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ABOUT RACISM [Copy link] 中文

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I post here, although there is a thread open talking in general about this, because I don't want to talk only about racist acts in the USA.

Another poster asks, why in China some people think that a black person is not a suitable English Teacher, even if he/she has all the qualifications?

I think there might be a reason for it.

Some years ago when I was living in my mother's home in Barcelona(Spain), we happened to have a young neighbour who was black. When I asked my mother where he was from, she answered; he is Spanish. He told me the story, he was born,raised and educated in Spain and his parents were also Spanish Nationals. His grandparents were from Ecuatorial Guinea(a late Spanish colony in Africa).

Which is my point here? I think that most of us think that someone who is black is African or coming from Africa. It happens too often and so many times we tend to think that someone is not an "original" from a native English country if he/she is black.

A very stagnant situation that seems that doesn't get better. Two years ago in Beijing I met an American girl who wanted to teach English in China. She was always dismissed from the schools she went to. The reason is that she was a National American but both her parents were Chinese. So she looked like a Chinese. The "funny" story was that even both her parents were born in the USA, it had been her grandparents who emigrated back in the 40's.

To wrap-up all this; racism comes from lack of knowledge. Nobody is better or worst just by the colour of the skin!

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about English teachers in China

[re-posted by me from the other thread]

Here in China, I have worked with a private English-teaching institute -- one of those outfits that offers after school English classes to kids.

They are not too picky about who they have teach for them: they've used white Americans, black Americans, Africans, Austrailians, Irish, Mexican, Icelandic, and other teachers.

Which teachers do you think the students' parents complain about?

It's not the non-native English speakers (Mexican or Icelandic) -- it's the native English speakers who are not white that get the parents upset. Some parents pull their kids out of classes when a black teacher shows up.

I do give credit to the folks I work with -- their standard response to complaints about a teacher's skin color is to retort with, "if you were to go to America, you'd be yellow!"

To my knowledge, though, they've never had to deal with a complaint about a white non-native English speaker.

The only explanation that I can think of is simple, outright, racism. It's not the language, it's the skin color that matters....


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chinese perception

bchung wrote:
"the problem with Chinese is that many chinese thinks that the west or english speaking people are WHITE only."

sadly, i think that "isolated" mindset even applies to some chinese who have been abroad.  for example, chinese who consistenly say u.s. culture is dominated by "anglos."  (note to that person: just say white people, cause only some white folks are actually anglo-saxon.)

much of america is mixed.  you don't see it in statistics, because the census people haven't figured out how to tally 15 different types of hispanics, for example.  the only option for people of mixed race is to check the "other" box on the census form.


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mixed race vs. other race

tsupasat, I'm surprised you're not familiar with race catagories in the U.S.

On the census form, there are 5 race options:  White, Black, Asian, Native American, and Native Hawaiian.  In addition to these five choices, respondents can choose Other <b>or</b> More than One.  So those of "mixed race," as you put it, would most likely choose More than one.

As of 2000, Hispanic is no longer considered a "race."  The census people finally figured that lumping Native American, Black, White, etc., Hispanics all together as one race was pretty ridiculous.  Hispanics are counted separately from their race.


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I think that

In a Global World, like the one we are in, where every time more it seems that trans-national borders are less strict than some years ago, it is unproper to keep talking of races; being this definition of people, racist "per-se".

There is a Spanish saying that, transalated into English, would read more or less as follows; A person does not belong to where he is born, but to where he eats.

I was born in the USA (Boston), raised during my first 11 years there and then the family moved to Spain. I adopted the Spanish nationality in 1986 and have lived in Africa for nearly 12 years. Now I have been living in China for 2 years, where I'm married to a Chinese. So I ask;  where am I from? or to put it in another way, when a school asks me "where are you from?" how am I supposed to answer?

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The dark side about the Chinese and others asian people. They like to discriminate they own kind but promoting the ignorant and undeducation white people.

Let us looking at America if there just only white people building that country they will never become as America today. Many Chinese considers America  just only white people but that not the reality. America is multicultures nation.

When it come to english they also think that only white people can speak good english which they often thinks as standard english. I used to work for two school in Fujian province, one place paid me 100.00 Yuan per hour and the other place paid me only 50 yuan per hour while they paid 100 yuan per hour for the white teacher from Germany who native language wasn't english at all.

I got a phone called from my friend last night and she used to work for the Menjiang foreign language school with  me and she's Chinse she only got paid 1800 yuan per month. Her english was extremly good but, because she got the Chinese face and that why she don't got pay as much as she should.

She told me that the Menjiang school is about to close down, because they lost alot money mainly, because they paying white teachers more than they should pay. And after that she asked me do you still want to work as teacher in China?.

My answer  was yes as long as the menjiang and any others school pay me the sam as white teacher. I am an ABC or known as (Chinese borned American) and my english is as good as white and next time when I working for any school in China I will ask them to pay me the same as white teacher and if they refusing to do that, I wil not work for them and I am not goig  to repeat the same mistake like I did last year and plus I will not let the narrow and the old mentality to put me down again!.

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