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Can a man and a woman ever have a platonic relationship? [Copy link] 中文

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I had a few...

...but they became platonic in nature after a realization of incomptibility. After all, what prompts a man and woman to talk with one another(as strangers)? Usually an attraction factor of some magnitude. seems I can't help answer the question as the parameters cannot be set tightly enough in a general sense.

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too Contracted,one life one wife,sex is not on pregnency ,to help be healthy

some day i read an article on how can be a successful man before 30s,and what he should commit,what he looks like.

      Anyway,life is a gamble,hesitate or brave your venture is big thing man should undertake more risk,and be clamly in control of his life.---

---------"  one element of being a  successful and healthy man is that, he should have sex with two or more women before in 30s,and can confident in dealing with the relationship for contentness and goodness,like a surportment for each,to not be depressed and gaining more confidence as thing goes smoothly in doing so

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To sweetestpeas

In my view,a man and a woman can have a platonic relationship without considering the marriage.That is ,if they just want to find a sprits bailment,they certainly can.So we can comprehend why there are so many people ,especially youth, are so deep wallowing in chatting through internet.

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Interesting ... :)

Right, I'm back again and reading your replies. I've just put on my thinking cap... hmmm....

Relentless: I know what you mean by your view on platonic relationships, as I do have friends of both genders who have spoken of this and the difficulties of masking their emotions. However, I've met men who have 'offered' themselves but when I refused they behaved like a bear with a sore paw. I usually cut them off and stay away.

I didn't mind continuing a friendship, but I'm not given a choice in this sense if I know of their motives that they'll eventually want to get what they want - can't go out with men who can't respect you for who and what I am. As for those who were pretending, they didn't last long either - the body language and the eyes are the windows of the soul. Don't get me wrong, I accept your views. Do you have anything more to add, relentless?

Tsupasat: Good on you for building a friendship first before heading on to romanceville. Your honesty in admitting that it's hard for both the man and the woman to draw the line at times, but you have certainly worked on not tagging any girl along for fun  - you are truly a lady's man :).

aloss4words & tekvicious: I go along with your ideas too. We don't always get what we want, do we? I think it's the positive thinking where we seize the day and at least tried our best, if it worked - good, if it doesn't - we move on.

yelson: I don't quite get what you mean? The only bits that I could guess are: men should take more risks in relationships and sleep with several women before he makes a choice, and continue to be calm at the same time? Explain? *confused*

kaminini: Hmmm.... sure, one can have a platonic relationship by not considering further commitments i.e. marriage and cohabiting etc. Your reference to the internet... I'm not sure how you linked this to the youths' chatting on the internet? Are you saying that one who is young need not to take things seriously, hence he/she chats on the net? Explain? *confused*

Nevertheless, it's good to have all your feedback :). Add on, all ye readers out there....

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it may be possible after all

I have been trying to recall if I actually know of any couples who are in a true platonic relationship.

I can think of three couples who I know. The interesting fact is that these couples are all married to each other. They have each been married for a long time. Any first love they had has long faded, as has any sexual desire they had for each other. They now live together comfortably as old friends who know each other very well.

This is a true platonic relationship to me.

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To Sweetestpeas

I had the same experience as you did : when I refused a man's "offer", he looked like a bear with sore paw and the relationship ended. but I have a platonic relationship with a boy, a man now for about 10 years. We always care about each other no matter where we are. We're alike good friends or brother and sister, I don't know.  I myself amazed at our relationship. To be honest ,  I thought I'm not attracted to him but if that's the case, why he keeps our relationship, does it mean platonic relationship really existes? but what about the first case "the bear with sore paw". I'm confused.

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Useless dream only

I think it mean love and care without sex. This may be possible only someone is impotent.

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