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MisterPanda Post time: 2014-3-6 03:50
What does Germany has to do with the genocide of native americans ?

good question.

when I speak of the genocide of the native americans, I refer solely to the white 'americans'.

I guess it's just not a good idea to arbitrarily assign the US as the representative of the whole western world.

My bad! sorry. everything clear now?

for me, the term 'western world' is more of an geopolitical term than merely a geographical one, otherwise by the definition of the latter, any country geographically west from China will be 'the western world', which you wouldn't even agree cause that even includes the Arab world.

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seneca Post time: 2014-3-5 06:50
I am astonished that you give the Chineswe the right to exterminate native cultures in the Here an ...

What exactly did I say that makes you draw the conclusion that I give the chinese right to exterminate native culture. for the sake of discretion, I've perused my post again and again, and I've failed to find any information which I present that either states or implies with absolute certainty what you deduced. so care to substantiate your claim and throw the joke at me?

I did not say the US completely annihilated the native american race, instead, I emphasized that they have been slaughtered to such a level that they can be well regarded as almost non-existent? which part of that do you not understand?

and you disregard the evidence from my personal experience which proves that the tibetans as well as their lifestyle are well preserved and thriving.

and here is another fact that discredits your wanton claim about the scarcity of the tibetan population. up til 2010, in Tibet autonomous region, there live 2,716,389 teibetans; in Sichuan 1,400,000; Qinghai 1,380,000, and Gansu 340,000, Yunnan 130,000. the fact that the numbers of population in provinces outside Tibet autonomous region are less specific is because the mixture of various ethnics in these provinces adds to the difficulty of accurately determining the population of Tibetans. and the proportion of tibetans in the whole population of Tibet autonomous region has always remained above 90%. huge span of space in both Tibet and Qinghai is virtually unoccupied due to the hostile natural environment, otherwise the population of the tibetans would have been much higher.

you, of course, will question the truth of either my personal account or the statistics. that's fair because it's my job to present the facts I know and yours to verify their truth. there's nothing else I can do but to have faith in your willingness to research and integrity to respect hard facts.

"... whereas you condemn the West for having killed off Indians in the Americas centuries ago"
in your statement above, you seem to imply that if the mass killing happens a long time ago, it's pointless and even to a degree annoying to keeping bringing it up. if that is indeed what you imply there, by application of that principle, you will probably agree that 200 years from now the Jews should not keep throwing at us the heinous crimes the Nazi has committed against them because it was a long time ago and it's annoying they just won't let go. and that will in turn lead to an attrition of the human memory of the wicked deeds and eventually to utter obliteration of such crimes. similarly, you will also feel unbelievable if in 200 hundred years the chinese and koreans still get outraged by the Japanese blatant denial of the atrocities it has committed against the 2 peoples, and you will be well irritated not by the  flagrant denial of crimes and contemptuous refusal to repent on the japanese part, but by the vociferous and never-ending condemnation on the korean and chinese part.

I'm not sure of your racial identity, but if by any chance you are a Jew, Chinese, Korean, Armenian, or any other peoples that have suffered from the demoniac acts of mankind, and if you did imply the above thoughts regardless of whether you admit or deny it, you should be nothing but ashamed.

I doubt if you ever read through my post. but even if you did, that will be rendered irrelvant by the fact that you can't even get things right in a partial context. so assuming you are a native speaker of English, either I am lousy at expressing my opinions, or you didn't even read with care only a small part of my post.

and then you thew your beef at me.

this time out of politeness, I'll kick it back to you, as a gesture of hello.

but if you continue to display your inability to communicate effectively, you leave me no options but to ignore you

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seneca Post time: 2014-3-6 05:38
I think you are just one more of a whole bunch of brainwashed chinauvinists who rail and rant ag ...

I see what you kind are capable of.

the louder you bark, the lower you sink.

and believe me, I've known you for quite a while.

count on your blessings, mister. China daily couldn't be more generous to tolerate your presence.

