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Hong Kong .Asia’s world city. [Copy link] 中文

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The Hong Kong Tourism Board adopted ‘Hong Kong.Asia’s World City’ as a  destination brand to highlight Hong Kong’s vibrant and cosmopolitan lifestyle,  its cultural fusion and diversity, as well as its versatile destination  strengths. These include shopping, dining, signature attractions, festivals,  culture and heritage, as well as the emerging strengths of arts and performance,  hiking and the outdoors.
As a destination, Asia’s world city offers travellers the opportunity to  experience a vibrant living culture featuring a unique blend of East and  West.
Instilled with the exciting duality of a modern city’s vitality enhanced by a  traditional society’s historical richness and colour, the cultural fusion and  diversity of the city is evident in everything from its shopping, dining, arts,  history, entertainment, nightlife, festivals and events. Hong Kong is also  blessed with a striking natural beauty, from its iconic harbour to the stunning  mountain views, idyllic islands and serene beaches of its great outdoors.
All this creates a destination where a great variety of travel experiences  are to be had every visit, every day and even every moment – a destination  called Hong Kong .Asia’s world city.

So lets start with the amazing skyscraper building which felldown your hat back on the street.

Take care friend.







One of my favorite BOND CENTER.Just look like a sculpture.I had my account in a bank  there in the first floor.I went there few times in 88,90.

Old buildings in Kowloon standstill for century.




Sign cross the street is a common view since I first been there in 1982.

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Dimsum means ‘touch your heart’ and withas many as 150 items on a restaurant menu, and 2,000 in the entire range, it isa challenge to not find something you love. As Cantonese people tend to avoidfried foods early in the day, steamed dishes dominate most dim sum menus. There are also snack-sizedportions of pan-fried, deep-fried, and baked served in bamboo containers, whichare designed to be eaten communally and washed down with tea. Hence, going for dim sum is known as yum cha, which literally means ‘drinkingtea.’ Usually a brunch or lunch affair, it is a common form of family,co-worker and other group get-togethers.

Today, dim sum restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, from straightshooting to high falutin’. Start with one of the large mid-priced eaterieswhere in the midst of boisterous conversations you will see multiplegenerations gather around the table for a no-nonsense family feed and officeworkers enjoying a short but effective break from the daily grind. When youenter, let the waiter know how many people are in your group, be seated, decideon what type of tea you want, order your dim sum, and enjoy aquintessential Hong Kong experience!

dishesto taste. Here are some of the classics:

Steamedshrimp dumpling

Shrimpwrapped in a thinly-rolled piece of translucent wheat dough. Often, thedumpling will include pork. Ideally, the contents will be 70 per cent shrimpand 30 per cent pork.


The2011 Best of the Best Culinary Awards Gold with Distinction Award in the DimSum Category, and the ‘King of the Shrimp Dumpling’ title, went to U-Banquet:

Shao mai

Atype of Chinese dumpling. The typical Cantonese dim sum variant consists of ground pork,whole or chopped shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, green onions and ginger, wrappedin thin wheat dough, seasoned with Chinese rice wine, soy sauce and sesame oil,and garnished with a dollop of crab roe.


Barbecued pork bun

Tender,sweet, slow-roasted pork tenderloin, usually seasoned in oyster sauce, andencased in a fine, soft bun.


Cheung fen

Athin roll of rice flour, filled with shrimp, beef, sweet barbecued pork orother ingredients. It is usually steamed and served with soy sauce.


Spring rolls

Avariety of vegetable and sometimes meat ingredients are rolled inside a sheetof thin dough and deep fried.


Deep-fried shrimpdumpling

Shrimp,sometimes with pork fat, wrapped in dough and deep fried. Crispy exterior,juicy filling!


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MorningHarbour and Noon Day Gun Firing Cruise

Experiencethe magic of VictoriaHarbour at morning,with this leisurely harbour cruise on-board a Chinese-style tour boat. You’llbe able to watch the day begin to unfold as you are swept past some of HongKong's most famous Central landmarks, including Hong Kong Island’s tallestbuilding, ifctwo, the award-winning HongKong Convention and Exhibition Centre inWan Chai, and the Peoples Liberation Army Hong Kong headquarters (formerly theBritish Royal Naval Base). The tour then sails east to Shau Kei Wan TyphoonShelter where local fishermen moor their fishing boats before wrapping up withthe firing of the legendary NoonDay Gun at CausewayBay.

1_6_1_3_3 Morning-Harbour-Cruise_03.jpg

Afternoon WesternShoreline and Container Port Cruise
Step outside the bustle of Hong Kong’s streets for awhile andonto a Chinese-style tour boat for a leisurely harbour cruise. Sail around the harbour to take in the spectacular skyscrapers of Hong Kong Islandand Kowloon, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Headquarters (formerly theBritish Royal Naval Base), the HSBC Main Building, The Peak and more. Then, cruise around Hong Kong’s oldest typhoonshelter in Yau Ma Tei and past the Stonecutters Bridge – the second longestcable-stayed bridge in the world. Right nearby is the Kwai Chung ContainerPort, the world’s third largest container port.


