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Why Sex Before Marriage Is the Moral Thing to Do [Copy link] 中文

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The reason most people don't have sex before marriage is
because those long, voluminous wedding gowns make this so difficult. {:soso_e144:}
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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I think, that sexuality is one of the factors (important), that builds a passion and relationship

sexual behaviors make both partners closer conneced, and gives the level of intimacy unattainable comparing to long discussions, watching the movies, and walking hand in hand...
it is... just special...

NO, it is not special. it is natural and coded deeply into biology of human species

even a kiss is a sexual behavior, and it is generaly acceptable (for those who don't allow pre-marriage sex), do maybe delicate sensuall massage is acceptable? it is not a sex? right?

and what if the massage gives a pleasure? is it something wrong? and then... release. without that, the sexual tension, builded up by simple touch and presence of the partner can make You at list uncomfortable?

when "being banned" from sexual release during intercourse with partner - people usually do it by themself. and it is nothing wrong, but... the moment of release is not connected to the partner, but "the hand".
is the hand Your lover then? is the hand the one that You would like to share good moments? I hope that not.

so - "giving release to each other" builds up the relationship, still no penetration, so girl is "traditional virgin" off course, and it can be confirmed by the doctor, right?

what is the difference between "not-penetrational", and "penetrational" sex?
nothing, except - there is no penetration and less pleasure.

and this is weird... if one of mentioned kinds is "banned"

other thing is, that knowing each other reactions (also in sexuality) we learn each other, and we learn ourself (especially when we are young), and again - this knowledge is the ultimate intimacy, secret shared only between partners

do I promote that everybody have to have sex as soon as possible in relationship?
no way.

what I say is - that when the both wants to share sexuality, they should. in wise way off course, thinking with upper (above neck) body parts (and I do not mean nose... )


and, about the "word" in topic...

what is morality? is is constant, universal?
no. this is one of the most relative things in whole known universe (yeah... the time too)


maybe I'm just strange Bear

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This post was edited by WhiteBear at 2012-10-18 19:42

read some books maybe, because in sexuology kiss IS considered as a form of sexual activity (off course we don't talk here about "have a good sleep" kiss)

please read carefully and with understanding the text, that You comment.

and I will not play Your game of personal insults, I'm above it.
If You want this kind of "fun" - find another "player".

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