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Dongguan anti-prostitution campaign, results and reactions   [Copy link] 中文

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From NetEase:

Guangdong Launches 3-Month Anti-Prostitution Crackdown, News Causes Prices for Sex Services to Increase

February 9th morning, in a CCTV “Live News” report, a reporter went undercover to secretly investigate the prostitution activities at multiple four- and five-star hotels and similar venues, and after reporting [such activities], he found that no police came to investigate [further].

Yesterday, according to information from the Ministry of Public Security, the Dongguan city Zhongtang town Public Security Sub-Bureau Chief and such individuals have been suspended pending investigation, while the Dongguan city [Party] committee has reprimanded the top leaders and leaders responsible for the 5 towns that were exposed. In addition, 8 police officers including the police station chief responsible for responding to reports that day have been suspended.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Security immediately convened a special meeting, demanding the quick adoption of decisive measures to earnestly hold responsible the relevant leadership of the local Public Security Bureaus, and resolutely crack down on the organizers, operators, and behind-the-scenes “protective umbrella” [corrupt government/police] of prostitution activities. The Ministry of Public Security dispatched an oversight group led by Public Security Management Bureau chief and with participation by monitoring, supervision, and other departments to oversee investigation of the case, rectification of problems, and holding of responsibility.

Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid.

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Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid.

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“Inspections are strict, you won’t find [prostitution] throughout all of Dongguan tonight”

This Beijing Times reporter returned to the entertainment venues that were exposed, and many of them were sealed off; with prostitution brokers [pimps, managers] saying prostitutes have increased prices.

Yesterday, in urban Dongguan, Zhongtang town, Houjie town, and Huangjiang town, this Beijing News reporter made a return visit. Of the establishments previously secretly investigated and exposed by the media, many of them had already been sealed up and closed down, but other entertainment venues continued to have people marketing prostitution services and what more, with prices being higher than before.

Seals on doors, but customers still visiting

Of the establishments involved in prostitution exposed by CCTV, three were in Dongguan’s Zhongtang town. Respectively, they were the Kang Yi Leisure Club, Yuan Feng Hotel, and Dong Zhen Hotel.

Yesterday at 3:30, the words “Sealed by Dongguang city Public Security Bureau Zhongtang Sub-Bureau” were affixed on the doors of the Kang Yi Leisure Club, dated 2014 February 9. In the parking lot the size of two basketball courts outside, only one small van was parked.

“Three police vehicles came at 11 last night, with over 60 police officers, who investigated for about 3 hours, though I didn’t see them bring anyone out,” said the worker in the small shop next door. The crackdown this year was larger than last year. They were inspected last summer as well, and two months later, the establishment was open again. Around 4pm, a man came by and dithered outside the door for some time before leaving. He didn’t know that this establishment had “been on CCTV”. He said he normally likes coming here.

Yuan Feng Hotel is located near the Kang Yi Leisure Club. This reporter entered under the guise of looking for accommodations only to be refused by 3 security guards: “What are you here for? [This establishment is] on vacation.”

A Dongguan Public Security Bureau seal was also on the main doors of the Dong Zhen Hotel. In Houjie town and Huangjiang town, employees of the Sheraton Hotel and Prince Hotel that were exposed uniformly claimed that the sauna (centers) closed yesterday and they no longer have sauna services.

Tense atmosphere, prostitute asking prices increase

At places of entertainment and their surroundings, there are many people who say although the situation is tense, [they] “can still find [prostitutes] for you”.

Last night at 8, the decor of the Nile Hotel in urban Dongguan was luxurious, but the Caesar KTV in the hotel had no customers.

The inspections have been strict these few days. Normally we can call them over for you to pick and choose, 1000 kuai for the whole package, but that’s not possible now,” said the entertainment department floor manager Zheng Songlei. Now there are only a few hostess girls you can call to sing with you, 500 each, and it is only singing and drinking. “Now that it’s on TV, you definitely won’t be able to find (a prostitute) in all of Dongguan.”

Last night, a young man calling himself “Xiao Ma Brother” said, “there is no [large] line up for picking and choosing tonight, but I can choose five or six good ones for you to choose from, to service you in a guest room. The price will be higher than before, and you have to pay for the room yourself.”

Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid.

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what about the police men and other servents that used there offers ?
Round Up is good for developing the mind

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After the 3 month "campaign", business will go back to the normal programming - too many of the local officials will be missing out on their bonus for "managing" these services....

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typical case of misplaced priorities. People are looting the treasury and the state is concerned about a harmless cottage industry. Desperate people do desperate things......
No, I live above Sunset Plaza, it's a little house I rent and it's a little rundown but has a beautiful view, what about you?

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life is colorful with you.

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