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Obama Makes a Right Call on Syria and Returns the War Powers Act to Congress [Copy link] 中文

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Finally, Obama spoke.  As usual, he spoke eloquently.  Obama made the right call and asked for the Congress to debate the decision.  He has Boehner to thank for, and the generals who spoke up.  With this decision, he has returned the War Powers Act to the people, as it should have resided with all along.

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Congress should first sunset the War Powers Act, then debate on what to do with Syria, because unless it sunsets this unconstitutional abdication of power to the President, it allows special interests to pressure Obama to negate whatever it decides on Syria, making its deliberations meaningless and a waste of time and effort.  

Obama returned the War Powers Act to Congress.  Congress must first accept and KEEP it.  Then, it should debate on whether or not the Assad regime should be punished.

If it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Assad both authorized and used chemical weapons on the rebels, then not only should the US, but also Russia and China, will want to punish his regime for it.  But if it cannot be proven, and instead, the rebels are using it against other rebel factions not beholden to their radical Islamic fundamentalist views, then not only Russia and China, but also America, Britain and France, should punish the rebels for their crimes against humanity, even if it is against fellow rebels.  Both scenarios are entirely possible, because the Syrian theater is made up not just of Assad and Anti-Assad forces, but of foreign forces and mercenaries on the ground, plus their own rebel factions, which to date, could not agree with each other, or with their foreign sponsors, as to who should lead them.  This fact alone, that the rebels have no centralized command, implies that rebels could have used them on other rebels, or even foreign mercenaries on the rebels, in order to both eliminate their internal competitors and blame their common enemy, Assad, for such heinous actions.

Now, if all the members of the UN Security Council can avoid prejudging who did it based on unsharable information, that precludes mutual agreement on who didi it, then the UN Security Council can do its job properly and promptly.  Once the facts are openly verifiable, the conclusion is a slam dunk - whoever did it should be punished.  The same goes for Congress, many of whose members are skeptical of the information they were provided based on "probable estimates".  There is no room for error.  The best estimates are not good enough if they are not verified or are not verifiable.  Because the price of being wrong in attacking Syria (WWIII involving tens of millions of lives) is far greater than the price of being wrong in merely warning Syria and putting it on probation (350 victims according to media reports, some claiming up to 1400, who are already dead).

Non-Roman, Non-Protestant Christians, and other non-Muslim religions, should also remind the politicians that they are the worst victims of the Arab Spring movement in the Middle East.  All the secular governments in ME are being toppled to help the Sunni's and Shiites establish two opposing absolutist caliphates.  While the purpose may be "noble" to let them wipe each other out, the actual result may be their entente, and the wiping out of the unprotected, unnoticed, non-Roman-Catholic, and non-Roman-Protestant Christians and other religious minorities in the ME.  This fact is also of major importance in the matter of Universal Human Rights, which has been totally ignored by the Human Rights NGO's of the Romanized West.  Otherwise, the Orthodox Christians of the East may decide to intervene, out of humanitarian reasons.  This movement may be coming soon.

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