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Only gentlemen could solve such question.... [Copy link] 中文

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be more wizely

yes,My advice for her is the same as eTomato , just forget those past happiness, new happiness is required to keep our confidence and pretty. Just consider him as a friend, even though it is not so easy to keep borderline. for ur rest of happy life,be more wisely!

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Lost love is perfect

We always miss the former love but we must know the lost love is perfect because we can not live together, forget all and let missing in our heart.

I met a girl from Jiangxi in Buji of Shenzhen in 2000, I loved her but at that time  we stayed together , we quarreled because I was immature.  Have passing many years, I miss her somtimes but I know I lost her many years. She must be married. And I hope she happy all of her life.

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Also from a woman's point of view

I must agree with 99% of all  the posts above..

If there is indeed a big distance between the two, chances are maybe he is only looking to rekindle the friendship (then again, assumptions must be made that men USUALLY  have alterior motives)

I say USUALLY, as there are men out there who are different.. just not as many...

It is up to the girl, if she still has strong emotions towards this guy it is probably in her best interests to stay away. Then again, these same emotions will probably make it difficult to do so.

In my experience it doesn't matter what advise you give, as that person will do what instict will tell them anyway.
The best eTomato can do (sooo love that screenname by the way!) is just be there when 'the girl' needs ears to talk to and a shoulder to cry on.  
Let's hope 'she' will find the answer inside herself, and that that answer will prove to be the right one in the long run

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Ladies even better than gentlemen :-)

So many valuable suggestions from the lovely ladies above! It seems that I made a mistake by assuming only gentlemen can answer the question. The fact has demonstrated that in some situation, ladies are more insightful than gentlemen, and also more gentle.

Really a big thanks for all of you. I would stand beside the silly girl, just as Chindah said.  And if possible, I would like to tell you the latest progress. Hope everything is fine with the silly girl, also the best with all the friends here.

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--> the latest news about the girl

Today the girl told me that, just at the midnight of last weekend, the girl was awoken by the sudden ring of call from her ex. He just talked a lot about the old times they once spent together, while she responded to him by silence.

Actually I have asked her not to get confused by those damned calls, often lasting for more than one hour. she said she was hesitated to answer his calls or not. It is obvious that the calls from her ex did make a strike on her heart, more or less.  

Sigh!, as a capricious kid, sometimes is rather stubborn problems...........  even her heart can not control her intuition.

What an unfortunate girl!  What can I do for her?

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Honestly, if anybody calls at that time of night, without it being an emergency or having been given permission to do so, they're just being disrespectful.

He is showing no regard for her life, and is very selfishly demanding attention on his terms only.
Also, if that is the only time he can talk freely, there are obviously intentions that show no positive promise!

I'm sorry, I tried to be openminded, and assume that maybe his attentions were pure and to rekindle a friendship. But he sure sounds like someone she is better to ignore.

I hope the girl will find the strength within to do so.

Unfortunately, people cannot be told what to do, they have to figure it out for themselves or they will face the same challenges over and over again. I'm sure she appreciates the shoulder and the support you're providing.

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The end or the beginning of the past love?

The news about the girl :>>>>>>>The unlucky girl will be go to US in this month, she will face the greater challenge, that to meet her ex or not !!!

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