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CHINA: Will China Fail as a Country?   [Copy link] 中文

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China is undergoing massive internal changes.  For example, there is a very strong revolt against the Chinese government’s control over individual reproduction, and the revolts are getting stronger and stronger with the aid of Western interference.  For example, the publication of those forced aborted fetus pictures has caused massive public revolt.  The source of Chinese eugenics stems from government coercion: individual Chinese are simple-minded with no creativity, imagination, and visions of grandeur, the exact opposite of the Ashkenazi.  Therefore, without government coercion, they will choose to reproduce in the same fashion as the modern Caucasians: highly dysgenic.  Chinese people’s opposition to the Communist Party is so powerful that rioting is becoming a common tool.  Two recent riots in protest of new factories being built caused the Communist Party to cancel those plans.  The Chinese government is already contemplating scrapping their reproduction control laws.  

Plus, the Chinese culture is becoming degenerate at an extremely fast rate, again due to Western interference.  Chinese people are now more interested in fashion, pro-homosexuality, Western TV shows, excessive alcohol consumption, and virtually every non-intellectual and degenerate cultural practice of the modern West.  China now holds beauty pageants, places too much emphasis on sports instead of intellectual activities, and the females are dressing almost as naked as modern Western females (dysgenic: promotes the importance of female body parts above their intelligence and personality traits).  

China has given up its intelligent traditional music and replaced it with MTV style music, and their TV advertisements for products have become as unintelligent and irrational as modern Western ads (people are encouraged to consume goods based on fashion, not on practicality and the scientifically proven quality of the product).

In other words, the individual ethnic Han, when removed from government constraint, desires to become an absolute primitive degenerate.  And since the Communist Party is now starting to realize that it cannot control the lives of 1.5 billion ethnic Han forever, it must soon give up and let the Chinese go the way of the Dodo.

Christianity is spreading like wildfire in China, and this religion, at least in its modern form, is opposed to eugenics, governmental control on reproduction, and anything that can be argued as “playing God.”  Therefore, all the tools of eugenics is to be banned: cloning, genetic engineering, in vitro fertilization, embryo selection, and so forth.

China is currently experiencing an explosion in non-Han immigrants.  Already, 10% of China is non-Chinese, and this number is increasing at a fast rate.  China is already experiencing race riots from the Turks and African citizens, who accuse Han of racist oppression.  But the Chinese Communist Party encourages even more immigrants, and the one child policy only applies to Han citizens, not non-Han.  So Muslim and African citizens are allowed to have as many children as they want, as well as the Tibetans and other non-Han.

Finally, ethnic Han are not nearly as ethnocentric as some writers in the West have claimed.  For example, the rate of Han/Caucasian intermarriage is very high.  It is the strong desire of Chinese men and women to marry a Caucasian mate, who they see as trophy mates.

Therefore, it should be accepted that China will simply become the new United States.  Richard Lynn is incorrect.

One can also see a dramatic increase in overall sexuality in China: the art is becoming more sexual, advertisements use nakedly dressed females, and bikini females are used in the Chinese car shows.  Just like the modern West, sexuality is now becoming an important pillar of modern China.  Consider the videos on the main Chinese video site:

Also, China was never as eugenic as was believed.  For example, smarter educated people move to Chinese cities to get more advanced jobs, while less intelligent people stay in smaller towns and villages.  But, China allows only one child per couple in the cities, while in smaller towns and villages they allow one child if the first is a boy, but two children if the first is a girl, in hope to get a boy the second time around.  Therefore, the average for the smaller areas is 1.5 children per couple, but just 1 for city dwellers.  It is dysgenic to allow more children for the less intelligent.

But, it has been stated that while the above was dysgenic, China has something else that is eugenic: the imbalance in their gender ratio.  Because there are more men than women, men have to aggressively compete with each other to mate with the scarcely available females.  Therefore, the males with better genes/higher intelligence/better innate personality will win over the females, thus preventing lower quality Han men from reproducing.  But, the Chinese government has recently stated that they are going to put policy into place that will equalize the gender ratio to appease the rioting men who can’t acquire mates.  So, China will lose this eugenic policy.  

Any way you look at it, China will fail.

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You worry too much it seems? {:soso_e114:}

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sometimes, seneca is annoying but I am afraid this time he is right!

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You worry too much it seems?

If any Ashkenazi are reading this, please understand that your people, and the nation of Israel, are facing the same fate.  Consider the fact that Israel is being overrun by non-Ashkenazi:

The following excerpt is from

"It would be a mistake to think that these are the accomplishments of all Jews, however, as they are mainly the achievements of Ashkenazi Jews, the Jews of Eastern Europe.

