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Can a man and a woman ever have a platonic relationship? [Copy link] 中文

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No, he's not impotent. He got married and has a daughter now.

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interesting topic

This is really a hot topic. To have a platonic relationship with the opposite sex is very difficult, in my opinion, especially for male. You know every healthy human being has basic physical need that is the instinct. While some intellectual thoughts imbed in minds of people, they certainlly feel confused. Be loyal to your companion, be dignity as a decent gentleman, be whatever the good things in the world, we have to restrict ourselves. This need one's willpower. If one is not confident with his willpower, don't try such relationship. Just like me, usually have very light relationships, e.g. say hello, smile, say bye, talking about weather, etc with the opposite sex. Because I am not confident with my willpower not to involve in some affairs with girls. So just leave myself alone.

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Amor platonicus - a collusion of the unwilling

Amour platonicus is a relationship into which sexual element does not enter by mutual choice of both partners. It has all the elements of love and affection, and the parties could have sexual relationship if they choose to, but voluntarily and by mutual consent abstain from sexually consummating the relationship.

If your girlfriend does not allow you to go all the way and you don't get what you want, then it is not a platonic relationship. Or is it?

Following unforgiving one liner is in fact a true statement on the side-effect of Platonic Relationship:
"latonic Love is a fool's name for the affection between a disability and a frost." - Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce (1842 - 1913)

The question is this ... what are you trying to prove by entering into a Platonic Relationship?

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Sweetestpeas...On those lonely nights of Platonic Relationship warm your thought

It may be more interesting and intellectually stimulating.

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Since we're expressly asked for our 2 cents...

Maybe it helps if the question is clarified / split up a little.  As in:

* Can two heterosexual people of opposite gender who are however not sexually attracted to each other have a lasting friendship?
-> Yes, obviously, in Western and similar cultures (not in rural Afghanistan I suppose).

* Can two heterosexual people of opposite gender of which one is attracted to the other but not vice versa have a lasting friendship?
-> Yes, with some difficulty, if both parties have at least basic social skills.

* Can two heterosexual people of opposite gender who are sexually attracted to each other successfully choose to only have a lasting friendship and nothing more, given that there are good reasons (religion, marriage, children, ...)?
-> Yes, with great difficulty, if both parties have great social skills and there is a supportive environment.

* Can two heterosexual people of opposite gender who are sexually attracted to each other successfully choose to only have a lasting friendship and nothing more, just for the heck of it?
-> Why on earth would they?

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platonic relationship?

well, actully, i am a little bit confused about the "platonic relationship".
from your article, i may say that it refers to so-called "friendship" between a man and a woman. if it is so, i would like to declare that i am one of those who are enjoying the platonic relationship. i do have a very good male friend. i can do whatever i want in fron of him, and i don't have to pretend to be the one i am supposed to be. but i have never, ever, wanted to go any further with him. it's quite natural and comfortable to be with him like this.
but the moive When Herry Met Sally tells me that men and women can never be real friends because sex will always set them apart, that a man is unable to make friend with a woman who he thought attractive because he always wants to make sex with her. i don't know what Americans think about it, for me, i'm standing on the opposite side.
however, from the basic meaning of the "platonic relationship", which refers to the love without sex, i don't think it exists. i always believe sex is the necessary part of love, and it lays great importance between lovers.
ok, as usual, i don't know how to conclude my words.
that's all.

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single love----platonic love

I do not know whether there is platonic love between men and women.
I mean the situation that both are loving each other. Maybe there is on the Internet because you can not the other's face and body and do not fall in love because of the physical attractiveness. It is something more mental. But I doubt whether it is true love.
I think platonic love happens in single love. Just love one for no reason or too many reasons. When you see that person,you may think he is not so good and does not worth your dedication, but when you can not see him,you just think of him all your free time and think about his merits and what he said before and hoping to see him again.
Love an image----you fix it on a person,but maybe he is not like that.Love him because you think and believe he is that kind and your type.The truth is not so you will feel painful.
Love is say to feel,but complex to say. It is also easy to love,but hard to be loved. Anyway love is painful while being loved is happy. However, many persons perfer to be painful and give others happiness.

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