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Do Chinese respect their neighbours ?   [Copy link] 中文

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Yes you love your neighbors "overly", that's true.

You squeeze them too much.

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Love thy ASEAN neighbors?

China had no right to set conditions on the visit of the Philippine president to attend the 10th ASEAN-China Expo (CAEXPO), an international trade fair in Nanning.  How can they use this event as a pawn to get what they want from us? It has nothing to do with the dispute in the West Philippine Sea. Why did the ASEAN Secretary General H.E. Le Luong Minh from Viet Nam allow this to happen? Why did our ASEAN brothers abandon us?

Allow me to refresh your memory on what the ASEAN is all about. The ASEAN is an organization of countries in Southeast Asia set up to promote cultural, economic and political development in the region. It was officially formed in 1967 with the signing of the Bangkok Declaration.  The original five members included Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Through the years, the ASEAN has grown into 10 member countries.

The ASEAN Plus Three is a forum that functions as a coordinator of cooperation between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the three East Asia nations of China, Japan, and South Korea.

This year’s expo was intended for economic and trade exchanges to advance business opportunities for cooperation and industry development between China and the ASEAN. How can this goal be achieved if China continues to behave like a brat and be a bully of all bullies?

What happened is alarming because it is clear as day that the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member nations are not strongly united and one in the organization ‘s objective and that they can easily be influenced by a power such as China.

How can this organization allow China to bully the Philippines, one of the founding members of the ASEAN? Why did our little ASEAN brothers not speak up? Sanamagan!

I am not mad at our President because all these happened. He did his job. He stood firm in the defense of our national interest. We must back him up and be proud of him on this particular issue. His fight continues. No one can lay claim on what is rightfully ours – be it the West Philippine Sea, Spratly islands or other islands involved in territorial rows.

It is unfortunate that our past administrations have made different types of negotiations with our ASEAN brothers on the issue of geopolitics. Sadly, they sent mixed messages to the different ASEAN governments making promises left and right to the detriment of our beloved country.

History tells us that the Philippines is an archipelago with 7,100 islands. We are a mixture of many races – from the Negroid people, the tool makers of Tabon cave, to the seafaring Malays of Indonesia. Our culture and tradition has been influenced by migrations from China, India and Indonesia. We are a country rich in natural resources. We must remember our national heroes who died fighting for our freedom.

Therefore, it is our duty as Filipinos to protect our country from foreign interference or “bullying” and preserve our dignity at all cost.

If the ASEAN continues to treat us this way, then, I think it is time that we revisit our participation and involvement in this organization. There is just too much politicking (a common trend of this day and time) going on. This is not good for us.

What we can do is stand united as a nation and look at the possibility of working with other countries from north to south and from east to west. We don’t need to be stuck in Southeast Asia anyway. In fact, we are the only nation in this part of the world who is different. We are the only Christian nation and this alone sets us apart.

Bottom line: If they don’t need us, we don’t need them too! End of story.         

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NgTran Post time: 2013-9-9 07:55
Love thy ASEAN neighbors?

China had no right to set conditions on the visit of the Philippine pres ...

If Indeed China imposes a Pre-condition to the Nanning conference to Standing Chief of State ( President Aquino III) then it is faux pas in diplomatic decorum. I doubt it though given the Foreign policy of China is to be more inclusive.

You are correct that Philippines is a founding member of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). It replaces SEATO (SouthEast Asia Treaty Organization) ...TREATY being Multi-lateral must like NATO aimed for economic block with military support by the USA to contain the communist block. Unfortunately the more than 50 Million Chinese casualties (this did not include your Filipino Chinese or Chinese from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia) who died fighting the Japanese that did not bode well for Chinese as a whole after the War.
The Bamboo Curtain was drawn and Chinese of ANY political affiliation were marginalized.

