouldn't call it 'islamic terrorism'.
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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seneca Post time: 2014-5-6 18:54
It is interesting that as soon as some violent acts are attributable to people who say they are  ...
A multinational militar invasion force .....

Who is talking about that seneca?

There are other ways to help the nigerian government find these girls beside a military invasion.

The US is going to help with with intelligence and may provide some FBI agents to work along with Nigerian police force.  Obama had said that there is a condition of help that this mission had to be led by nigerian authorities.
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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seneca Post time: 2014-5-6 18:40
You know that your knowlewdge about Boko Haram is paper-thin. It is only the print from publishe ...

RAW VIDEO : “We’ll soak Nigeria with blood” – B’Haram threatens again!
The leader of Boko Haram sect, Imam Abubakar Shekau, released a video yesterday in which he claimed responsibility for abducting the Nigerian school girls, and also threatened more attacks, He said; he will soak all Nigerian soil with Christian blood, and Muslims opposing them, describing them as infidels.

The video lasts 56 minutes and 58 seconds, and shows Iman Shekau speaking from a script, surrounded by heavily armed fighters, backed by an armored personnel carrier, and two other armed vehicles.
Iman Shekau said, “I am the one that took your girls. Are you the one that created the girls? I will sell them in the market. I have my own market of selling human beings. It is Allah, the owner that instructed me to sell. I will sell the girls.”
And he added, “It is Allah that instructed us, until we soak the ground of Nigeria with Christian blood and so called Muslims contradicting Islam. After we have killed, killed, killed, and get fatigue and wondering on what to do with smelling of their corpses, smelling of Obama, Bush and Jonathan worried us then we will open prison and be imprisoned the rest. Infidels have no value.”

234 Nigerian schoolgirls, aged between 15-18, were abducted from a remote school in Chibok village, Borno State, in Northeast Nigeria on April 15. The girls and young women came from schools in Izge, Lassa, Ashigashiya and Warabe to do final exams because other the schools were shut in Borno state because of attacks by Boko Haram.
Iman Shekau said the sects friends are those in Afghanistan, Mali, Yemen and Pakistan, and not those Arabs who just bragged with their colors but deal with Americans and the West. Shekau said there is slavery in Islam, contrary to his critics, noting that Prophet Muhammed took slaves during Badr war in Hejaz region of western Arabia in present day Saudi Arabia.

Shekau said, “Just because I took girls in Western school they are worried. I say they (the girls) should desert the school. They should go and marry. Stupid people. Talking about human rights and democracy. Nonsense. People that are doing same sex marriage and saying they are leaders.”
And he added, “I will imprison Jonathan’s daughter, any one that turn to Islam will be saved. For me anyone that embraces Islam is my own. Stupid Jonathan, you will be surprise. Until the land is soaked with blood.”
Later he said, “This is a war against Christians and democracy and their constitution, we have not started, we will be in Abuja, and in your state. This war is against Christians, I mean Christians, generally the infidels. Allah says we should finish them when we get them.”
Shekau boasted in the video that he has no business with infidel’s money, “I have no time with your trillion. I am working for Allah and will die for it. No one can stop me. You killed Mohammed Yusuf. Are you not saying he is even better than Shekau? Even if you kill me, other fighters will rise better than me, I am nothing and worthless before Allah who I am working for. You are sitting with Christians and saying we are one, saying there is no difference. We are not one with infidels.”
Later he said, “It is a lie, in fact you suppose to wash and re-wash a plate Christian eats food before you eat as Muslims. You know all these things and you are contradicting Islam. Are Christians the people we should play with? They killed us in Shendam, Zangon Katab and all the places. It is either you are with us or you are with them, and when we see you, we will harvest your neck with knife.”
He cursed Islamic political leaders the late Malam Aminu Kano, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, and Islamic scholar, Usman Dan Fodio as infidels for working and accepting democracy and constitution, and added,
“We are not ignorant of all that happened.”

The mass abduction three weeks ago, and the Nigerian military’s failure to rescue the girls and young women, has roused national and international outrage with protests in major cities in Nigeria, and across the world.

A number of girls have escaped who said their captors identified themselves as Boko Haram.
Nigerian Police Commissioner, Tanko Lawan told reporters the number of escaped girls is 53.
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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