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China must declare it willing to fight Nuclear War over South China Sea   [Copy link] 中文

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Ronny Post time: 2014-5-19 17:25
The USA is just using vietnam and the philipines for its own benefit, they do not care about anyone  ...

Why always blaming the USA ???

I am not convinced at all that the USA is the one with the "remote control" and the "eternal master plan" -

and Vietnam and the Philippines are submissive slaves.

I simply don't buy that "propaganda-lie" !

- provocative actions originated from China (against Japan, against Vietnam, against Philippines, against
  India, etc.)

- China's military might and expenditure is forcing these countries to look for allies who may help them

- The only power who is able to confront China is the USA

- China is chasing it's neighbors into the arms of Uncle Sam

Turning the facts around is not helpful.

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LaughsatChinese Post time: 2014-5-20 01:07
As someone else mentioned, you are blatantly ignoring the fact these countries didn't start seekin ...

Your Mama has wasted money on your schooling, little tart boy!

You'll do well learning a little international politics by starting reading your Dada's International Playgirl magazine (hidden under his other bed). Learn to spell the foreign names of the naked men from the different countries.

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LaughsatChinese Post time: 2014-5-20 01:17
Your momma wasted time even giving brith to you

Were you dropped off in a 'hatchery' like oth ...

LaughsatChinese, are you LaughsatYou? If so, please stop your hate-mongering here on Chinadaily and go vomit your anti-China hate elsewhere on other forums. Otherwise, your posts here reveal someone who's deeply disturbed with serious psychotic problems: claiming Spanish ancestry and then pretending to be an American redneck, praising Hispanic culture and then appropriating Anglo-Saxon Western Civilization as his own, using the U.S.A as a trope to denigrate China and East Asia, trying to belittle Chinese and other Asians to feel "superior", etc.

Maybe you resent the way your father which you claim was a Spanish immigrant to the U.S.A. was treated as Hispanic by the Anglos. Maybe you resent the way your Anglo classmates looked down upon the "Hispanics" in the U.S.A. Maybe you wished you were Anglo instead of Hispanic. So you go to forums all over the world pretending to be Anglo instead of Hispanic. But then you spill the beans yourself, right here on Chinadaily: you're Hispanic but hate being Hispanic in the Anglo-Saxon U.S.A. You want Spain to be part of the Anglo-Saxon-led Western World but Spain is part of the Latin Third World. You want to claim Western Civilization -- the Modern West as created by the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants first in England and then in America -- as your own and yet you know very well -- flowing in your veins and beating in your heart -- that Catholic Spain belonged to the Medieval World and created Latin America which is America's Third World. You can't escape your own blood which came from your father -- a Hispanic immigrant to the Anglo-Saxon Western World.

Maybe you didn't know that East Asia was the only region outside the Western World which succeeded in industrializing their economies. These East Asian economies such as Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. all share a common cultural heritage -- Confucian ethos, Buddhist religion -- as China. These East Asian economies, not suprisingly, developed rapidly not based on Western liberal-democratic-market-capitalist models but on East Asian state-authoritarian-corporatist models. After the revolutionary period, China is in fact just following the other East Asian economies and has succeeded in developiing an industrialized economy in its own right.

So my advice to you is this: please seek medical help for your psychotic problems and spare us the need to psychoanalyse you here.

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LaughsatChinese Post time: 2014-5-20 01:09
Ants like you probably lack the imagination to appreciate or fear death. So this is not surprising ...

This post of yours showed perfectly how twisted your mind is.
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