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How to love your country?   [Copy link] 中文

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Generally speaking, to be one citizen, he or she should love their country sincerely. But many people can’t understand clearly the meaning of the patriotism or the patriotic behavior.

Actually, not only in China, the people in other countries all over the world also have strong sense of patriotism, generally they would distinguish the patriotic and the politic, it means that they can love their country sincerely forever, but they are not necessarily to love the government of the country, it is one practical thought, the reason is very simple, the country is the place you were born and you live, everything here accompany with you grow up, including one grass, one wood and so on, the country’s culture teaches you everything, impact your future and your behavior deeply, so you will be full of emotion to the place, and the emotion is the love. But for the government or some party, people only can support it or oppose it, can’t say loving it. Because once the government work for the people’s better life sincerely, the people would support it firmly. oppositely, once the government only work for itself, indubitably people will hate it and oppose it.

So we advocate the public should love our country sincerely, but how to love it? Firstly, we conserve our good traditional moral and spread it largely, abandon our defect and bad habit. Secondly, we should conserve our culture and spread it constantly, including our language, our characters, the art, our custom, the rites and son on. The third, we should conserve the environment of the place we live in, conserve one grass and one wood here, because our next generation and the next generation of our next generation will also live here forever. Lastly, no matter what our country is not good, even though some unfairness, some corruption, some privilege exist badly in the society of the country, we should not betray it, we can oppose the government, express the dissatisfaction to the government as much as we like.
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I totally agree. I love my country but not what's become. Unbridled capitalism is ruining the USA.
The super-rich elite own this country and are totally obsessed becoming even richer.
The promise of the president elected in 1980 was that if we coddle the rich their wealth will trickle
down to the rest of us. It simply doesn't happen that way. If you coddle the rich the only thing that
happens is they get richer at the expense of everyone else.
This chart bears this out.

Figure 3.jpg

If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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well said, I am not a political clown .

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How to love your country?

Don't be anti-[other countries] be pro-[your country].

For example: Don't be anti-Japan for something that happened ~70 years ago, be pro better quality of life for your fellow citizens.

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Preserve the best, and still progress. Money is only a tool, reputation is only shoes to walk in.

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Buy a poppy.
Your own mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by your permission. Arnold Bennett

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