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With Abe at the Helm, Is Japan's Fate as the RMS Lusitania of 2014 Sealed? [Copy link] 中文

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The twin luxury cruisers designed to be the world's largest shps for transporting immigrants from Europe to America, RMS Lusitania and RMS Mauretania, entered indelibly into the pages of world history when the RMS Lusitania was sunk by German submarines on May 7, 1915, off the southern coast of Ireland, within the declared "zone of war" between Germany and Britain, triggering eventually the entry of the United States into WWI.  The English newspapers cried foul against the German government for violating the Cruiser Rules of the Declaration of Paris whick required that the passengers and crew of civilian ships must be safeguarded if the ship were confiscated or sunk.

However, the Lusitania had been built with the oversight of the British Admiralty from its inception and funding to be converted into an Armed Merchant Cruiser, with secret compartments for carrying weapons and ammuitions.  In reality, the RMS Lusitania had been requisitioned by the British Admiralty as an armed merchant cruiser in 1914 when war was declared on Germany, and thus no longer qualified for special safeguarding by the German U-boats that torpedoed it, with the German government having also given advance warning to would-be passengers in major newspapers not to board it.  Such civilian ships as protected under the Cruiser Rules were required to be unarmed, and not to take hostile or evasive actions when asked to be boarded and searched.  The Lusitania and Mauretania, however, were ordered instead by the British Admiralty to ram any submarine that surfaces to signal its demand to board and search it, as allowed under the Cruiser Rules.  This order was issued in October 1914 by Churchill, who wrote "The first British countermove, made on my responsibility . . . was to deter the Germans from surface attack.  The submerged U-boat had to rely increasingly on underwater attack and thus ran the greater risk of mistaking neutral for British ships and of drowing neutral crews and thus embroiling Germany with other Great Powers."  This dangerous use of a commercial cruiser prompted the Captain of the Lusitania, Daniel Dow, to resign on March 8, 1915, rather than risk the lives of his passengers.

In November 1914, Britain declared the North Sea a War Zone, and in February 1915, Germany declared the seas surrounding the British Isles a war zone as well.  Winston Churchill and President Woodrow Wilson then secretly arranged for weapons (rifles and cartridges) to be shipped from New York to Liverpool in May of 1915, but this was discovered by German spies who found out that the Lusitania was to be loaded with weapons, which then prompted the German embassy to protest, and put ads in 50 East Coast newspapers on April 22, 1915, warning would be passengers not to board the Lusitania, as Germany considers it a war vessel.  These ads were blocked by Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan, and when he later authorized them, blocked by Colonel Edward Mandell House, close confidant of Wilson, with only one ad slipping through the censorship, in the Des Moines Register.

On April 17, 1915, Lusitania left Liverpool and on April 24, it arrived in New York.  On May 1, 1915, the Lusitania, loaded with American passengers of European descent, left New York for Liverpool.  On May 7, 1915, the Lusitania slowed down hoping for the British escort ship, Juno, would arrive to protect it across the "War Zone" declared by Germany on Britain, after Britain declared the North Sea a "War Zone" earlier.  Unknown to the new Captain Turner of the Lusitania, Churchill had ordered the Juno to return to port, leaving the Lusitania completely unprotected in the War Zone.  Furthermore, the British Admiralty had deciphered the German telegraphic codes by December 14, 1914, and knew the precise locations of each and every German U-boat, including naturally the U-20, which was surprised by the Lusitania passing conveniently, directly in front of it.  

"There are many kinds of maneuvers in war...There are maneuvers in time, in diplomacy, in mechanics, in psychology; all of which are removed from the battlefield, but react often decisively upon it...The maneuver which brings an ally into the field is as serviceable as that which wins a great battle," was Churchill's Realpolitik rationale.  But like all pawns, he too was dispensable, and lost his own election as a minister after WWII.  Thereafter, he was quickly buried, metaphorically, in the British Press, as he had too many skeletons in his closet, and a careful inventory of his achievements would surely disclose the real planners and instigators of the past two world wars, and now, potentially the third, to start at Dioayudao/Senkaku.  It is an island belatedly "discovered" and named by the British as the "Pinnacle Islands", which the Japanese translated into Senkaku, and which Japan has held on to like an albatross around its neck to this day, even at the cost of sacrificing all its civilians like the Lusitania, in order to involve the US on the side of the British empire, as envisioned by Australia's leadership, under the leadership of PM Kevin Rudd, in insisting that Obama declare officially in their parliament,  a "Pivot to Asia (Against China)", to be able to hold America's feet to the fire, if need be.

The fate of the 127 million Japanese people is a sad and sorry one.  Forced to give up more than 2.5 million of its young men to assignments overseas in killing fellow Asians from 1894 to 1945, or being killed instead, forced to give up their conscience and replacing it with orders from their superiors, they have been raped over and over, physically, mentally and spiritually, by this Imperial gang that was created for the convenience of the British empire, back in 1868.  They need to be rescued from a worse fate being shaped for them, to become the unwilling passengers of a Japanese version of the Lusitania, carrying and storing nuclear arms, and being sunk to the bottom of the sea in 15 minutes, through no fault of theirs.  And Abe, the proud captain of the Japanese RMS Lusitania, like Captain Turner, is sending Japan right in front of the Chinese nuclear submarines  surrounding Diaoyudao/Senkaku, waiting for the 300 lb torpedo to hit and sink it in a matter of a few deadly minutes.

Abe is the Captain Turner of the self-styled "unsinkable aircraft carrier" that is the Japanese Islands.  With the warning from Heaven through Fukushima that Japan is no longer an unsinkable carrier, there is no reason for comfort for Abe to feel while stealing Diaoyudao from Taiwan and China, banking on the appearance of a Juno to protect Japan.  There will be none on Japan's Lusitania Day.  Japan's role in this unfolding drama leading to WWIII is to play the role of the Lusitania.  It will take the destruction of Japan to involve the US in a war on China, and the Australians have learned well from Churchill . . .

"There are many kinds of maneuvers in war...There are maneuvers in time, in diplomacy, in mechanics, in psychology; all of which are removed from the battlefield, but react often decisively upon it...The maneuver which brings an ally into the field is as serviceable as that which wins a great battle."

The Japanese people must rise up and throw out the Abe gang of traitors, to save themselves, their families, and their future descendants from ending like this . . . as the innocent victims of British imperial ambitions.

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Abe did not read his history books well.  He learned, in fact, the wrong lessons from it.  The real similarity between the conditions of WWI and today, between China and Japan, is that Japan is the Lusitania of 1915, and if it persists in entering the war zone loaded with missiles and nuclear shipments in transit, it will never rise again after being sunk, to see victory or loss of the major protagonists of this era.  Like Captain Turner, he will save his neck and retire comfortably in the aftermath at another country.  But the 127 million Japanese people would have been sacrificed, merely to create a nuclear casus belli against China, the aftermath of which would not matter to his people, sacrificed as Kamikaze's on the Shinto Altar, made in UK.

In short, what is a nice people like Japan doing in a place like Dioayudao?

Get out fast, and get out now - if Japan wishes to survive and prosper in peace forever.

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