Right after the war in 1947, the SanFrancisco protocol signed by Chiang Kai Shek of Taiwan who represented China absolves many of war reparation from Japan with a implied understanding that war reparation is to help Taiwan re-industrialized and NOT RED CHINA. Do you ever wonder why Taiwan has a mature car, motorccyle and heavy industries, electronics agriculture? Did you know Taiwanese fought as Imperial Japan troops during tthe WAR?

The UNCLOS ( United Nation Chartered Law of the SEA) was drafted with Taiwan representing CHINA. It defined territories that today lead to the 5 way rumble among Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, The Philippines, Taiwan and China. You add the greed from the 7 BIG SISTERS, politicians who sold the concessions and mining rights. Then sprinkle the euation with the unmitigated thirst of China Japan and Korea for oil, you have a formula for world class conflict.

Unfortunately, guns and USA could not help the Philippines and Vietnam when USA is no longer the Biggest Fist in the world and tired of playing world policeman.

To be fair, one must try to look from the viewpoint of 1.3 Billion Mainland Chinese how they were disenfranchised after the 2nd World War despite bleeding the Imperial Army by bloody war of attrition and savagery within mainland China fighting alongside with USA which support them as they supported Stalin to bled Nazi Germany. Would you feel that you are being BULLIED when after the war, Japan becomes the beneficiary and China a villian? Gen. MacArthur in his enthusiasm caused the Korean War as he did not heed President Truman NOT to cross the Yalu River into China?

I am an oversea Chinese with heritage/bloodlines from both China and Japan and have known the angst they each both carry in their hearts.

China bullying Vietnam, Philippines within the context of latent days spat, should be taken within the historical perspective. Vietnam goaded China into a short lived war between them when Vietnam invaded and threaten to occupy Kampuchea. This is AFTER China support Vietnam in their successful war with USA. About 20,000 China casualties.

Ming Dynasty Zhu Di in retrospect may have been wrong in not pursuing the hegemony of Asia and Africa after the Voyages of Admiral Cheng Ho that began in 1421. The humiliation of China in the late 19th century and marginalization in the 20th century would not have happened. And my family would not have been scattered worldwide.

I enjoy Filipinos and Vietnamese friends and I have several of them. Be careful and heed Napoleon Bonaparte to leave China alone. You may regret what you wished for. Takew note that during the revolution of your First Presdient Emilio Aguinaldo, Great Britain connived with Spain to disenfranchised the Filipinos. I would not be surprised if the USA would connnive with Japan or Taiwan or India or China or any or some of them to disenfranchised Filipinos for their own national interests.  China as a country MUST survive as a nation and will definitely armed itself for defensive protection of their territorial integrity. If you cannot beat China join China. Placing your bet with USA or the west should be reconsidered from long term interest point of view.

On a separate note. FilipiNos workers are welcomed in Singapore, Hong Kong, China ( I employed many myseLf) AND even Taiwan lately had the philippine Coast Guard not been trigger happy in murdering Taiwanese fisherman in June 2013. On the other hand, disgruntled policeman Mendoza took a busload of Hong Kong Chinese tourists in Luneta and an equally inept SWAT killed Mendoza and 8 others hostages with overwhelming discriminate discharge of M16 and hand guns in 2012. The case is still unresolved as is the murder of your president's father when he got down from the plane that took him from USA to Manila in 1986. So who is the bully or where is justice?

If I am protected by heavily armed body guards with shoot to kill order of any would be intruders or kidnappers, why can't  China?

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huaren2323 Post time: 2013-9-9 09:31
If Indeed China imposes a Pre-condition to the Nanning conference to Standing Chief of State ( Pres ...

Great. Good reply.
Yes, the trouble maker shoud reflect himself first.

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LuckyInFuture Post time: 2013-9-10 15:15
Great. Good reply.
Yes, the trouble maker shoud reflect himself first.

Who is the "Troublemaker" depends on the point of view.

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A country who decides to provoke other countries by printing territorial claims into their passport, could be seen as a "troublemaker".

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Do you ever wonder why Taiwan has a mature car, motorccyle and heavy industries, electronics agriculture?

No, Not a surprise at all.

Maoismn was in the way in China and nothing else.

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