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POTSDAM REMEMBERED and Re-Proclaimed by Chinese Prime Minister Li in Germany [Copy link] 中文

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China made the following announcement, of which the Western press, remains unusually silent.  You barely can hear a whisper of this VERY IMPORTANT SPEECH, which equates to RE-ITERATING THE ULTIMATUM ISSUED TO JAPAN AT POTSDAM, GERMANY, ON JULY 26, 1945, that Japan must agree to the return of the lands and islands it had stolen, back to China, including but not limited to Taiwan, Pescadores, and their surrounding islands.  He emphasized that the Potsdam Proclamation included the Cairo Declaration of 1943, and both were incorporated into Japan's Instrument of Surrender of 1945.

"On 26 May, Premier Li Keqiang toured the site of the Potsdam Conference in the state of Brandenburg, Germany.

Premier Li was received by Governor Matthias Platzeck upon arrival. He looked at the articles and photos on display and listened to presentations about the Potsdam Conference. He also reviewed copies of the Potsdam Declaration and Cairo Declaration.

After the tour, Premier Li spoke to the press despite the drizzle. He said that the site of the Potsdam Conference is a place full of history, for the world as well as for China. The Potsdam Declaration represented a banner of justice – more importantly, an ULTIMATUM – issued to the fascist forces of the world. Twenty days later, Japan announced acceptance of the Potsdam Declaration and its unconditional surrender. This was a victory both for the Chinese people and people elsewhere. This history will never be forgotten.

Speaking as a Chinese person and a representative of the Chinese people, Premier Li stressed that paragraph 8 of the Potsdam Declaration makes clear that "the terms of the Cairo Declaration shall be carried out". The Cairo Declaration, in turn, states that all the territories that Japan had stolen from China, such as Northeast China, Taiwan and related islands, shall be restored to China. This was a victory secured at the price of tens of thousands of lives and an important underpinning of the world order established after WWII. All peace-loving people should uphold the post-war peace order which brooks no damage and denial.

Premier Li pointed out that history is an objective existence and a mirror and cited the ancient Chinese "By looking into a mirror, one can make sure that he is dressed properly". Only by facing history squarely, can one have a future. The Chinese people will not accept any comments or actions that seek to deny or glorify the history of fascist aggression; nor are these acceptable to the forces of justice elsewhere that value peace. China would like to work with all peace-loving people to uphold the post-war order and safeguard world peace and prosperity.

Premier Li ended by saying that only in a peaceful international environment, can people everywhere enjoy a good life. The Chinese and the Germans are all peace-loving people committed to friendly relations between China and Germany and between China and Europe. China stands ready to work with Germany and Europe to further maintain world peace and promote common development."

From the top of the Chinese leadership, this reminder to Japan to not break its own agreement spelled out in its terms of surrender in WWII cannot be more clear.  It also spells out the only logical option that remains if Japan insists on occupying Diaoyudao "at all costs", because the cost of the Potsdam Proclamation was not just the cost of waging a war all over again on a global scale, but the cost of tens of millions of lives that Japan's victims, particularly China, paid to win the war.  If China had not tied down two million Japanese forces in the mainland in a grinding guerilla warfare, the advance of the Allied navies across the Pacific would not have been as easy.  Unknown to many, Japan was perfecting its biological warfare weapons of mass destruction in Manchuria, using Chinese and Korean POWS and civilians as their LIVE guinea pigs, without anesthesia even, banking on the newly discovered Jet Stream that promises Japan an easy channel of delivering its payloads of pestilence to the American homeland through the use of military-grade air balloons.  If China did not stymie the Japanese and harrass them to a standstill in China, the biological weapons of mass destruction that the Japanese Imperial Army would have created ahead of the Atomic Bomb, could have turned the tide before even the Potsdam Proclamation would have been made.  Truman made the correct and incontestably sound decision not to wait one more day for the Japanese to hit the American people with its own version of WMDs that promise to keep giving even after they were delivered, to the tune not of just 200,000 dead in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but to tune of tens of millions of American lives lost to Japanese-manufactured diseases.

All who support the War Criminal Worshipping regime of Japan today, whose Prime Minister compared the Yasukuni Shinto War Shrine (where thousands of convicted war criminals are WORSHIPPED as deities) to the US Arlington National Cemetery should remember the sacrifices made by their fathers and grandfathers to liberate the world from Fascism.  American patriots should reject the notion that a Japanese-Version Nazi War Shrine is equivalent to the Arlington National Cemetery where those who fought the Nazi's and the Japanese were buried, and none of whom were convicted war criminals in any sense of the word.  These brave American soldiers are probably turning in their graves upon hearing they are no better than the Imperial Japanese war criminals they died fighting against.  This top level Japanese insult to America's heroes (including JFK who is buried in Arlington) being accepted by the mainstream media is a DISGRACE and DISHONOR to the American people.

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