Professor Lynn explains that there are four major subpopulations of Jews, differentiated genetically by their different experiences following their expulsion from Israel in the first century AD. The most populous group, by far, are the Ashkenazi, who migrated to Western Europe. However, “In the period between 1290 and 1500, Jews were extensively persecuted and expelled from Western and Central Europe . . . . Most of them migrated eastward into present-day Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia.” There they remained until the mass migrations of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Those who stayed were, in the main, killed by the Nazis toward the end of World War II. Most of those who survived the war migrated to Israel and other, mainly English-speaking countries.

A second group, the Sephardim, migrated to the Iberian Peninsula after the Roman expulsion, where they lived, largely under Muslim rule, until 1492. Jews flourished during the early period of Muslim rule, but from about 1000, a change in Muslim leadership led to increased persecution. When Spain drove out the Muslims in 1492, it also expelled all Jews who refused to convert to Christianity. Portugal expelled its Jews in 1496. Most Iberian Jews then went to the Balkans, though others migrated to the Middle East, the Netherlands, and Italy. Prof. Lynn notes that “their descendants in the mid-20th century numbered about two million and were widely dispersed throughout the world.”

A third Jewish group, the Mizrahim, settled in various lands in the Middle East and North Africa during various diasporas beginning about 600 BC. These lands were conquered by the Arabs in the 8th century, under whose rule Jews were tolerated but subject to various restrictions. This area was conquered in the 16th century by the Ottoman Turks, who “provided a generally benign environment for Jews and other non-Muslims.” That is the main reason why Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal made their way into the Ottoman Empire.

A fourth group, the Falashas, “are Ethiopians who converted to Judaism at some uncertain time many centuries ago.” The state of Israel recognized these genetically distinct Africans as Jews who were, therefore, entitled to take advantage of the Jewish Right of Return. Prof. Lynn writes that “by 1998, virtually all of them had left Ethiopia and taken up residence in Israel. They numbered about 80,000 . . . [or] about 1.4 percent of the population of Israel.”

With the exception of the Ethiopians, the three Jewish subpopulations greatly resemble each other genetically and are distinguishable from Gentiles. Nevertheless, centuries of separation produced considerable differences among them, due in part to intermarriage with Gentiles, even in the face of strict endogamy rules.

The most notable difference among Jewish groups is average IQ. While the Ashkenazi average is 110, the Sephardic average is about 99, close to that of Europeans. The Mizrahim score about 91, markedly lower than Europeans, but higher than the Arabs with whom they have lived, whose average is about 84. The genetically distinct Falashas have IQs of about 70, typical of sub-Saharan people.

These IQ differences have had an important impact on the achievement of each group. This is especially clear in Israel, where they live side by side. The Israeli population of about 6 million people (in 2000) is about 40 percent Mizrahim, about 40 percent “European,” and about 20 percent Arab Muslims. Comparisons are complicated, however, because the 2.4 million characterized as European include 110,000 Sephardim. Furthermore, many in the group classified as European Jews are immigrants from Russia, a large number of whom — some Israeli demographers estimate as many as 900,000 — are not Jews at all. They are ethnic Russians “who pretended to be Jews in order to obtain permission to leave the Soviet Union.” For these reasons the average IQ of those classified as European Jews is estimated to be about 106, lower than would be the case if all were Ashkenazim.

Nevertheless, on all measures of social and educational success, the Europeans do better than the Mizrahim, who in turn do better than the Arab citizens, a ranking perfectly consistent with IQ estimates. Of particular interest are the Ethiopians, who do very poorly, and behave like American blacks. According to an Israeli researcher, many “identify with an ‘aggressive and semi-criminal African-American youth culture’ and have become a ‘kind of ethnic underclass.’ ”

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Also, within the Ashkenazi, the very intelligent secular ones that make up the scientists, professors, various professionals, physicians, engineers, lawyers, CEOs, cultural leaders, and so forth have two or less children per couple, while the less intelligent ultra-orthodox Ashkenazi, such has Haredi, have at least five children.  Also, 50% of the very intelligent secular Ashkenazi marry non-Jews, specifically Whites and East Asians.  All of these patterns are very dysgenic for the Ashkenazi, and soon, you will no longer hear the words "Jewish" and "successful" in the same sentence.

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Cavansite Post time: 2012-8-2 21:18
Also, within the Ashkenazi, the very intelligent secular ones that make up the scientists, professor ...

Instead you will hear the words "Cavansite" and "immensely confused individual with odd personal agenda"

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NE_Tigress Post time: 2012-8-2 19:06
You worry too much it seems?

OP's English is far too good, Netty

Believe the racial premise at your peril

(beast ex machina)

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