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Capital punishment is justified [Copy link] 中文

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soapdodger Post time: 2014-7-18 21:18

And, as I requested, please read my disclaimer.


So you think death penalty doesn't stop hideous crimes, which means no penalty can stop crimes.

So do you answer questions that are against common sense?

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Now using logic,

If death penalty does stop crimes, it will stop lot of crimes, which would drop the costs on stopping crimes.

I think I need to post like this to make you happy, right?

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seneca Post time: 2014-7-18 21:31
You a logistics expert???
You a logistics expert???

No, I didn't say that.

For example, if a high school in New York has sent very few students to colleges, I know it is not a good high school. I don't need to know exactly how many teachers of the school are Master or PhD, or how the school operates

Seneca has tried to prove I can not tell if it is a good school.

Do you think I need proof the high school is not a good school?

I am talking about 5th grade logic, nothing expertise here.


Please specify his question that won't contradicts logically with "death penalty does stop hideous crime" or his reasoning that is compatible with common sense.

I assume you won't ask me why other penalties wouldn't be able to stop crimes if death penalty couldn't stop crimes.


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First, your following comment
It is only AUTHORITARIAN states, i.e. dictatorships, that proclaim that their death penalty is meant to "deter";

You have proved my point again and again : opinions disliked by "free" media are not opinions. Obviously, the opinions by majority of Americans on death penalty  mean nothing to you and are ignored by "free" media

Do some research to see who kills in retaliation for some heinous crime or other; it is underdeveloped nations with unstable politics, or it is a backward society where revenge is the epitome of justice.

Second,  why do you again again prove to the readers on this forum that you don't have common sense?

What are most crimes in this world committed for? (excluding those countries dominated by religion)   


You gave some wealthy countries with no poverty to prove your whatever nonsense?

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This post was edited by ztoa789 at 2014-7-29 07:16

What? Seneca, you still try to educate Chinese people about free speech?

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