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In memory of the Wenchuan earthquake   [Copy link] 中文

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The Wenchuan earthquake was devastating, which struck southwest China on May 12, 2008, leaving more than 88,000 deaths and nearly 5 million residents homeless.

Today, nearly five years passed, the memories of that day, still remain with us. The natural disaster is ruthless, but it’s love that has helped the Sichuan people conquer it. Immediately after the Wenchuan earthquake, Chinese people, even people from the rest of the world, lent a helping hand in participating in the rescue work. Donations, encouraging words and blessings pour in for the earthquake-stricken families, helping and comforting their traumatized souls.

Although the disaster had a profound effect on many people and their lives, thanks to the massive support of government and enormous courage of the local people, Sichuan has risen from the rubble and taken on a new look before the world. Anyone who pay a visit to the disaster area will be amazed at the local urban landscape and the quick speed of economic recovery.

With the fifth anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake approaching, we’d like to invite you to share your memories and thoughts about the events of May 12. What were you doing when the earthquake struck? How did it affect your life? What do you think of China’s earthquake response and reconstruction efforts? What are your expectations or blessing for the Sichuan people?

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I cannot forget that day.we students were having a math test.It was very difficult and I was trying my best to make it out when the building started to shake.Immediately,I didn't realise it was an ea ...

2013-4-16 21:02:13

I want to join

2013-4-16 18:06:33

though the fast economy reconstruction,WE should also realize there would be more requirement and expectation from local people to live better ,so there remains more to be done when it comes to impro ...

2013-4-13 10:40:56

Count me in please

2013-4-12 20:59:33

I just returned from Sichuan

2013-4-12 15:53:51

How many survived as crippled?

2013-4-12 15:34:06

best wishes to the survivals

2013-4-12 08:13:57

include me

2013-4-11 17:09:00

Good post

2013-4-11 16:25:49

Time flies

2013-4-11 14:53:19

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I'll never forget the day when the earthquake struck.
At the time, I was boke and jobless in Beijing, wondering where my future would be.
At about 14:00, I was lying on my bed in my sh*thole room, testing messages with a female friend who just got to Chengdu a few days ago to look for a job.
She was persuading me to go over to Chengdu too, saying how beautiful girls in Chengdu are and how delicious the food is.
But later, I found she stopped replying me for no reason. Then I recieved messages from friends in Shanxi province asking me if I could feel the earthquake. Maybe I was lying, I didn't feel it.
Then I called the friend in Chengdu, I didn't get through.
At about 14:45, I finally got a message from her by saying, "You don't need to come to Chengdu anymore, there was a massive earthquake just minutes ago, I'm going back home"

Then I was talking to myself, "What the hell earthquake is this? It happened around Chengdu but friends in Shanxi can feel it thousands kilometers away?@!!"

I rushed to an Internet bar immediately and logged on the web. 7.8 Magnitude! There were photos taken in Chengdu, People in panic
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At the begining, I didn't know at all how catastrophic this quake was. All I got was a radio in my room. No TV.
From the TV, I learned that a lot of buildings had collapsed and major high ways were blocked and army started climbed mountains to the damaged districts at the call of Premier Wen.

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I worried about those who were burried under the debris
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I went to Wenchuan last April, four years after the deadly earthquake hit the region. The national flag is seen in almost every household of local residents. I was kind of puzzled at first, so I asked them if it is arranged by the local government. They said they do it their own for thanking all the people for their generous donations. They are now leading a better lfe than before the earthquake with annual income of twenty or thirty thousand yuan.By hoisting the national flag they want to express their gratitude to the government and people. What nice people!

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when it happened , I was in classroom,  as a monitor,I received the teacher's messages to collect the information about students of Sichuan.
my university should be praised on dealing with it.  
when we donated for them,  many students wanted to take several hundred yuan. and they are poor.  finally my teacher stopped us. suggested us to do it according our economic level .   he said:  you will never know where  the money go .
five years passed,  how much money comes into the grafer's pocket?
get busy living ,or get busy dying

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The national flag is hightlight!

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