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Manila’s provocations reflect weakness   [Copy link] 中文

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We are guided by international laws. as a signatory to the UNCLOS, we are expected to be a responsible nation and abide by the rules. Let us respect the sovereignty of our neighbors. Because we are powerful, that does not necessarily mean that everything we do is right. If we are the true owners of the disputed islands, we shall be willing to put our stand into arbitration so that once and for all, we may know who really is the rightful owner.

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the legal question is
does UNCLOS override everything else?

its very similar to native title claims in many countries

lawyers love this kind of stuff

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laincoubert Post time: 2014-4-1 21:07
now everyone on this planet know of the agreement
brokered by the US

When it comes to breaking rules and buidling structures.

China had build several structures on disputed islands. Of course China insists they are not disputed. It had even build a small city on one island. And it is trying to force all fishermen within it infamous nine-dash-line to get "permission" from Hainan.

If that is not "rule-breaking" then you have something to explain here.


One of the most arrogant phrases I know of.

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NgTran Post time: 2014-4-1 21:53
When it comes to breaking rules and buidling structures.

China had build several structures on di ...

different islands
different disputes

you cant criticize China for doing something which you yourself endorse
does not make sense

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laincoubert Post time: 2014-4-1 21:58
different islands
different disputes

You use UNCLOS rules when you think it is opportune, but you loose your eggs when you hear about arbitration.

It is amusing to see a giant shivering and talking nonsense (about morality and clownery).

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Let's not be coy, It is a fact that The US is behind much of the provocation China has faced in the last few years of the South China sea. If roles were reversed the US would be screaming and using it puppet, (The UN HQ being in New York) to bring allies to its aid.

We have seen the US pushing South Korea into conflict with North Korea to bring China into the conflict so the US can say China is an aggressor, China is wiser than to fall for that trick. We have seen the US support Japan over it claims for Chinese territory when it openly said it would come to Japan's aid if It came into conflict with another country and of course the America's recent support for changes in Japan's constitution which would allow it to prepare for armed conflict. In fact wherever we look in the South China Sea and see conflicts, the US is there somewhere.

The philippines are no exception to this, as it is as usual only with the Illusion of America's military might that these countries dare try to make false territorial claims against China. But China is a wise mother and does not respond aggressively to these many provocations. Including the US breaches of Chinese territorial waters and airspace.  America has proven time and time again, it is not the home of the brave or land of the free as it claims, it is the land of the deluded and home of hypocrisy.

Cuba provides a wonderful example of America's hypocrisy, blockade for decades by the US and used a base for a torture camp Cuba has suffered much at the whims of the US.  It could be a very wealthy nation because of its abundant resourses if it were not for America's crimes against it. Yet like the Chinese the Cuban's do not blame the citizens of the US for its government and corporate ambitions, which have caused it so much unnecessary hardship.

What have the South China Seas got to do with the US? Nothing absolutely nothing. But America has seen to many of its fantasy films so really believes it is the world's police force, despite the fact it breaks international law whenever it sees an opportunity for profit.  We have seen it wage unwinnable wars, such as the invasion of Afghanistan. The invasion of Iraq was about Oil not democracy and it was a product of presidential lies, yet Bush and Blair have not been held to account for their lies that led to war as the war criminals they are.

The US has a history of pushing other nations into conflict with each other to further American ambitions. The phillapines is just another example of the US hiding behind someone to further is ambitions as an empire.

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seneca Post time: 2014-4-2 12:22
The U.S. of A. also says it was CHINA that provoked Manila, not the other way around.

I kind of ...

Phillipines is kind like a BUFFER state.

Like NO MAN'S LAND.....dearie!
China would be STUPID to make it a TRENCH warfare region!
But we'd have to see what KMT, USA, & BRITISH would do.

Base on my observation, KMT and BRITISH CLUB would prefer Phillipines, Indonesia REMAINS a BUFFER region, like what MONGOLIA, KAZAKHSTAN, KOREA PENINSULAR is between RUSSIAN FEDERATION & JAPAN.

Let's see what the PINOYS will do now.
It's CRUCIAL they get their STRATEGIES right.


Green DRagon
South Yang Capital

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