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Can a man and a woman ever have a platonic relationship? [Copy link] 中文

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is that your platonic love. i doubt you have got the analogy right.

platonic love is love in your mind, while foreplay is pre-sex physical contact.

that makes a difference.

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Simply put, No.

Although the ladder is taken seriously by some, I believe some of what it has to say is true, even though it's very blunt and will probably offend females.

But I also agree with the "ladder theory" that, if a man finds the woman attractive sexually, then the relationship cannot be plantonic, simply because the male wants to have sex with the woman. If EVER presented the chance and the consent of the female, the male would probably have sex with the woman.

My 2 cents


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it depends on how you define "platonic relationship".

When we talk about platonic relationship, i'm sure we are talking about friendship between opposite sexes. But this friendship can mean a lot. It may be, more often than not,  love in disguise. if this is the case, we have to admit that it is usually something we cannot get. we don't move beyond the line just because we know clearly we have to keep this type of relationship, otherwise we make the matter worse. After all most of us want to be decent gentlemen/ gentlewomen. because if you are attracted to someone, you would probably end up loving him / her. that's human nature, and love without sex is actually unthinkable.
on the other hand, if the friendship is pure without any love invovled, it cannot be defined as platonic relationship at all.

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It's a bad relationship

Can you make sure that both of them who falled in the relationship of  the platonic will not broke the balance?

If they can't help their emotio,what would they deal with their life?

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to Dobridan

it makes no difference to a woman  whether her lover or husband has a carnal desire for  or a spiritual attachment to another woman.

it is all a matter of cheat, betrayal, lie.

when clinton claims that his affair with Monica Leiwensky is only a mistake, it is a darkest part in his life, he did it because he could do it.

whatever a man defines his immoral relationship with a woman, he has done so. and almost every man can do so if he can do so if he is not a gay.

after finding the truth out,

a young girl will cry her heart out;
a young woman will sue for a divorce:
a middle-aged woman will keep him in sofa for a couple of nights
an old woman will tell their children about the affair;

a wife can only feel relieved on his funeral: at last!!! he has used up all his strength

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Yes ...sure...Why not

Man and Woman can have platonic relationship for 15 mins. immediately after having sex.......I do not care if this is not enough for some girls who only look for platonic relationship....well...if you want to spend more time with me in a platonic about having sex more and more....and you get 15 mins. of platonic time every time.....Interested ??

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to angelflying

I read your talking about your relationship with your close male friend. Now in your eye, you thought you're just friends, it's platonic relationship. But have you ever thought of if one day, you would be apart, and he may marry to another girl, and he may not listen to you, care about you like he did before, what would you feel then? I ever thought there is platonic relationship between man and woman, and I also believe it. But when I think of this question, I'm undetermined... Before, I also had such a male friend, we share the same life attitude, we were the best partners. At that time, I had my own other half image in my mind, and he also had his girlfriend in his heart. We didn't think there would be any relationship out of pure friends between us. I also encourage him to be brave to persuit the girl he likes. But at the time when I saw his "girlfriend" come, and when he left, I thought I was totally wrong, I knew I missed him. And then, I know I need him.
I also have the saying pure male freinds. But for them, we also can share a lot, but if they leave, I won't feel so much painful, and I won't have such feeling to them as to the guy mentioned. And such friends, I can meet anywhere and anytime, it' s not the TRUE FRIEND. So, in my opinion, if you say, you have a true friend of the opposite sex, you should think about if your feeling is right. Anyone have any comment??

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