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US maybe behind Phillipines' attacks against Taiwanese Fishmen. [Copy link] 中文

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There will be more attacks such as this as the U.S. "pivot" to the Asia become more at work.

The one thing the U.S. CIA and other U.S. funded terrorists organization do regularly is that they can attack innocent people, (many times those on their side), and blame on others to start a long term conflict. The CIA's attacks against South Korean vessels and then later blame it on the North Korean, hoping to start a war is another good example of the job of CIA. The one thing is that no power in the world can check the U.S. so as long as this is the case, there will be more problems in Asia.

One thing the people of Asia must do is to not jump into conclusion and start attacking each other. A few months back the divided North and South Korea almost got into a war when the CIA attacked South Korean vessels and quickly blame the North for the attacks(the North denied). China must also play their traditional role of calling for calm and demand investigation to all sides including investigation into CIA's activities(CIA as now becoming a world terrorists).

Can the world defeat such "pivot" from the U.S.?

I am an Asian American. I came to Chinadaily forum hoping to share my experience, knowledge, and my point of view. And in return I want to get the same in return from friends from around the world.

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hina condemns fisherman's death
Updated: 2013-05-11 00:36

By AN BAIJIE (China Daily)
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An undated handout photo released on Friday by the Liuqiu fishing committee in Taiwan's Pingtung county, shows the Guang Ta Hsin 28 fishing vessel at a harbor in Liuqiu. PROVIDED BY AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE
Philippine military vessel fired on unarmed fishing boat from Taiwan
China strongly condemned the Philippines' "barbaric" fatal shooting of a 65-year-old fisherman from Taiwan on Thursday, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Friday.
"We strongly urge again that the Philippines investigate the case immediately and handle the issue properly. We will keep a close watch on the development of the incident," said Hua Chunying, spokeswoman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at a daily news conference.
China expressed deep concern over the Philippines' repeated attacks against unarmed fishermen, Hua said.
"We wish to express deep grief over the death of the Taiwan fisherman and give condolences to the victim's family," Hua said.
Responding to a Philippine news report stating that some Chinese vessels were spotted near Ren'ai Jiao, Hua said China has indisputable sovereignty over the Nansha Islands and their adjacent waters.
The shooting occurred at about 10 am on Thursday in an area about 160 nautical miles southeast of the southernmost tip of the island of Taiwan, according to Taiwan's coast guard authority.
The victim was identified as 65-year-old Hung Shih-cheng. Four seamen were on the boat, the Guang Ta Hsin 28. The other three — the victim's son, his son-in-law and an Indonesian fisherman —were all injured, the Beijing Times reported.
The Philippine vessel fired nearly 40 shots at the fishing boat.
After killing the fisherman, the Philippine armed vessel continued to chase and fire at the fishing boat for another hour and a half, according to reports carried by Taiwan media outlets.
I am an Asian American. I came to Chinadaily forum hoping to share my experience, knowledge, and my point of view. And in return I want to get the same in return from friends from around the world.

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Mr. "Fish-Man" !

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This post was edited by abramicus at 2013-5-13 00:20

NgTran must be another False-Flagger, pretending to be a Vietnamese, when in reality, he is a Filipino apologist for the cold blooded murder of an honest, hardworking Taiwanese fisherman, who happened to be fishing in an area officially designated as part of the EEZ of Taiwan and of China, but which the Philippines also claims, but enforces with blood.  

Sad to say that the "Only Christian Nation" of the Far East and the once "Showcase of Democracy" should have "defenders" that work like this, as if international norms of civilized conduct do not apply under their own rules, and apologists like NgTran who believe it is perfectly moral to lie to cover up a murder.

To the credit of the higher ups of the Philippines Coast Guard and Bureau of Fisheries, the crew of the ship that fired the shots have been suspended, pending further investigation.  To say that the victim deserved sympathy, however, but not apology in a disputed EEZ area, that is part of neither country's sovereign territory, is a gross misinterpretation of the EEZ.  In that region, only international law applies, and in this case, murder is not one of the necessary outcomes of the UNCLOS, and an apology is indeed required.

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I share your high moral standard.

The only difference between the two of us is.

I apply that high moral standard to anyone, anywhere - not just to the Philippines !

How about killing of 3 Vietnamese Fishermen by Chinese only three years ago ?

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Taiwan, Philippines to probe fisherman's killing


Taiwan and the Philippines can solve their issues without interfering of Big Brother China !

