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Obama's Pivot to Asia Has Pivoted Onto the Face of Kim Jong Un [Copy link] 中文

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As a well known US diplomat once said, "Even paranoid people have real enemies."

This applies to the new and young leader of North Korea, who has inherited both the paranoia and the enemies of his forefathers.  While the Obama pivot to Asia was directed at China (obviously, even if not officially, that is), guess who found it most offensive and intolerable?  You guessed it.  China's guard dog in the Korean Peninsula that has born the brunt of every foreign invasion directed at China, from the Japanese to the Europeans and then the UN alliance (before the PRC became a permanent member of the UN Security Council).  To the Kim regime charged with the defense of their ally, by ideology, by race and by culture, Obama's pivot into Asia puts North Korea and the Alliance instantly in direct life-and-death confrontation, even if China tries to play it down and pretend things are under control.  Well, if you are the guard dog of your master's home, and someone said he intends to pivot into your front yard, what would you think you ought to do?  Not only is North Korea barking hard to prevent the pivot from materializing and forcing North Korea to act in self-defense and in defense of China, but it is showing its teeth, now encased in hardened nuclear titanium, ready to bite.

And, does China understand its predicament and fortuitous availablity of the North Korean watch dog doing its job?  Not really.  China has been confused lately about what it should or should not do.  Clearly, it does not want North Korea to bite anyone on its behalf.  It also does not relish the thought that North Korea now has nuclear weapons which makes it less dependent on China for its security.  But North Korea knows that no matter how many nuclear weapons it possesses, when push comes to shove, the Alliance will definitely win in a final nuclear showdown, if it is willing to accept some casualties of its own.

But, China is scared to even negotiate against the notion of Pivot to Asia.  It is even willing to let Japan use its military planes to harrass Chinese propeller patrol planes, over and over again, using eight F-15's at a time even.  The ills of China emanate from its corruption, but even deeper than that is its enslavement to greed, which is measured in foreign currency reserves or capital flight of its officials stashed abroad.  This fear of losing all that loot compounds its fear of defeat.  In reality, an honest and brave China would be a good partner for America, because then both sides can really sit down and get things done right.  Obama should realize that without a strong China that can secure its own sovereignty and thereby guarantee the security of North Korea, there can be no peace in Asia, and that the more he pivots into it, the more painful the pressure will be on the nose of Kim and his own.  China is needed, but a strong China that is, to provide the breathing space and buffer necessary for a lasting peace to be established in East Asia.  A strong Japan, a War-Criminal-Worshipping Shinto Cult Neo-Nazi Japan, on the other hand will spell trouble, endless trouble, not just for China, but also for North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, and every ex-colony of the Japanese Empire, including of course the country that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Does anyone remember which country it was that Japan will eventually avenge itself against?  Heavens, please don't say it, or the British-leaning Anglophile diplomatic and military clique will be appalled.  A strong Japan is not a lasting solution to America's worries about securing its national interests in Asia.  It is at best a temporary solution which promises to become the Mother of All Disasters if not unwound before it takes on a life of its own.  Truth frightens fiction.

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