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Can a man and a woman ever have a platonic relationship? [Copy link] 中文

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yes.  i do believe they can.  as long as they are both either or all,  gay, asexual, or permanently and totally crippled...........

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By Mother Nature is Not Possible, Complex Society Even Worse

Mother Nature created man and woman in such a unique matter that over a time factor, feelings will be developed for each other naturally and so on.

Complex Society like now, is even worse, unless the time factor is remove and that both parties have got their own partners. If either one party is single and over time love, lust will develop due to stress from our present complex society.

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To: Sweetestpeas - Reply to good one

There is nothing stronger in life than emotion, your kind words set my synapses aglow, but it’s their gentle plucking of my emotional strings that makes my heart sing.

We love what we love when we love and nothing can stop us, not even ourselves. Let us not pat ourselves on the back for rationalizing the emotion of love to avoid injury or intimacy - who is truly the looser if not the bottom feeders not knowing victory nor defeat.

Male attract female and vice versa – we are not designed for initial platonic relationships unless we rationalize it as a means to an end.

Platonic relationships between non-related parties of the opposite sex evolve through maturation from romanticized relationships.

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We can

I think we can have.

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The real problem

A man cannot be with a girl without wanting to ravage her.

there are only 4 exceptions:

1. he is not attracted to the girl.. or rather.. turned "off" by her.
2. the relationship outweighs the desire to really 'give it' to her, such as in the case of business or other professional relations where such a wild encounter would lead to a breakdown of productivity.
3. the mans morals dictate that sex is inapropriate, such as in teacher-student psychology, or by order and manner of virtue, chastity, marriage vows, abstinence, expected matrimonial covenants, or other religious and cultural influences or personal decisions, desires, and beliefs.
4. He's gay.

note that the womans decisions or marital status are not listed because of the horrific nature of the man to lie, cheat, swindle, scheme, steal and devise methods to obtain this carnal gratification and the almost limitless means he will seek to achieve his end.

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poignant question

Certainly men + women can have a platonic relationships.  We all have them, the question is... Do we want to make any of these relationships develop in to something more?

I am currently spending time getting to know a girl i recently started to see in a new light.  We have been catching up once or twice a week for about 6 weeks now and i cant read her at all.  I am starting to find her quite intriguing, howver the other day she casually mentioned at our last meeting that she has a boyfriend, but at the same time brings me books to read and dvd's to watch.  

Is she under the impression we are buidling a platonic friendship or fishing for something more? Obviously i'm just thinking out loud and don't expect anyone to know, but a poignant question nonetheless.

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