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Some things of which China might not want to be in the lead! [Copy link] 中文

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That which follows is not intended as any form of tirade but since there are several interesting posts with 'lists' here is another one.

There are many good things in many countries that have and will continue to benefit China. Perhaps Mr. Deng Xiaoping's comment of "We need to explore that which is available from all countries of the world, and if it is applicable to China's real condition or can be adapted to China's culture, we must not be afraid to take advantage of the positive." And of course Who can forget his statement when he was so criticized by the former hardliners in China for his Open-Door policy - "I don't care if it is a white cat or a gray cat. If it catches mice it is a good cat."

However, here are some areas in which America leads today and most of which (except of course for the 'millionaire and billionaire' statistics) China probably does not want to emulate or surpass.

Among the Top 20 "Industrialized" nations today, America is Number One in:

...military spending
...firearms deaths
...beef production
...per capita energy use
...carbon dioxide emissions (more that Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Indonesia, Germany. Italy, Mexico, and the United Kingdom combined). and per capital municipal waste (720 kilograms [1,584 pounds] per person per year)
...hazardous waste produced (by a factor of more than twenty times the nearest competitor - Germany)
...oil consumption
...natural gas consumption
...the least amount of tax revenue generated (as a percentage of GDP)
...the least amount of federal and state government expenditure (as a percentage of GDP)
...daily per capita consumption of calories
...lowest voter turnout
...fewest number of political parties represented in government
...recorded rapes (by a factor of almost three times the next highest - Canada)
...injuries and deaths from road accidents (almost twice as many as runner-up - Canada) births to mothers under the age of 20 (again more than twice that of Canada and nearly twice as many as Number Two - New Zealand)
...the number of international human rights treaties NOT SIGNED!
...among countries in the UN with a legally constituted government to NOT ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (only the U.S. and Somalia have not signed)
...number of known executions of child offenders
...likelihood of children under the age of 15 to die from gunfire
...likelihood of children under the age of 15 to commit suicide with a gun
...lowest eight-grade math scores
...becoming the first society in history in which the poorest group in the population are children

America is:
...among only 6 nations that execute BOTH the mentally retarded (mentally challenged for the P.C. slaves) and juveniles - there are 5 other countries that do - Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
...the only Industrialized nation that executes its children

Even China prohibits the death penalty for those under 18.

- Children's Defense Fund "The State of America's Children, Yearbook 2000"
- UN Human Development Report 2000
- U.S. Vital Statistics, tables #1356, 1361, 1390, 1398
- Energy Information Administration, "Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government"
- Amnesty International Facts and Figures on the Death Penalty, 6/1/01
Patrick Moynihan, "Family and Nation," 1986 p. 96

And all conveniently collected in the book "Stupid White Men...and other sorry excuses for the State of the Nation", Michael Moore, Penguin Books, 2002.

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i dont want chine to lead in some also

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Acually, this isn't a comparison, it is a caution against emulating.

There are posts and answers to posts on this board from both "camps" that make unsubstantiated claims or of the "We're Number One" variety. Shouldn't the Chinese posters that have an uninformed position have the opportunity to see that there are things from and in the "Golden Mountain" that they may not wish to "be first" in?

And I mentioned that this 'list' is from "Among the Top 20 "Industrialized" nations today..."

I also prefaced it with a qualifier that "There are many good things in many countries that have and will continue to benefit China."

Now even information supported by references is "anti-america."

While there are many posts that criticize seemingly every aspect of China and China life, and while a post in retaliation pointing out each and every "wart" in other countries may be warranted, this is not one in retaliation against the States or Americans - just some facts.

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per capita?

Actually, the US is not the leader in many of those categories, if you consider a per capita distribution.

Yes, we spend more dollars on our military than anyone else does, but it's a much smaller percentage of our gross domestic product than a LOT of other countries spend, meaning we can afford it much more easily.  N. Korea spends FAR more of its GDP on its military than we do, as do plenty of other countries.

As for firearms-related deaths - Brazil and Mexico dwarf the US in gun violence on a per capita basis, even though those countries have total gun bans.  In fact, Switzerland and Israel are far more heavily armed than the US on a per capita basis, but but both have a much smaller gun-related death rate.  

As for executions, we execute maybe 100 people per year MAXIMUM.  This is not our government's policy, but rather the laws of individual states.  I think our government has executed two people in the last 30 yrs. and Timothy McVeigh - the Oklahoma City bomber was the last one.  How many people per year are executed in say China, Iran, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, just to name a few?  A far great number, both in real numbers and per capita than in the US.

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The U.S. and UN treaties

>>>among countries in the UN with a legally constituted government to NOT ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (only the U.S. and Somalia have not signed)<<<

The U.S. Congress has to ratify all treaties (the president signs them).  
Any U.N. treaty/resolution/convention that comes before the U.S. Congress will go through years and years of scrutiny and analysis, regardless of the treaty's intentions.  There are an entire block Congressmen who want nothing to do with the U.N., and still more who are suspicious of it.

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always rooting for u

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