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How bad is China's pollution?   [Copy link] 中文

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msrong Post time: 2013-2-26 15:04
It would have made better sense to have learned from the mistakes of other industrialized nations  ...

Exactly right, especially to those of us who actually live in or travel throughout China, including Chinese people.

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gooddog Post time: 2013-2-26 14:56
Even if the matter is true, it doesn't concerns you, there is nobody asking to staying in China, i ...

Ah, the old 'if you don't like it, then leave' excuse.

Wouldn't it be nice if the people who live here i.e. the Chinese population are actually given access to accurate information on the environment in which they live? Or are you going to tell them to leave too?

Yes, many countries did through industrialization ... in a period in history when the health hazards of pollution/contamination were not well understood and in times where the technology to resolve those issues while still maintaining industrial growth did not exist. These technologies/processes exist now but are not employed because it would take time & money to implement.

The concern, on the part of the local officials, is apparent. anything which may damage their required GDP growth target is ignored. Even if it affects the peoples health. Not only that, but enforcement of these technologies/processes requires supervision ... and let's face it ... they don't want to take on any responsibility. By stating that environmental data is a state secret, they are simply refusing to admit to the public that they are responsible for not resolving the problems.

As for the foreign nationals. China has worked very hard to promote & attract foreign investment. This means that foreign nationals are going to work here. Why shouldn't they hope to see a better environment. They are, after all, taxpayers too!

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gooddog Post time: 2013-2-26 14:38
You them Uncle Pang! there is not a industrialized country that didn't go trough the industrial po ...

True, countries had greater pollution problems when they industrialized but times have moved on and we know more now.

You blame the Wests  wanting of cheap goods for pollution problems but that is often not the case. Many of the Western companies we supply with Chinese goods now audit the factories and will not buy from high polluting factories, my company has helped Chinese manufacturers to cut down on the pollution so that they can supply the  Western companies who insist on higher standards, it is often not too costly to cut down on pollution.

Many Chinese companies are short termist and look for a quick profit now and do not look to the future.

I love China but nearly everyone in China agrees that things must change on the pollution front, this is not China bashing but realism

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The worst POLLUTION in China is 'Modernisation'. Sadly China has followed the west into using chemicals and artificial additives and toxic pharmaceuticals. Milk in China is very bad and nothing like 'real milk' (we have lived in China several times) We love traditional healthy Chinese foods. Soy beans (imported frm America and Wheat are heavily Genetically Modified and have become toxic to humans. FAST foods are toxic and make people unhealthy and fat. The West has taught China to follow many bad paths to an unhealthy lifestyle...This is the pollution to worry about...the UNSEEN pollution of China's culture and children. We love you China, and hope at least 1 person reads this and changes lifestyles back to traditional good unpolluted food.
Peace & Love from Australia

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gooddog Post time: 2013-2-26 17:17
Overly sensitive? Let me put a piece of 2x4 into your rear end and see how you feel about it. There ...

Why are you writing about Australia? Are you Australian?

p.s. see my last post for comment on your 'if you don't like it you can leave' statement.

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