Star Ferry's HarbourTour - Day Hopping Pass
Welcome aboard the fabulous double-decker ‘Shining Star’ ferry, a beautifulrecreation of the ferries of old that plied Victoria Harbour in the 1920s. Thistour makes the most of the world-famous Star Ferry [Link to Star Ferries inHighlight Attractions]experience, with the option to hop on and off at any ofthe Star Ferry piers throughout the day, which connect you with major shopping, dining andtourism districts of Hong Kong.

StarFerry's Harbour Tour: Single Ride Day Round Trip
Immerse yourself in the complete Star Ferry experience that has endured eversince its maiden voyage across Victoria Harbour in the late 1800s. This tourincludes a one-hour circular route of Hong Kong’s world-famous harbour thatstops at four Star Ferry piers.


Evening Harbour Cruise
Even locals can’t get enough of Hong Kong’s magnificent skyline at dusk. Itlooks incredibly serene as it’s cast in hues of orange and pink, yet continuesto bubble with action like recently popped champagne. This wonderful panoramais best experienced from the water on-board a Hong Kong evening harbour cruise.

HarbourNight Cruise
Take in the best sunset views of Victoria Harbour you can get on-board aChinese-style tour boat, which glides past the Western district, Tsim Sha Tsui,Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter and the neon-lit entertainment district of WanChai. For those keen to wet their whistles at the same time, unlimitedcomplimentary drinks are also available.


StarFerry's Harbour Tour: Single Ride Night Round Trip
Sail back in time to 1920s Hong Kong on-board the beautiful double-decker‘Shining Star’ ferry, a recreation of the ferries that graced Victoria Harbourback in the Roaring Twenties. Let the evening sea breeze whisk your mind awayas you soak in the magnificent views.

Sunset Cruise

Pre-DinnerSunset Cruise
Before you settle into dinner, set the pace for the night ahead with aleisurely sunset cruise past some of Hong Kong's most dramatic harbour vistas, before sailing to Lei YueMun on the eastern tip of the Kowloon Peninsula. All the while, sit back andsip unlimited complimentary drinks served on-board.

Pearlof Oriental Dinner Cruise
Whether it’s magnificent views, being on the water, social drinks, deliciousfood or live entertainment you seek, this tour packages all those gems into oneHong Kong experience worth treasuring. Hit the water at sunset to take acircular boat tour around the city’s most iconic sites, while you tuck into aninternational buffet dinner as a live band plays away.


ASymphony of Lights Harbour Cruise

ASymphony of Lights Dinner Cruise
If you witness nothing else duringyour stay, a cruise around Hong Kong’s beautiful harbour at night would more thanjustify your journey. On a tour that includes a sumptuous buffet dinner and alive band, discover a wonderland of dancing lights as buildings come alive inthe awe-inspiring multimedia show ASymphony of Lights.

ASymphony of Lights Harbour Cruise (by Watertours of Hong Kong Ltd.)
Set sail around the world’s most spectacular harbour and discover a new worldof dancing lights set to music in the dramatic show that has been named theworld's largest permanent light and sound show by Guinness World Records. Apartfrom the natural splendour of internal lighting, a number of buildings areembellished with computer-controlled neon lights with changing patternsaccording to the soundtrack and the season. And during Christmas and ChineseNew Year, theseimposing waterfront towers compete for attention with fantastic animateddecorations covering their entire frontages.


A Symphony of Lights Harbour Cruise (by Star Ferry's HarbourTour)
Step aboard the double-decker‘Shining Star’ ferry for the best position possible to witness the most spectacularharbour and multimedia show in the world. Buildings in Tsim Sha Tsui combinewith those on Hong Kong Island to present a stunning visual experience that isbest viewed from the harbour itself. At the stroke of 8pm these 44 buildingserupt in coloured lights, laser beams and searchlights to perform asynchronised 13-minute display set to music and commentary.

Thisopen-top bus tour takes you past Hong Kong’s most magnificent sights,accompanied by recorded commentary in ten The Hong KongIsland Tour (red route) spans the north of Hong Kong Island, looping along theharbour from Tin Hau to Sheung Wan

·        TheKowloon Tour (blue route) travels through the centre of Kowloon, covering YauMa Tei, Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui

·        TheStanley Tour (green route) seeks out popular sights on the south side of HongKong Island, including Aberdeen, OceanPark, Repulse Bay and StanleyMarket.

HongKong Island Tour
Thistour introduces you to many of Hong Kong’s most iconic visual features. Itsfirst stop is The Peak, which overlooks the city's spectacularskyline, Victoria Harbour, and the beautiful SouthChina Sea. You’ll then step aboard a sampan ride to explore Aberdeen for afascinating close-up gander at the local fishing community. The rusticlifestyles of these people have remained more or less untouched by modernity,which serves up a sharp contrast to the nearby luxury yachts. You’ll then moveon to enjoy the scenic coastal gems of Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay. The tour concludes at Stanley Market where you can hunt for abargain or simply relax within the charming seaside village.


