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Unforgettable childhood stories   [Copy link] 中文

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ross-chang Post time: 2013-5-29 22:50
I always think back the time of childhood. When I was a child, just about ten years old, my parents  ...

Is watermlon your favorite fruit?

Life is what you make of it

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zhenyuqianye777 Post time: 2013-5-30 14:57

you guess

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Hide and Seek is a popular game in my chilidhood.
Chinese Paintings:

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robert237 Post time: 2013-5-30 13:03
That's about the most stupid, unbelievable story I've heard in this forum and THAT'S saying someth ...

I had a Chinese friend in high school: Ms. Ho.  Her whole family left China for the USA and converted to Christianity.  She turned out better though: became a physician.

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If you had a chance to live your childhood again, would you do that?
-No, I wouldn't want another one.

Was your childhood a sweet memory or a torment for you to recall?
- Neither.

Unlike other children are the baby of the parents, my childhood is full of responsibilities (looking after my brohters and doing houseworks). Its sad but true when I was 1 year old, my father and my grandmother decided to abandon me but my mom disagreed. It's my dearest mom who gave me 2 lives.

And when I was 2 years old, my grandma kicked (not threw) me into the pool and left. A kindhearted woman who died last summer was digging land nearby heard my screams and came to rescue me. 30 years later when we moved back to the village, she talked this to my mother. She said she saved my youngest brother's life from the pool and I told her it was me not my brother. I had a very strong memory (but now it's not as good as it used to be). Till now, I still can't understand why my grandmother hated me that much. Did my existence threat her life? Sometimes, you just hate someone for no reasons and that explained well. I had a grandpa(mom's dad) who loved me deeply but sadly he passed away when I was 5. When he visited us, I tried every mean not to let him go home earlier.

I learnt how to make fire and cook when I was 4. One of my cousins (from my mother's side) met me 30 years later and the 1st sentence he said to me was " I still can't get rid of the picture of you sitting there and chopping off pigs' foods every time when I went to your house".

When I was 8, my youngest brother was born and he was a night cat always crying at night. I had to keep walking when I hold him otherwise wouldn't stop crying. My mother used to say it's worthy to keep me especially when I sent my two brothers to college.

It seemed my parents never cared about my study. Maybe because they were too busy. The 1st time when I was chosen to attend speaking competion in front of 1200 students, everybody admired me but when I told my mother, I only received a "I know" facial expression and when I gave mom my prize (well embroidered handkerchief), it didn't please my mom too much either.

One classmate of mine's mother once said I grew up like grass while her daughter grew up like flower in a warm house, I believe she is right because I'm still alive, today, healthy.

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Hadron Post time: 2013-5-30 18:42
I had a Chinese friend in high school: Ms. Ho.  Her whole family left China for the USA and conver ...

And your point is...
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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robert237 Post time: 2013-5-31 10:46
And your point is...

Do you have good genes, and if so, how will you use them to benefit China?  Thanks.

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