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vorgal78 Post time: 2012-9-9 21:04
Indeed, or I could ask the millions upon millions dead from the Celtic, Germanic and Slavic people ...
So it is just that the Anglos are the most recent memory? Will a time pass when history looks at them and says, "Oh, yes, they were bad but they also gave us the modern world, without them, we wouldn't be where we are."What do you think?

Yes without them world wouldn't be so poor , without them world would be much more advanced indeed.

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SMITHI Post time: 2012-9-10 02:58
Yes without them world wouldn't be so poor , without them world would be much more advanced indee ...

I would like to think that our advances would have occurred if there was no subjugation or war but after thinking about it I realized that many of the technologies and advancements we love so much were only developed to their full potential because of war.

The radio, personal computers, modern ships, nuclear power, teflon, microwave ovens, jet engines, navigational systems and pressurised cabins for air travel, mass production of penicillin, synthetic rubber, to name a few of the more modern ones.

The world may have been "better" from a certain perspective, it certainly would have been much more isolated and we would not be communicating over the internet right now.

The corresponding effect of isolation is that troubles are more localized, the problems in other parts of the world are of no concern and are readily ignored.

Wars have ever been a problem between peoples and although the Sub continent is especially fond of laying all their issues at the feet of colonials little is said about the constant struggles its peoples had against their neighbours to the North from Afghanistan and from the different groups within.

The kingdoms of Africa are especially in need of support today and many of them also lay their condition at the feet of colonial powers but neglect to speak about the droughts and famines that have laid waste to their country and have been a constant hindrance to their advancement. In places where life is a daily struggle for food and water there is little time for innovation, which is risky, when survival itself can not be guaranteed.

The ones who make the world poor are not the entirety of the Anglo race surely, it is often commented on that people in the West still starve and still struggle....often it is mentioned with much glee by the opponents of Anglos, is it actually the minority of ruling elite who have caused the raging hatred of people born with white skin?

Every country, every race has those people, it is not merely the province of Anglos. But I guess it is easier to attack a colour than a class, especially when so many aspire to be part of that class they rage against.

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There are probably three crucial reasons why "the west" is blamed for many things. On one hand, people are jealous of the western wealth - they can't understand why a supermarkt seller in Europe earns more than a top PhD graduate from China's top university with five years work experience. Personally, I also can't understand this and find it rather questionable.

Moreover, people born in the west can easily move to China or any other country whenever they want - they get the visa, have no problem and are basically free to choose where they want to live. As a Chinese, travelling to a Western country is increadibly hard and also expensive - and getting a permission to stay there even harder.

Finally, the USA are currently the only country that really does take resonsibility for the world's political development - and accordingly dispatches lots of troops to their military bases all around the world. Most people consider this already disrespectful... However, if there is anything going wrong in the world, people tend to blame the only one who does take the responsibility - and that is currently the USA. This third issue, by the way, also exists in Europe - there is a unreasonable anti-americanism here (especially in France), even against people who just happen to be an American citizen...

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Everynowhere Post time: 2012-9-10 21:42
There are probably three crucial reasons why "the west" is blamed for many things. On one hand, peop ...

I find that an interesting idea  .........

The one where the US has 700 military bases and decides unilaterally who should be invaded and destroyed .........

The Monroe Doctrine ensured that the world would be run by America according to only their principles ........

I call that a 'bully' ........

What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left  -   Oscar Levant

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I call that a 'bully'

When a civilization posses the ability to take care of a part of the world (in its sense), it will do so - history's been showing many times, starting with the old Romans and even the ancient Chinese. Resorting to ordinary complaining won't change nor improve anything - it is obsolete calling America's actions immoral if there is no other nation that could and would take care of such issues.

I do believe that a multipolar world order might be beneficial, too, but only if there is an equally powerful alternative. Competition always forces us to improve ourselves - and competition from China or India will do the very same to do US. However, there is still a long way to go for both of these nations to become real competitors in a global sense to the US. And merry old Europe won't unite to resolve its internal issues for yet another century, I am afraid, so competition from there seems also unlikely.

Fortunately, the USA are very open to new ideas and concepts - so rather than complaining, we ought to bring our ideologies to America. Part of my ideology used to be embodied by the USA before I was born, but now a days, America is becoming yet another Europe - and accordingly decadent.

So let's resort to building the culture and ideology we dream of at least around ourselves, among our friends and families. And if it is successful, it will be carried around the world - by nations or by people, by force or by love. If not, we simply ought to make it better

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Most civilize people would object to any of those invasions, subjugations, and mass killings you mentioned in your trivial persuit
of the world during the last two thousand years. But in the past 300 years nearly all the imperialism and subjugation has been
the fault of European nations and subsequently European expansion into North America.
If you're having a hard time grasping what is meant by the west then try Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France,
Germany, and the United States. All of which subjugated to tried their best to subjugate otherwise peaceful nations.
If you are ignorant of some of the nations that have suffered under this orgy of greed by the 'west' try the Philippines,
Australia, New Zealead, Vietnam, Korea, and all of North and South America. Russia and China were on the menu but they
were strong enough to persevere much to the distain of the west.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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robert237 Post time: 2012-9-11 10:24
Most civilize people would object to any of those invasions, subjugations, and mass killings you men ...

Thankyou for your information Robert, although delivered somewhat snidely and with a depth of conceit I don't feel was necessary you have provided another facet of the debate.

Let's analyse it.

Past 300 years, major invasions

1792 invasion of Poland by Russia
1792 invasion of Laos by Siam
1789 invasion of Vietnam by Manchu army
1788 invasion of Nepal by China
1788 invasion of Vietnam by China
1788 invasion of Tibet by the Gorkha Kingdom
1784–1785 invasion of Vietnam by Siam
1783 Al Khalifa invasion of Bahrain
1782 invasion of Cambodia by Siam
1778 invasion of Laos by Siam
1775 invasion of Canada by the United States
1774 invasion of Annam by the Vietnamese lord Trịnh Sâm
1769 invasion of Cambodia by Siam
Invasion of Corsica (1768) by France
1765–1767 invasion of Siam by Burma
1757 invasion of Bohemia by Prussia
1756 invasion of Saxony by Prussia
1755 invasion of Cochinchina by Vietnam
1750 invasion of Tibet by China
1749 invasion of Cochinchina by Vietnam
1741 invasion of Spanish Cuba by England
1720 invasion of Tibet by China
1718 invasion of Sicily by Austria with British support
1718 invasion of Sicily by Spain
1717 invasion of Sardinia by Spain
1717 Omani invasion of Bahrain
1716 invasion of Austria by Ottoman Empire
1716 invasion of Venetian Corfu by Ottoman Turks
1714 invasion of Cochinchina by Vietnam
1707 invasion of Russia by Sweden
1705 invasion of Tibet by Mongols led by Lha-bzang Khan
1700 invasion of Poland by Sweden

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