TAIPEI/MANILA - Taiwan and the Philippine agreed Friday to jointly probe an incident the previous day in which Philippine Coast Guard personnel shot dead a Taiwanese fisherman in disputed waters, according to Taiwan's Foreign Minister David Lin.

Lin said in a press conference that Taipei and Manila have agreed to jointly investigate the incident, which occurred Thursday morning in waters claimed by both sides as part of their 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone.

Earlier, Rear Adm. Rodolfo Isorena, the Philippine Coast Guard commandant, told a press conference in Manila that his men fired in "self-defense" at a Taiwanese vessel caught "poaching" in the Philippines' EEZ after it tried to ram their patrol boat.

Meanwhile, de facto Philippine ambassador to Taiwan Antonio Basilio expressed his government's "sincerest condolences and apology" to the family of the slain fisherman, identified as 65-year-old Hung Shih-cheng, and vowed an investigation.

Despite Manila's explanation and condolences, however, Lin said Taipei cannot accept the Philippine Coast Guard's "improper action" of firing at an unarmed fishing boat under any circumstances.

He demanded an official apology, compensation and the arrest of those responsible for the incident, which occurred 164 nautical miles off Taiwan's southeastern coast.

Isorena said the incident occurred after the patrol boat, manned by more than 10 coast guardsmen and two fisheries bureau personnel, spotted two Taiwanese vessels "fishing illegally" in an area 43 nautical miles east of the Balintang Islands in the northern Philippines.

He said that when coast guardsmen tried to board one of the Taiwanese vessels, the Taiwanese vessel "repeatedly tried to ram our patrol craft, forcing our men to fire warning shots."

But instead of stopping, the Taiwanese vessel continued its attempt to ram the patrol craft and "forced" the coast guard to fire more shots at its engine room in an attempt to disable the vessel, he said.

Isorena said his men used a .30 caliber light machinegun and M-16 and M-14 assault rifles, "but we don't know how many rounds were fired."

"This incident is very unfortunate and efforts will be instituted to prevent similar occurrences," he said, vowing to increase visibility of patrol boats in the area to prevent foreign fishing vessels from intruding into Philippine-claimed waters.

"We sympathize with the family of the fisherman who died and we assure them of a transparent and impartial investigation," he said.

Basilio said that should the joint investigation show "that there is a violation of international law and practice as well as our domestic law, we will let the law take its course so the justice will be served."

In light of the incident, Lin urged the Philippines to ink a fisheries agreement with Taiwan to avoid future problems.
Touting the Japan-Taiwan fisheries pact which came into force on Friday, Lin said he hopes it would serve as a model for negotiating other fishing pacts with neighboring countries such as the Philippines.

The pact with Japan allows Taiwanese fishing boats to operate in an area of the East China Sea near the disputed Senkaku Islands that both Japan and Taiwan claim as part of their 200-nautical-mile EEZ.

Taipei has been trying to get Manila to come to the negotiating table, but so far to no avail.

Meanwhile, China said Friday that Beijing is keeping a
"close watch" on developments relating to the fatal shooting, which it strongly condemned.

"(We) demand that the Philippines investigate the case immediately and explain the incident as soon as possible," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a daily news briefing.

"What I want to stress is that the Chinese side is strongly concerned about the Philippines' repeated use of force against unarmed fishermen," she said.

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The Philippines national government can be commended for its forthright attitude toward discovering the truth of what happened, but what the Taiwan fisheries fellow is insisting on, before the investigation is completed, sounds a bit arrogant and egregious, IMHO, given the openness of the Philippine Coast Guard chief, i.e., to demand an apology and a compensation, without knowing if the Filipino coast guard was simply avoiding being rammed to death?  Ramming ships can kill people, throw them against the walls and fixtures of the ship, or even throw them overboard!  If this really took place, then self-defense would be a plausible excuse for this still, untoward incident, that should be avoided in the future.

Yes, a fisheries agreement between Taiwan and the Philippines is good for both sides, and the Philippines cannot be faulted for keeping an open mind toward this proposition, which very unfortunately, is an example of the politicians in Taipei trying to take advantage of the death of a fisherman to advance their own agenda, i.e., establish independence from the China that Taiwan belongs to.

Such underhanded ways of advancing separatism at the expense of a fisherman's life is as low as one can get.  No wonder China is not optimistic about joining forces with the Taiwanese on anything.  Time for China to end the trade balance in favor of Taiwan by some 20 billion US dollars per year.

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