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Kerry support drops. [Copy link] 中文

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Down with kerry!!

enjoy liberals.

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I like their reasoning

>>>in saying he opposed Kerry for president on the grounds that the senator was an anti-war leader who alleged that atrocities were committed in Vietnam.<<<

So, Kerry says that atrocities were committed in Vietnam, and that makes him unfit to be president?

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war crimes buddy.  Not attrocities.  Though they often have similar results, they are not the concieved in the same fashion.  
Assuming it's the same thing, then he still shouldn't be voted for president.  Why, because he voted for the Iraq war.  Through his eyes, he must have voted for warcrimes (attocities) in Iraq.  
So, he either thought it was war crimes then and still does today, but voted on it anyways, or he just says things for political gain.  Did I mention he wants more soldiers in Iraq (another political ploy), but doesn't want to spend more money (another political ploy)?  He's trying to appease the americans that don't think we have enough soldiers in iraq and at the same time the ones who complain about spending billions on iraq instead of the US.  He can't have it both ways.  A new poll released suggests 49% of americans think he isn't wure what his own views are.  This is representitive of his former commanders.

Now that's not a surprise.

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Mr. Mike invited me here to visit his thread.

How kind of you Mr. Mike

How nice.

I agree with you, it was generous of you to invite me here.

How lovely

Thank You

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Kerry Unfit as President

I was left in a quandary about the same thing myself, as I have listened to the political campaign and constantly hearing nothing but Kerry's hot air.

If Kerry says he witnessed warcrimes, and as such he left them unreported and undisclosed, or that he was in anyway part of any kind of inhumane behavior, then indeed, he is unfit to be President!

This kind of insight into the individual needs to be closely scrutinized, unfortunately it looks like it is going to cost at least a billion dollars for the two political parties to swing at each other and expose weaknesses, if they can.

I think Kerry is a long way from a thorough explanation. I don't think he can give a satisfactory explanation and so I think this alone disqualifies his candidacy.

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I agree that it should

Even though an outsider, I still think that the best choices in the two camps that would and still could (doubtful I know) have given America the best no matter who won would have been McCain on one side and Dean on the other.

Both idealistic without (as far as I can tell beyond of course the usual politicking) fanatacism, both passionate, both - at least on the face of it - willing to fight for everybody in the country and not just their "buds."
Had to edit and add - I think even just the debates could have the potential to alter the political landscape and not just in the States.

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bchung has been deleted
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ha maybe

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