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How Chinese trade unions help with your life in China?   [Copy link] 中文

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The All-China Federation of Trade Unions(ACFTU)is a mass organization formed by the Chinese working class on a voluntary basis in 1925. The basic function of Chinese trade unions is to protect workers’ legitimate rights and interests.

Chinese trade unions have been voicing workers' concerns, protecting workers' specific interests, fulfilling their social functions of protection, construction, participation and education in an all-round way.

If you happen to be working in China, you've probably been benefiting from the organization one way or another.

You're invited to comment on how Chinese trade unions help with your life in China.

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Do they have some kind of administrative rights or problem- proposing priority? In what way does they benefit us? can you make the promotion of science?

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After a quick review of this link, I would say more study is needed on my part to better understand the Chinese Labor Union.
I am from the States, where labor unions are an every day thing. It's a shame that we all are not involved in labor unions because they do help. I am not in agreement with all unions here in the States because some seem to take more than others. There seems to be to many disparities in wages and benefits from one union to another. I find the cost of things in an open market could be less expensive than the costs through a labor organization, yet, or Governments and Unions have contracts to only hire from the prevailing wages of the Union.
Lets face facts, come election time, our Politicians will offer many concessions to unions for their votes, Is that a bribe or what? Now that times are not so good for your average American, you can still count on our not so average Union Laborers to maintain their high paying status with more benefits than most would see while working non union jobs.
I don't know if this sounds like the Chinese Labor Union, but I doubt it. Yes, wages have increased and workers are better protected. I still see that companies could under score the union wages and not offer the protection a Union could offer. I would like to see all people involved in labor unions, not just a percentage. Once everyone is participating in the workforce, and part of the Union, there would be more structure in wage earnings, education levels, workplace protection, and retirement. Companies would have no choice but to hire from the union labor pool, and abide by the Union Contract. In today's world, times may be tough, so lets level the playing field and add some organization to the labor force that is the backbone of any country...  {:soso_e140:}

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This post was edited by Ratfink at 2013-9-29 09:45

I don't claim to know a lot about the ACFTU and it's operations but I do know that many western trade unions regard it as a bit of a toothless tiger. While the idea is noble and much needed in China it would appear that outside of state run organisations it doesn't have the legal muscles to do very much except in the areas of  advocacy and placating workers with regards to potential excesses by their employers.

One thing everyone should be aware of is that the massive battles fought by trade unions during the 19th and 20th century have benefited employees in the west at all levels, both on the shop floor and also in lower and even middle management positions. As the economic cycle in many countries plunges downwards then it is the job of the trade unions to attempt to stop the exploitation of the workers by unscrupulous employers.

Sadly this exploitation has been growing again in recent years in the west, directly as a result of years of policies that weaken trade unions and remove their power. Power I might add that was frequently abused in the past by greedy leadership and for purely political motivation.

Back to the issues of the ACFTU, It needs I believe to be far more proactive in nature, it needs to pursue with vigour any companies that are abusing workers and let the international community know that they are on the case as it were with some high profile legal actions and so on. Only then will the international trade union organisations start taking the ACFTU seriously.

For the record: I was involved with trade unions and professional associations as a professional person for many years. I have worked in both open and closed shops (that is organisations that require all staff to belong to a union or relevant professional organisation, and those that don't). I neither support nor hinder trade unions, they have a role to fulfil and should be allowed to do so.
Per Ardua Ad Astra

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SDIvester Post time: 2013-9-29 06:26

After a quick review of this link, I ...

Good suggestion, thank you for sharing your insight.

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Ratfink Post time: 2013-9-29 08:17
I don't claim to know a lot about the ACFTU and it's operations but I do know that many western trad ...

Thanks for sharing what western trade unions are like with us.
That's very inspiring.

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seneca Post time: 2013-9-30 04:53
That was the most surprising remark I read in the opening post by voice_cd. Although I have worked ...

What is most surprising is that you still expect people to believe you've ever even been to China.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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