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让老板刮目相看:做好10件事公司缺你不可 [Copy link] 中文

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  1. Show up for every check-in with the full agenda —send it a day or more ahead (Give your manager time and space to prepare)

  1. 每次核查日程安排时都要出现——发给经理时提前一天或更久(给经理准备的时间和空间)

  2. When you are asking your manager to communicate something (an email to the team, a reference letter, etc。), draft it for him or her (Editing is much easier than creating)

  2. 当你麻烦经理沟通某事时(给团队电子邮件,推荐信等),为他/她写好样稿(修改比从头写起容易多了)

  3. Do a start-stop-continue analysis once a year on all of your key activities (Make yourself as efficient as possible—that’s your responsibility as much as your manager’s)

  3. 每年一次按“开始——中止——继续”分析你做的所有重大事情(让自己尽可能高效——那是你和经理都有的职责)

  4. Own your own development plan and check in on it at least quarterly (Those who own their own career paths progress more quickly down them)

  4. 有自己的发展计划,至少每季度回顾下(那些拥有自己的职业道路的人进步得更快)

  5. Read a relevant business book and ask your manager to discuss insights with you (Staying current in your field—books, articles, blog posts, videos, mentors, lectures—is key in a learning organization)

  5. 读相关的业务书,并和经理讨论想法(在你的领域紧跟当前趋势——书籍、文章、博客、视频、导师、讲座——是在学习型组织中的关键)

  6. Dress for success–even casual can be neat and “client ready” (Your presence has an impact on those around you. There’s no reason anyone should ever have to comment on your clothes, your hair, or any aspect of your personal hygiene)

  6. 穿着得体——即使休闲的着装也能让你很整洁,并且随时可以见客户(你的穿着会影响你周围的人。别让其他人找到理由评论你的衣服、头发,或个人卫生的任何方面)

  7. Respond to every email within a day, even if it’s to say you will respond longer form later

  7. 当天回复每封电子邮件,即使它意味着以后你还要回复一封更长的。

  8. End every meaningful interaction by asking for informal feedback on how you’re doing and what else you can be doing (Again, part of being in a learning organization or taking more tasks on is always a sign that you are ready for more responsibility)

  8. 每次结束让你有收获的沟通时,正式的询问下你做得如何,还能做些什么(同样,成为学习型组织的一员或做更多的事总是能体现你准备承担更多责任的)

  9. Do something that’s not required but that you feel is a best practice (This shows you’re on top of your game.One example:I send the Board a summary, the details, and the trending of all of my expenses every year.I don’t have to, but enough CEOs out there have high expense problems that I decided it’s a good practice.They all LOVE it)

  9. 做些没被要求但你觉得不错的事(这表现出你是这“游戏”的高手了。一个例子:我每年会把工作的总结、细节、以及所有花费的趋势给董事会过目。我本来不需要这么做,但很多CEO有严重的开支问题,我觉得很有必要做这件事。他们也都很赞赏。)

  10. Show up for every check-in with your manager with a list of all staff issues and highlights (You need to bubble things up, both good and bad, so your manager is on top of his or her overall team and (a) is never surprised by events, (b) knows how best to handle skip-level communications, and (c) can think more broadly about resource deployment across the organization)

  10. 给你的经理看每次考核结果,并列上所有员工问题和需重点关注的地方(你要把事情整合一下,无论好坏,这样经理就能掌控他/她的整个团队,也能(a)在遇到事情时不惊慌,(b)知道如何最好处理跨级沟通,(c)可以在跨组织资源部署时考虑更周全)

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really good!

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