Chinese have seen worse.

the only reason you are still here quacking is because we want to stay awake.

nice to know the west will be willing to share nice things, but actions speak louder than words.

and interesting to know your side of the 'truth', hope it doesn't hurt you bad.

labeling, insulting, and even a show-off of analogy, what else you got?

we learn from the best, or shall I say we learn from the west.

china has always been a good student for nearly 2 centuries and that's not because we are very smart, but because we got the best teacher ever.

and before I go, I have to say I'm worried about you. you seem a bit intense. do take care, bro. we need you here.

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robbie_xie Post time: 2014-3-6 02:24
fair enough. I wasn't about to like you, anyway.

but I insist on giving you the credit you deserv ...

I thank you for that.

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Gold Medal September's Best Writer 2012

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Revolutionar Post time: 2014-3-5 06:55
Xi's idea of happiness for the Natives  is more buildings, more developments and more pollution.

T ...

The Uighers idea of happiness..........

I have lived in Northeast of China for more than 2 years. I don't know that ....before I had come here.
Many, many, Muslims don't know how to write their own names. Many Muslims have a poor living. ...

It reminds of my dream in my childhood. I dreamed to eat meat and bread as much as possible. I dreamed to live in an apartment with electricity. ....

Your uigers' dream is China's city people's dream (including uigers in cities (and rich uigers)). Human Beings begin to think more after they eat full. They began to wander what's the meaning of life, believing, beliefs. They began to dream to enjoy more individual freedom, and breathe fresh air, and drink clean water. They began to discriminate village people (poor people). They (including people in Beijing, in Shanghai, in Hongkong, etc) ask gov to restrict immigration into their area.

China is a huge country. China has city area (rich area) as well as rurual area (poor area). Did you care about people who's daily living cost is less than 1 us dollar a day, when you were talking about the rich people?   

uiger people's idea of happiness is more mosques, more Autonomy and less pollution, less migrations. It's naturally.
actually It's the idea of rich Chinese idea and city Chinese. It's mosques, and temple, and church, and ....
Xi's idea of happiness for the Natives  is more buildings, more developments and more pollution. No wrong. The president have to care about the people in poor living area as well as people in wealthy area.

Actually I was shocked that many Chinese don't know how to write down their names. They don't know how to do the simple calculations. They don't know... After that I think Xi's idea is not bad as what I had think.

It reminds me of my childhood again. My mom often told me to study hard. You would eat full and eat good after you study hard, and you could go to college, and you would find a job in cities, you don't need to suffer what your parents had suffered.  

our life is full of sunshine

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grb Post time: 2014-3-6 09:50
I thank you for that.

you are welcome

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468259058 Post time: 2014-3-6 13:31
The Uighers idea of happiness..........

I have lived in Northeast of China for more than 2 years. ...

I give you an example which I think is relevant.

There is a state in  Malaysia called Kelantan. The poorest state in the peninsula. Every election cycle, the government people will promise development development development ( code word for corruption ). Every election cycle the government party will lose and the Kelantanese will choose their fundamentalist Islamic party.

But that is not all. The Kelantanese are famous in Malaysia. They are the friendliest Malays around. They are also  the smartest Malays in the country. When they go to the capital city KL, they occupy all the top jobs, the CEOs, the Presidents, the Professors and the scientists. ...............and they are devoted to voting for the fundamentalist Islamic party. Every election cycle, they will drive for hours in traffic jams, ( some times I think the traffic jams are created by the government to discourage them from driving the long distance to vote)

Why I am saying all these?

I am saying all these because people has a right to preserve their way of life, their culture. On the surface, they may look inferior to you.

Look at the Huis of China. They have been around for hundreds of years. They are some of the cleanest , best friendliest  people you can see in Beijing. The Chinese must look at the Uighers the same way they look at the Huis. They have roughly the same culture and desires.

Unfortunately, for decades, the government has looked at the Uighers as enemies of State to be controlled.

I've made my living, Mr. Thompson, in large part as a gambler. Some days I make twenty bets, some days I make none. There are weeks, sometimes months, in fact, when I don't make any bet at all because ...

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