Hong Kong's Famed and Famous

Thistour has it all: land, water and air for a complete Hong Kong experience. Fullyimmerse yourself in the buzz of Asia’s world city, where futuristic skyscrapersrub shoulders with colonial buildings and traditional Chinese temples.

Firstup, this tour will take you to the greatest view the city has to offer, ThePeak, via the delightful Peak Tram – afunky funicular railway that’s been in operation since 1888. From there, you’lljourney to RepulseBay to check out one of Hong Kong'smost popular beaches. Then, climb aboard a sampan boat for a closer look at thefamous Aberdeen typhoon shelters and theirold-world fishing community. Afterwards, drop into a nearby jewellery factorybefore tucking into a dimsum lunch at therenowned Jumbo Floating Restaurant. After lunch you’ll head to the stunning SikSik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple,which is a cultural gem of Hong Kong and a popular place of worship surroundedby fortune tellers. You’ll then finish up with a spectacular bird's-eye view ofHong Kong's world-famous skyline aboard a helicopter ride, which soars highabove the city to reveal its beautiful centrepiece – VictoriaHarbour.


Trail to the Hidden Oasis

Beyond the hills ofKowloon lie the New Territories. Much of the land in this green oasis remainsas it once was; rural and dotted with ancient villages, vegetable farms andheritage sites with towering residential buildings for neighbours.

This tour includes a visit to Chuk Lam Monastery, which is a Buddhist monasteryat the foot of Hong Kong's highest mountain, Tai Mo Shan. You’ll then head upto Tai Mo Shan lookout for sweeping views of the New Territories. The tour thencontinues to Shui Tau village and Shui Mei village, where clan-based villageculture in Hong Kong originated. Here is where you can learn a bit more aboutthe fascinating evolution of local rural life. You’ll also visit the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden
to soak in thetranquillity of the lush countryside before heading back into the hustle andbustle.


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It’sfried, baked, steamed, grilled, sliced, diced and stuffed. More to the point,Hong Kong’s seafood is very fresh. So fresh, you can see it swimming minutesbefore it’s on your table. True to form, Asia’s world city also offers up seafoodin a variety of dining experiences that range from cosmopolitan fusions thatwould impress the most jaded epicurean all the way down to thebest-served-with-beer ‘sampan-style’ concoctions.

Fora truly enjoyable seafood feast, desert the downtown for a few hours and headfor a seafood district. Here you will find rows ofrestaurants where you can pick your prey from an aquarium and eat it alfrescowhile enjoying picturesque sea views on a balmy Hong Kong evening.



Steamed fish

Steamedfish is a staple of Hong Kong seafood menus. Prices vary depending on the typeof fish, but the cooking style usually takes a less-is-more approach becausesimple seasoning allows diners to appreciate the original flavour of the freshfish. The most common seasonings include ginger, mushrooms, dried fruit peeland shallots.

Foodcritic and head judge of the Best of the Best Culinary Awards, Rudolph Yeung recommends the Steamed Fresh RedSpotted Garoupa with Mushroom & Pork at Jumbo Kingdom:


Atruly local treatment of a very local staple

ChowChung, veteran Hong Kong chef andculinary consultant at Imperial Court in the MGM Grand in Macau, recommends theFried Grouper Fillets with Black Truffle at Golden Bauhinia Cantonese Restaurant:


Stir-fried lobster

Comesin both down-to-earth and upmarket forms. It is often cooked with cheese, brothand even e-fu noodles. Typically, lobster is stir-fried with egg whites for apleasant contrast of textures. A popular combination with female diners isstir-fried lobster with bird’s nest, which is purported to have benefits forthe appearance of one’s skin.

YeungKoon Yat, aninternationally acclaimed chef and the first Chinese person to be awarded as‘Cooking Master of the World’ by Club des Chef des Chef, recommends Stir FriedLobster with Bird’s Nest at Forum Restaurant:


Baked lobster

Somelike it baked and baked they will get it!


Drunken shrimp

Shrimpsoaked in alcoholic spirits such as baijiu

BennyLi, food critic, TV food show host andfood-travel guide, recommends the Drunken Shrimp at Liu YuanPavilion:


Deep-fried shrimp

Thenumber of methods of cooking shrimp in Hong Kong would even impress Bubba, butdeep-fried is an all-time favourite. Many restaurants wrap the shrimp in otheringredients, such as noodles, before deep frying.

ChowChung, veteran Hong Kong chef andculinary consultant at Imperial Court in the MGM Grand in Macau, recommends theDeep-fried Prawn Coated with Mashed Squid and Shredded Pastry at Golden BauhiniaCantonese Restaurant:











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Kbay Post time: 2013-6-20 22:30
Hong Kong should campaign for the World Heritage status as the "Whistle blowing City" of the 21st Ce ...

I will pass your msg to the authority.But which place to land as all are full with building,building and building

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