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The worst airline meals   [Copy link] 中文

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Jetstar Airways: omelet

It's like something is wriggling on your plate...

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Lufthansa: cucumber and cheese sandwich

Whole-wheat bread with some sticky mess and a rubber cheese… Come on...

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All Nippon Airways

Look at the brown liquid. A bean get lost in the mud?

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AirAsia: noodles in a hot cup

School lunch would be way better..

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Always take some candy bars and a large bag of peanut M&Ms on any long flight.
Trail mix if you're a health nut.
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Those are positively delicious looking compared to some of the horrors I've had in various locations.

Amongst my all time favourites:

Toast from Bombay (Mumbai) that was gray in colour and had the chewiness of concrete, it was so hard it chipped one of my PA's teeth. (Air India, domestic)

Scrambled sludge from New Dehli. I've never seen scrambled eggs with a death pallor before, or since. The taste resembled salty sewage with lumpy bits. (QANTAS)

God knows what meat. Central Africa. I still have nightmares about this one. Awful wasn't even in the vocabulary. Think about chewing old sweaty shoes, make it 100 times worse and you'll be getting close.

Incinerated vegetables with crap sauce.  Another one that still makes me vomit. Crispy black vegies with a lovely carbonised smell, similar texture to burnt toast (the black bits), with a sauce made of vomit and cow excrement. Truly a taste sensation you only want once in life.

Beef Surprise. Aer Lingus. Memorable as to this day I still am wondering who or what managed to destroy a lump of alleged scotch fillet steak. It was so rubbery you could have used it as a tennis ball and it has all the flavour of sweaty socks.  The delicate sauce was I'm sure made from baby vomit and farts.  Truly awful.

Pan Am: Fish.  Truly insipid, over cooked by a decade, had that lovely rubbery flavour that only raw whale blubber can match. As for the sauce, the less said about that the better.  The trolley dollies were horrific as well, but not as bad as on Continental where they all seem to be about 90 in the shade.

As for the best.

Kobe Beef on QANTAS in the early 70s (707), was magnificent, only available to first class pax.

Ham, cheese and tomato rolls, Canadian Pacific. Best airline food I've ever had on a short haul flight. The coffee and orange juice was also great.

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It does depend which class of service you are travelling in!  In USA domestic food in economy long gone on many routes. People happy. Buy snacks in airport before boarding. I have found Emirates and Virgin Atlantic do a pretty good job in economy - given the constraints. Also good airlines also give you chance to order special meals in advance (health reasons) which can improve what you get.
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