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呆头呆脑的“blank”短语 [Copy link] 中文

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1. I blanked out your question. What did you say?(blank out: to forget something, perhaps on purpose; to blot something out of memory)

我忘记你的问题了,你刚才问了什么来着?(blank out:忘了某事)

2. The new manager has been given no detailed instructions about how to train the staff. He just has a blank check. (blank check: freedom to act as one wishes or thinks necessary)

没有人要求也来的经理具体该如何培训员工,他可以自由发挥。(blank check:按自己想法行事的自由)

3. We looked in the files for an hour, but we drew a blank. (draw a blank: to get no response; to find nothing)

我们在那些文件里搜索了一个小时,一无所获。(draw a blank:毫无回应;一无所获)

4. Bill: There was a big fight at their house last night, then the neighbors called the police.

Mary: Then what happened?

Bill: Fill in the blanks. (fill in the blank: you can figure out the rest)



比利:还能怎么样!猜都能猜到。(fill in the blank:你可以猜到剩下的故事)

5. After I told her to stop smoking, she just gave me a blank look and kept puffing.(give someone a blank look: to look back at someone with a neutral look on one's face)

我告诉她别抽烟了,她面无表情地看了我一眼,继续“腾云驾雾”。(give someone a blank look:漠然地看着某人)

6. He knew all his lines in rehearsal, but his mind went blank when he went before an audience. (one's mind went blank: someone's mind has experienced total forgetfulness.)

排练的时候,他对自己的台词倒背如流。但是站在台上,看着台下的观众,他大脑一片空白。(one's mind went blank:脑子一片空白)


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blank out: 忘了某事
Fill in the blank: 你可以猜到剩下的事
Blank check: 按自己想法行事的自由
draw a blank: 一无所获,毫无回应
give some one a blank look: 漠然地看着某人
one's mind went blank: 脑子一片空白

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