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[US] calling for west media's empathetic understanding about China [Copy link] 中文

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Yes, it will take a while to happen.

I think it will be a case of the people showing the way.
The ideas of older generations also have a lot to play in the way the world is.
But many places just do it their own way, at their own pace, and often learn from others hasty mistakes.

What we would like the world to be and the reality of it, may never be a match.

There is a saying, 'Every dog has its day'.

The day I stop learning will be the day I die. Maybe.

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Secondly, the protagonist of modern civilization belongs to the west. More or less, westerners might resist accepting the fact that China has superseded them in many important aspects.

Such as?

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vk3ukf Post time: 2012-11-30 22:44
A lot of what you read in the west's media is a lot of rubbish.
They often make blunderous errors, a ...

Although,i dont see your point in your words, i do appreciate your general tone, thanks

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Prometheus2 Post time: 2012-11-30 23:14
Firstly the Western media is not homogenous. It is not controlled by a single body or government. Yo ...

First of all ,there is no need to repeat your same reply by 3 times, it shows nothing but your impatience and superficial understanding about this topic.

secondly, i have never said that China's media are impartial and better than the west, i merely said that a certain number of west media do not really understand China and China's history, including you. And it is very offensive to be overcritical without a deep study and ture understanding.

The way the west media report about China and the underbelly side of China is very disturbing and annoying, because they are not respecting people who are acctually living there, they come to China like tourists, then said some really irresponsible words about China,then left.  I am not saying that they are all like this, some of westerners are very welcome in China, like John Leighton Stuart and Norman Bethune because they do love China with their hearts. Criticism is good, but when it becomes teasing and mocking in a ill manner way to attract their aundience attention, the criticism suddenly gets very childish and distasteful, which most of the westerners are doing now. So, what i am suggesting now is that if the westerners are really willing to help, then we welcome. But if they just are constantly judging China without any empathy, and saying their narcisistic words due to their need to feel superiority, then they should go home and fuck themself. We Chinese dont need this.

Talking about Chinese special conditions, you seems like teasing me as if i was brainwashed, but sadly, no, i will not be brainwashed especially with Chinese government poor ability to propagandize. I must say that compared with the west media's brainwasing skills, China's performance in this regard is very disappointing. i figure out this all by myself, and no matter what the Chinese government said, i will not change my thoughts.I am not gonna argue with you about China's special conditions because clearly we dont have the same background and historical understanding.

thirdly, the accusation of Yeshiwen is really a false one judged by the London Olympic related organization after their drug tests. If there is really a plot under the table, shouldn't they blame the autherized group to test instead of a 16 year old girl?

Fourthly, at the 7 paragraph, i have pointed out that there is a possibility that all of these are caused by the cultural discrepencies between east and west, you know, after all, they do have lots of differences when it comes to some certain things.

All in all, i am not saying west media are evil, all i am saying that they should firstly build a foundation of  basic understanding about China before they criticize.

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