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Should Earthquake administration be disbanded? [Copy link] 中文

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A deputy to the ongoing second session of the 12th National People's Congress has suggested that China Earthquake Administration should be disbanded.

He said in his written suggestion of more than 5,000 words that the State earthquake administration had the responsibilities of monitoring and forecasting impending earthquakes, but it repeatedly explained to the public that earthquakes could not be forecast, and it did not forecast the strong earthquakes that hit Sichuan and Qinghai provinces in past years.

"The budget expenditure of the China Earthquake Administration was 2.41 billion yuan ($392.1 million) in 2010, 2.908 billion yuan in 2011, 3.109 billion yuan in 2012 and 4.086 billion yuan in 2013, but I found that only 12.8 percent of the budget expenditure in 2013 was used for earthquake prediction and rescue," Zhu said.

Do you share the same view with him?
Does your country have a similar organization? What precaution and rescue measures do you take in case of an earthquake?

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      Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid.

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      It's never worked
      Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid.

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      Predicting weather is often difficult and not always accurate. Should we shut down all courses on meteorology
      and give up trying to predict the weather?
      Over the years weather forcasting has improved greatly. In most parts of the world it is incredibly accurate
      and doubtless has saved thousands, if not millions of lives.
      Technology has made great leaps in the past decades.

      The art of earthquake forcasting is in its infancy and regardless of what China decides to do most of the
      world will continue to push forward in earthquake prediction.
      Today most government geology departments spend most of their efforts identifying earthquake hazard zones
      and working with civil engineering to improve building designs in various zones, depending on the known
      hazards. Not always perfect but nothing ever is.
      Spending time on these types of efforts provides immediate and recognizable benefits.
      Forecasting earthquakes should not take up all the time or money of any nation's geology departments.
      It is definately worth doing persuing but there needs to be a balance.
      As technology progresses and more and more data is examined, earthquake prediction will surely improve.
      But just as with the weather, it's unlikely to ever be perfect.

      To disband the earthquake administration in a nation as prone to earthquakes as China would be a very
      foolish idea.

      Before the Tangshan earthquake of 1976: (from wikipedia)
      Well water in a village outside of Tangshan reportedly rose and fell three times the day before the earthquake.
      Gas began to spout out of a well in another village on July 12 and then increased on July 25 and July 26.
      City dwellers from the "downtown" area who had fish discovered that the fish were restless, jumping out of
      the aquarium as if wanting to escape, therefore some animals may have anticipated the earthquake.

      More than half a month before the earthquake struck, Wang Chengmin (汪成民) of the State Seismological Bureau
      (SSB) Analysis and Prediction Department had already concluded that the Tangshan region would be struck by a
      significant earthquake between July 22, 1976 and August 5, 1976. Abnormal signals were mentioned for
      Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan, Bohai and Zhangjiakou regions. Wang made an effort to publicize the information
      to 60 people. One of the people listening in Qinglong was official Wang Chunqing (王春青).
      The prepared: Qinglong County

      After voicing the concerns to Wang Qingchun (王青春), his county took the report very seriously. Already some
      sources showed that the county had been preparing as much as two years earlier.[9] Up to 800 members of his
      county tried to respond. On July 25 and 26, 1976 each community of Qinglong county had emergency meetings
      to prepare and instruct villagers. Buildings were examined and water reservoirs were given special attention.
      The county secretary in charge, Ran Guangqi (冉广岐) decided to risk his political career and certain jail term
      to prepare the 470,000 residents of the county for the upcoming earthquake by ordering officials to educate
      the people as well as evacuate the local population to safer areas.

      This was a learning experience for all of mankind.
      The prediction proved valid.
      This is progress.
      As the old saying goes, "Progress, not perfection".

      If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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      Not only earthquake administration should be disbanded., show fashion clothing, handbag, luggage, shoes, jewelry, etc.

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      it's better to keep this administration. it's like we have insurances for our car, life, health, etc.

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      I propose we should establish a study institution or search base provided huge cost. it is more helpful then the earhtquake prediction department.

      We doubt the central goverment invest huge money and where these expenditure is going to ?
      life is colorful with you.

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